We are being invaded by a foreign country
20+ million ILLEGAL aliens are in the United States of America.
Right now in the United States of America, ILLEGAL aliens have more rights than you do!


Help save America | Say NO to Amnesty | Say NO to obama

"There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag, and this excludes the red flag, which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization, just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile...We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language...and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people." --Theodore Roosevelt

"This nation is in danger of becoming a Third World nightmare with all the corruption, disease, illiteracy, violence and balkanization known all over the world. We need a 10-year moratorium on all immigration to catch our collective breath and we need deportation of over 10 million illegal aliens in a slow and orderly fashion." --Ed Garrison

“The 1987 amnesty was a failure; rather than reducing illegal immigration, it led to an increase,” FAIR stated. “Any new amnesty measure will further weaken respect for our immigration laws. Therefore, all amnesty measures must be defeated.” --Frosty Wooldridge

This is your nation and this is your time to take action.

President barry shits on the United States.

This is a picture of YOUR American president, (president barry soetoro, a.k.a barack obama) refusing to acknowledge the National Anthem of the United States of America. This picture clearly shows barry with his hands crossed across his vaginal area when the United States Anthem was playing.

barry has NO RESPECT for you, me, or America! Not only did he disrespect America, he just shit on the graves of every American Soldier that has died for this country.

6/15/2010 - PRESIDENT BARRY CAN'T EVEN KEEP A U.S. PARK OPEN!!! He gave the park to mexico & the illegal alien mexican drug cartel!!!

7/6/2010 - American President barry soetoro sues AMERICA!!!

9/11/2010 - YOUR president just gave mexico $1 billion dollars for deepwater oil drilling despite his own moratorium on U.S. deepwater drilling!? More proof that barry hates America!


1. the offense of acting to overthrow one's government or to harm or kill its sovereign. 2. A violation of allegiance to one's sovereign or to one's state. 3. the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.


1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust. 2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.

Pslam 109:8

May his days be few; may another take his place of leadership.

barry say's, "our borders are safe."


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Click here to see 100+ videos just like this.

What's in their backpacks? Are any of them sick with a contagious disease?

United States Code, Title 8, Chapter 12, Subchapter II, Part VIII, §1325 - "Improper Entry by Alien," any citizen of any country other than the United States who: 1) Enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers; or 2) Eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers; or 3) Attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a willfully false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a material fact; has committed a federal crime.

Violations are punishable by criminal fines and imprisonment for up to six months. Repeat offenses can bring up to two years in prison. Additional civil fines may be imposed at the discretion of immigration judges, but civil fines do not negate the criminal sanctions or nature of the offense.




Illegal Alien

1. a foreigner who has entered or resides in a country unlawfully or without the country's authorization. 2. a foreigner who enters the U.S. without an entry or immigrant visa, esp. a person who crosses the border by avoiding inspection or who overstays the period of time allowed as a visitor, tourist, or businessperson.


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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

High Cost of Medical Care for Illegal Aliens

We don't want to be thought of as Scrooges post-Christmas – particularly with the dashing approach of New Year 2006 – but we did want to make some comments regarding the consequences of illegal immigration on medicine and health care. This has certainly been one of the most important and far-reaching issues of 2005. We have received many letters from readers asking us to "Please say something" on this emotional and fractional issue.

An old axiom states that what happens in California is a precursor to what happens in the rest of the nation. Unfortunately, this is true. So look for these issues to be coming to a capital in your state soon – if they haven't arrived already.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, in 2000 the population of California had the highest percent of illegal immigrants in the country. The estimate by the Immigration and Naturalization Service was that 2,209,000 aliens resided illegally in the state, which was 31.6 percent of the estimated national total. Current 2005 illegal estimates vary between 14 million and 22 million nationwide.

A study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform estimated that in 2004 the annual uncompensated cost of medical care for illegal immigrants in California was $1.4 billion. Total uncompensated educational, health care and incarceration costs were estimated to be 10.5 billion.

Care is frequently provided to illegal immigrants by emergency rooms and is provided when a crisis exists rather than as preventive practice. Both phenomena add to the high cost of health care.

For 12 states, the government pays hospitals for providing emergency services to illegal aliens. In 2005, the state of California got $70 million to help with dismal shortfalls. California's San Diego County was about $100 million in the red and Los Angeles County about $140 million.

Many California hospitals cannot afford to absorb costs and many are forced to close due to financial mandates for treating illegal immigrants. As recently reported, 84 California hospitals are closing their doors forever. Hospital closure degrades health care to all in the community and results in job losses.

Federal laws provide states incentives to provide Medicaid coverage to illegal immigrants. All state Medicaid programs offer an endless list of services, with some states, such as Florida, literally including the kitchen sink if home repairs and maintenance are needed. Only four states check for citizenship before awarding Medicaid. California escalated – in one year – from 450,000 illegal aliens on Medi-Cal (California's version of Medicaid) in 2002 to 750,000 in 2003.

Medi-Cal covers well-baby maternity care, delivery expenses and long-term care that are incurred for children born to illegal immigrants. Thus "anchor babies" become medical insurance policies.

Noted medical lawyer Madeleine Cosman, J.D., Ph.D., wrote in her online journal on August 27, 2005, "Promoters of open borders and elevating the status of Illegal Aliens brilliantly use Americans' medical compassion against ourselves." The medical literature reports that many undocumented immigrants sequester within their bodies infectious and fatal diseases that long ago were fought and eliminated by American medicine Now illegals may carry drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis, malaria, polio, leprosy, plague, dengue fever and Chagas disease.

Are there Potential Solutions?

A number of potential solutions to reducing uncompensated health care costs require federal participation, which means that senators and congressmen from California and elsewhere must introduce federal legislation while state legislators and administrators do what is within their power to improve state laws and regulations.

Some potential solutions include:

Adopt measures to systematically collect information on undocumented alien use of taxpayer-funded services. Health care providers and civil libertarians have blocked past attempts to collect such information.

Withhold foreign aid to the country of origin in the amount spent providing uncompensated medical care and refund these moneys to providers that granted services.

Require graduates of U.S. medical schools who are citizens of foreign countries to spend community service time treating illegal immigrant patients in the U.S. as contribution in kind to defray expenses billable to that country of origin.

Provide transportation to cities in country of origin where that country is able to provide medical care.

Let's resolve, this New Year 2006, to promote a respectful exchange of ideas and opinions aimed at achieving a sane, safe and sensible solution to the immigration and medicine dilemma. With this goal our citizens, legal immigrants, illegal immigrants and those who desire to come to America and play by the rules will have a better quality of life.

It is far easier to make progress within a win-win, rather than a win-lose or lose-lose overture.

Source - http://archive.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2005/12/26/170334.shtml

Thursday, December 8, 2005

Illegal Aliens Taking Congressional Seats Away From States That Don't Support Them

So you live in a state not affected by illegal aliens, or so you think. Did you know that they count illegal aliens in the census? Well they do and these numbers are put towards how the population is apportioned for seats in Congress.

Non-border states and states without a high population of illegal aliens probably do not take into account the fact that they are slowly being affected by states with high numbers of illegals. By including illegal aliens in the count states like California and Texas receive more seats in the House of Representatives and those with fewer illegal aliens lose seats. Illegal immigration is truly a national issue and not just a problem for those states being inundated with the security and economic implications of being flooded with them.

Your government is being hijacked by illegal immigration and the politicians and states that support them.

Boston Globe

A Republican lawmaker yesterday proposed changing the US Constitution to exclude non-citizens from the census for the purpose of drawing congressional districts, a move that effectively would deny them a voice in US politics.

Under the present system, as determined by the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, the Census Bureau counts all individuals living in the country, once every 10 years. These data are used when drawing up the 435 congressional districts and when determining each state's vote in the Electoral College that decides presidential elections.


Supporters argue that the presence of non-citizens caused nine seats in the House to change hands between states in 2000.

California gained six seats it would not have had otherwise, while Texas, New York, and Florida each gained one seat. Meanwhile, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin each lost a seat and Montana, Kentucky, and Utah each failed to receive a seat they would otherwise have gained.


Sunday, October 30, 2005

Illegal Aliens Captured at US Missile Base

While the American news media partake in the latest feeding frenzy -- the I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby indictment -- and politicians beat the drum over perceived national security risks resulting from the outing of CIA employee Valerie Plame, our military infrastructure is literally being invaded by illegal aliens. Reporters are too busy trying to find out who sent what e-mail to whom in the Leakgate case, while they ignore a true national security breach.

Just recently, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and Department of Defense security officials captured dozens of illegal aliens who were working at sensitive defense facilities such as the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico and US Army, Navy and Marine bases in Louisiana and California. Those captured gained access to these military installations through contracted companies, according to ICE officials.

Unauthorized workers who gain access to sensitive U.S. military installations through fraudulent documents or other methods pose serious homeland security threats. Not only are their identities in question, but they are also vulnerable to potential exploitation by terrorists and other criminal organizations given their illegal immigration status in this country. Removing these individuals from sensitive worksites is a priority for ICE and the Department of Homeland Security.

ICE agents screened the identification of more than 450 contractors and sub-contractors working at the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base-New Orleans in Belle Chasse, Louisiana. ICE agents detained six illegal aliens performing contract work at that base. The Naval Air Station had previously conducted its own investigation and formally barred more than a dozen workers from the facility. The facility later requested the assistance of ICE to further investigate employees working for contractors there. Subsequently, agents and base security intercepted 10 illegal aliens attempting to enter the Navy facility.

An investigation into the hiring practices of companies performing contract work at the Bell Chasse facility is ongoing, according to Defense Department officials. Other agencies assisting in operation include the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, the US Border Patrol, the Defense Criminal Investigative Service, and the Navy base police.

Federal agents also teamed up with the White Sands Missile Range Police Department to arrest an illegal alien trying to enter the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico to perform contract work inside the facility. ICE agents processed the individual and placed him into deportation proceedings. Police officials at the facility first sought help from ICE last month after intercepting 12 illegal aliens with fake documents attempting to enter the facility to work at a construction site inside.

In addition, ICE agents took custody of six illegal aliens attempting to enter Fort Irwin, a U.S. Army desert warfare training facility in California, to perform contract work there. Base security had requested the assistance of ICE after questioning the validity of the documents presented by the illegal aliens as they attempted to enter the base for employment. Agents have processed and entered the aliens into removal proceedings.

Also, ICE agents took custody of an illegal alien attempting to enter the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Barstow, California, to perform contract work there. Security officials at the base had intercepted the individual after he allegedly presented a fraudulent driver’s license and social security card to officials there. The illegal alien was arriving for his first day of work at the base on behalf on a contract company.

These arrests are only the latest in ongoing efforts to target and remove illegal aliens working at sensitive sites and critical infrastructure locations around the nation, including defense facilities, nuclear plants, chemical plants, airports, and seaports. As a result of ICE’s homeland security mission, ICE agents prioritize worksite enforcement efforts by focusing on investigations related to critical infrastructure and national security.


Monday, October 10, 2005

Illegal Immigration's Third World Momentum

Part I: What It Is

Part II: What is Does


Part I

Writing about America’s immigration crisis week after week raises my blood pressure, level of depression and creates maddening frustration levels as I observe inaction by the majority of American citizens. All fifty state governors do nothing to stop it, won’t speak against it, and, in many cases encourage it. Governor Bill Owens of Colorado, Baldacci of Maine, Janet Napolitano of Arizona and Richardson from New Mexico assist it. Although, this summer, Napolitano and Richardson issued ‘states of emergency’ in their states as illegals overran them.

The majority of senators do nothing as well as the majority of the House of Representatives. Major and smaller city mayors and city councils harbor illegal aliens with sanctuary policies. Even Los Angeles, with more gangs and crime than you can imagine, continues Special Order 40 that allows killers, rapists, drug distributors, MS-13 members and other human grease to remain protected from arrest.

Have you ever wondered why Third World countries are SO desperate? Why people flee? Why most citizens are illiterate? Why corruption is standard operating procedure? Let’s compare the ‘Rule of Law’ in America to the ‘Dis-rule of Law’ in countries like Mexico.

In my book, “IMMIGRATION’S UNARMED INVASION: DEADLY CONSEQUENCES”—I wrote about Third World Momentum as seen from the seat of my bicycle as I traveled throughout the world on six continents. I saw first hand all aspects of Third World Momentum. That’s why it is SO frustrating that US citizens don’t ‘get it’ or ‘see it’ and our president and Congress ignore it on purpose as they become a part of the ‘Dis-rule of Law’ in America. But I’m here to tell you that we’re flushing ourselves down the toilet faster than a bullet train. What is happening in America is a ‘systemic’ or ‘endemic’ corrupt system from Bush right on down the federal system.

An example of it shows you the incompetence of Michael Brown at FEMA and his horrifically incompetent handling of Katrina. At the height of Rome's decay, emperors appointed unqualified candidates to high office. Caligula appointed his horse to the Senate, where the horse enjoyed the reputation as the wisest and least harmful of that “august” body.

Last week, a reader wrote the exact aspects of Third World Momentum. After his interview, you will be offered a half dozen stories from U.S. citizens that bring it home as to how fast this country is spiraling into Third World status.

Heath Boatwright, Athens, Georgia understands what I have been trying to convey to the American public for years.

“In the last few years, I have found myself in a world where many refuse to discuss openly and honestly the issues that the United States is facing,” Boatwright said. “Hearing you on Coast to Coast with George Noory was refreshing to say the least. Although, I will tell you that it did not make me sleep better, and in fact I had to wake up and ponder for a moment all that you had said.”

“When you discuss Third World Momentum I know first-hand what you are talking about,” Boatwright said. “However, sadly, few Americans can grasp what you are talking about. I attended college at The University of Georgia. I received a BA in history, with a focus on Latin American history and I speak fluent Portuguese. I have traveled to South America many times and visited some of the most destitute and impoverished people there. Unfortunately, when I discuss this issue with most people, they call me a xenophobe, a racist, a bigot, and an ignorant person who does not appreciate other cultures.”

“Yet, how can I fit this description if I have ventured out into the world, bothered to learn another language, and reached out an open hand to the poor in far away places?” he said. “Also, how can I be a racist if the very person I chose to marry is not even an American (my wife is from Brazil)? While my love for the people and the region of Latin America runs deep, I would not trade my fate for theirs. I would also not trade my fate for nearly anyone in the Middle East, China, India, and so on.”

“Why is it that in the United States, to appreciate a culture you must also want to live like it?” Boatwright said. “I have dedicated much study to that region of the world, and I can tell you flat out that there is another mentality that exists in most Third World nations, and that mentality is manifesting itself here in the United States, daily. Many say that Latin America is "laid back". I have pondered on this observation and realized that you could also put it another way. In Latin America, if it is good enough for today, it is good enough. In Latin America, if you want to get something done, you will have to circumvent law. This is the type of Third World Corruption that you speak of.”

“So many in Latin America circumvent the law, that they rarely bother to realize that here, in the US, circumventing the law is the worst way to get things done,” he said. “Corruption is so rampant in those regions that it becomes a mechanism by which the society functions. This is why so many illegals come here--reproduce fake Social Security numbers, register their cars from one state to another to avoid mandatory auto insurance, go to the hospital using a fake name, buy items on credit using their brother's name is who now back in Mexico, refuse to learn English, and bear several children with no means of supporting them. They do this because they are modeling what they do in their culture.”

Boatwright continues, “Here is another fact about Latin America, and I believe most other Third World nations: those who reside there rarely bother to take accountability for their country’s problems. In Latin America, problems are blamed on corruption, foul government, and in certain intellectual circles-”past colonialism”. I have yet to encounter one single illegal person in the United States who is willing to admit that he is contributing to the detriment of my nation. In Latin America, you live side by side with abject poverty, illiteracy, hunger, and disease. You do this daily and it simply becomes part of the landscape. Latin America, and again most Third World countries, has a problem of what I call ‘mobilization.’”

“This is a situation where thousands mobilize and figure out methods to get things done, either by circumventing the law, or based on the current corrupt system they face, but few ever mobilize to truly resolve the issues they face,” Boatwright said. “I do not find it ironic at all that once one illegal alien discovered that he could come here to the US, work illegally, get healthcare, and generally avoid any type of legal prosecution, he later found himself surrounded by millions of his fellow countrymen. Again, this is my point: in Latin America, you have no problem getting people to mobilize in a way that ignores the current law, because people in that region do not live in fear of the law, it generally does not function anyway, and now they have seen that it also does not function in the United States.”

“Perhaps I sound harsh in my description, but I know exactly what I am talking about,” Boatwright said. “I know that region of the world well, I also know so well the manner of thinking that many bring with them when they enter the United States illegally. This manner of thinking, I believe, is the greatest threat that we face in the future. Finally, I have a deep interest in appreciating and understanding other cultures, but I also have an appreciation for my own. I want to let you know that I understand fully what you are talking about. I would like to ask you if you have ever considered going to our nation’s college campuses and discussing this issue. I mention college campuses because I do not know if you are aware that on the American campus it is virtually a universal opinion that illegal immigration is okay. Geography is a required course in most curriculums, and most people grasp the concept of overpopulation, but few can connect that to illegal immigration.”

If I could give you Heath Boatwright’s or my experiences up close and ugly, every single American today would call the White House, Senators and Congressmen as well as governors and mayors—and DEMAND our immigration laws be enforced and deportations begin immediately for 20 million illegal aliens. But if you don’t or won’t, part II of this series will show you Americans living with the consequences that reach into every sector of our country. This ‘thing’ is moving faster than most Americans realize, and once it’s imbedded, I fear that large scale civil violence will be the result.

If the signers of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act could see today what they rained down on America 40 years later, not one single senator or congressman would have signed it. But why won’t they rescind it? Why won’t they stop it? It’s their country and their children’s future, too.

Part II

How does Third World Momentum manifest itself in America? Again, let’s review Boatwright’s definition: “Corruption is so rampant in South America that it becomes a mechanism by which a society functions.”

Look at the corruption at the Federal level in the U.S. today. The majority of senators and congressmen refuse to uphold their oaths of office by aiding, abetting and assisting illegal aliens by the millions. Kennedy and McCain lie through their teeth with their latest guest worker amnesty bill for 20 million illegal aliens. Did Bush not lie about weapons of mass destruction to wage his cowboy war in Iraq? Has he not submitted a totally unqualified lawyer for a supreme court justice in Miers? Didn’t he learn from Michael Brown’s incompetence with Katrina? Congress supports the corruption of the H-1b, H-2b, L-1 visas affecting over one million American jobs. What about Congress’ complicity in corruption of outsourcing, insourcing and offshoring over three million American jobs? How about Bush’s blatant disregard for his oath office as he allows millions of illegal aliens to invade and remain in our country? Our own president is in violation of Federal law—USC 8, 1324—274, 275, 276, 277. Bush is not alone because both sides of the aisle assist him against American citizens.

At the state level, we’ve got governors like Bill Owens of Colorado endorsing a booklet in Spanish helping illegal aliens to imbed themselves into our welfare and workforce systems. All contrary to Federal law! Governor Baldacci of Maine, Napolitano of Arizona and Richardson of New Mexico do everything in their power to help illegals—contrary to their citizens. Most other state governors say nothing! Local mayors in Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Boulder, Detroit, New York, Miami and dozens of other cities support ‘sanctuary policies’ that allow illegals to work and live in America—CONTRARY TO FEDERAL LAW.

These actions typify Third World Momentum: When laws of a country are not enforced and lawlessness becomes the norm. The United States races toward Third World status because of this ongoing erosion of our once lawful society.

I could give you dozens of examples from my own experiences in Third World countries, but the following constitute American citizens writing letters describing it in their own communities—so you’ll see their responses to show you what’s happening in the United States.

Dane said, “I used to live in El Paso, Texas and the same thing has happened there. Unchecked border crossings, population uncontrolled, schools trashed and litter everywhere. El Paso used to be a city you could brag on, now it is just the opposite. I left, as many have done and do not intend to return. We are even looked down on if we can't speak Spanish. These people are taking over and crime rules the streets of El Paso. I also foresee a huge water shortage some day. Before long El Paso will hit one million for a population and by then the place should be a complete nightmare.”

Dirk of Nevada said, “Even more dangerous than the incoming disease, crime and even terrorism is the fact that most immigrants don’t have an appreciation for the freedoms outlined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Illegals are being taught in public schools with taxpayer money. The fact that Bush supports the illegal invasion; opening our country to possible terrorist attack, and NEVER remarks about the importance of learning the Bill of Rights, proves that he is a traitor.”

Guy of LeHigh, OK said, “I am NOT racist, so understand please, I am NOT knocking anyone, but I am stating FACTS.

“I live in southern rural Oklahoma, and I can say that even legal immigration is bad here. Local large scale companies have NO problem hiring illegal aliens at all. We have a plastics producing plant 40 miles from where I live, and they have been busted NUMEROUS times for employing over 50 percent of their workforce, who are illegal aliens from Mexico. The reason they were caught the last time was easy as this: The Social Security Administration noticed that the workers who were illegal were sharing social security numbers of dead residents near where I live.

“Oddly enough, the company (Solo Cup) somehow did NOT notice the 100 illegal aliens had the same social security numbers. You worked four twelve hour shifts a week, sometimes five days a week, and I got paid on the upper scale of a respectable $7.00 an hour. By allowing them to work there, the company kept their payroll wages down. Of course, almost NO ONE WANTS to work there anyway, a job of last resort one might say. Long hours, bad pay, no benefits. But then again, that is true for many Oklahoman communities now.

“For example, did you know that besides Arkansas, we have one of the lowest high school graduation rates? We have a very high teen pregnancy rate. And that in the county I live, we have the HIGHEST unemployment rates in the USA, coupled with the highest welfare rates. Not only that, not one but over five companies locally have left to go overseas because of the cheap labor, and one of the companies (Wrangler Jeans) up and left for Mexico.

“Why pay us $5.00 an hour when you can pay $5.00 a day in Mexico and India?

Mark from Ocean Shores, WA said, “As merchandiser I travel about in the coastal towns of Washington. I have seen first hand an intensification of illegals. They are taking the few jobs we have here in an already depressed economy--those that aren't roaming the streets in gangs. Now, Washington is a long ways from the Mexican border. I see the congress and senate as being totally corrupted. I can't help but feeling the golden era of the USA is over and done. However, we got to give them hell.”

George of Sacramento, CA said, “There are so many ways that we're being taken advantage of. When a lot of people come over here and become legal, they send for their parents who come here, haven’t worked a day in their lives here, and apply for SSI at $700 per month. So, just because Mom and Dad are seniors they make about $1400 per month together. And they laugh up their sleeves at us all the way to the bank! I know that some of them go back to their country of origin and because of their SSI being deposited directly into their bank accounts, they can spend that money from anywhere. I'm sick of it. Talk about Third World corruption in our own country!”

Shelli of Glendale, CA said, “I'm a payroll auditor who audits a lot of construction companies, ranging from sole proprietor to corporation. I see so much underground economy it makes me want to scream. Contractors are constantly using illegal immigrants for their slave labor. Contractors pocket all the money. For example, it's not unusual to see a business owner's wife on the payroll making more in a week than an illegal employee in their employ makes in a month.

“What angers me is when a business owner hems and haws about the high cost of workers compensation insurance, but then hires illegals and doesn't report their payroll. "They only worked for a day or two" or "They're not a regular employee, they only worked a few weeks." Yeah, a couple weeks like that and a hardworking LEGAL American could've used the money to help support his family. Let's talk about watering down wages! These guys are working for $10/hr in jobs that used to start at $18 -- and that was years ago.”

George of Fountain Hills, AZ said, “I have been teaching part time at both the Maricopa Community Colleges and Arizona State University for the past five years. The discipline that I teach is mathematics. For the past five years I have been telling students and friends that the United States is the new emerging third world nation. Few people understand what this nation faces. Fewer people care what is happening.

“What I would like to tell you is my experiences in the higher educational system here in Arizona. I can frame the whole attitude by the statement of Chuy Carreon, Mathematics chair of Mesa Community College. Chuy once said that MCCD is NOT here to educate, just here to give out information.

“It should be noted that the remedial courses represent about 50 per cent or more of all the mathematics courses taught at the community colleges here in Arizona.

Jack of Denver, Colorado said, “We have sanctuary cities in Denver and Boulder. Last spring, Officer Don Young was killed by an illegal alien, Raul Gomez, who had been stopped for three traffic violations. He had no license or insurance and was NEVER arrested, before he killed Young with a shot to the back of the officer’s head. It shows two levels of law enforcement and one is corrupt. Last month, an illegal alien, Francisco Montero of Boulder, driving on a revoked DUI license and having been arrested nine times with three phony ID cards, killed a Lafayette motorcyclist, Dale Englerth, by turning into the cyclist. Montero should have been deported long ago, but now, he’s killed a father and husband.”

You can multiply these examples of Third World Momentum by millions of cases of rape, fraud, burglaries, stealing jobs, loss of IRS income taxes, prison costs, judicial costs, schools bankrupting, language chaos, spreading diseases and worse. How can continued illegal alien migration serve this country when it creates so much harm?


Thursday, October 6, 2005

The Crime of Illegal Aliens

There are innumerable reasons to want our border secure. We know our infrastructure is being ravaged – emergency rooms overwhelmed, hospitals closing, our highways jammed, school rooms overcrowded, tax revenue lost, it goes on and on.

When illegal immigrants are discussed in the media, the picture painted is of a hard working family man or woman, the sort of person President Bush refers to when he pitches his "guest worker" program. "Hard working people who want a better way of life," is how he casts them.

While many fit that bill, the dirty little secret is the fact that illegal aliens are not only destroying our infrastructure by stealing valuable services such as health care and schooling, they're also committing horrific crimes throughout our great nation.

The fact that police departments in virtually every major city (and not so major ones) spend their time responding to crime by illegal aliens, looking for the illegal alien culprits, arresting illegal aliens (when their local laws allow them to), processing them through the system, means more officers, more departments, are stretched to the limit, by people who shouldn't be here in the first place.

At the end of that road, our prison system then provides them with, shall we say, a quality of life (shelter, food, protection, health care, cable television, gyms) one would not find in regular housing in the pit of any South American city.

The latest insult to this nation, the latest slap in the face we receive by those who use this country like a convenient dish rag, is a continuation of that rape, but this time it's a literal one.

On October 4, 2005 WKMG television in Florida reported on their website that fourteen "field laborers broke into an 18-year-old woman's home, dragged her across the street and then took turns raping her."

This rampaging gang of "field laborers" consisted of men ranging in age from 18 to 56. The victim reported they choked her until she passed out. When she awoke, they were pouring alcohol in her mouth. She was then raped by each and every one of them.

When these animals finished they pushed her out the front door like a piece of used meat. Somehow this girl managed to get to a phone where she called the police. Deputies arrested the 14 men who were still at the house where the rape occurred. They will be charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, and sexual battery by multiple perpetrators. They face life in prison if convicted.

Not until we get to the end of the WKMG website story is the fact that the rapists aren't just "farm laborers." Indeed, they are all illegal aliens. Only at the end of their story do we learn: "Twelve of the men are from Guatemala, one from Puerto Rico and the other from Mexico."

The rather euphemistic headline is our first clue that it's now very politically incorrect to even state the truth about a situation when it comes to illegals. The fact is, besides the obvious primary importance of the girl being gang raped, the other clearly important cultural element is the fact that it was carried out by a gang of illegal aliens.

This is not, unfortunately, a freakish, one-of-a-kind event. Last year, Heather MacDonald, in a piece for City-Journal which also posted at Frontpagemagazine.com, addressed the astounding impact of illegal alien criminals. In "Illegal Alien Crime Wave," she notes that in Los Angeles, 95 percent of all outstanding warrants for homicide (which total 1,200 to 1,500) target illegal aliens. Up to two-thirds of all fugitive felony warrants (17,000) are for illegal aliens.

And that's just that statistics of one city in the midst of a nationwide problem.

Our nation's security rests on our securing the borders, that's a given. Most of our persuasion and rhetoric on the issue has been based in the points I made at the beginning of this article. I contend, however, the much-ignored security threat posed by illegal aliens is at least as insidious (if not more so) as al-Qaida.

I know we all understand the fundamental threat of al-Qaida, but let's be honest: At least with Radical Islamists, we have instituted a new government agency—Homeland Security—to deal with the threat. We have instituted extraordinary security to deal with potential threats. We have created no-fly lists, terrorist watch lists, and we have even turned back international flights on which there are suspiciously named people.

We have also, appropriately and to the president's great credit and love for this nation, have gone to war to confront those who want to hurt us.

Yet, when it comes to illegal immigration, the president not only hasn't declared war on the group responsible for a massive wave of crime including murder and rape, but wants to invite them in with a guest worker program. Instead of supporting the incredibly courageous Minuteman Project, the president calls them "vigilantes."

I wonder, how many rapes and murders were stopped because of their success in sealing the border in April? The Minutemen have returned for October, thank goodness, with 4500 hundred volunteers. This time, it's not just Arizona, but the entire 2,000 mile Mexican/American border that is under watch.

While it is too late for the young woman in Florida, and all the others who will be victimized by illegals in the days and weeks to come, we can no longer ignore our duty to expose the dirty little secret of illegal alien crime.

In her piece, MacDonald noted:

"The message could not be clearer: this is a culture that can't enforce its most basic law of entry. If policing's broken-windows theory is correct, the failure to enforce one set of rules breeds overall contempt for the law."

I contend, however, it's not just contempt for the law, but contempt for the people of this nation. After all, after they pushed their victim out the door like a piece of trash, their staying on the premises said volumes. They didn't expect her to do a thing about the violence they inflicted on her. The contempt was present in the act and even after the fact.

It's time for every American to exhibit some righteous contempt of our own – contempt for being used, contempt for those who commit violence, contempt for those eating away at this nation like parasites.


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Illegal aliens now outnumber legal ones

Study: Despite tighter border security, more foreigners crossing into U.S.

WASHINGTON — Illegal immigrants are increasing despite tighter border security and now outnumber foreigners moving to the United States legally.

The Pew Hispanic Center reported Tuesday that immigration in general has been picking up, tracking the reviving American economy and improving jobs picture.

“The U.S. economy was obviously a very important factor in determining these flows,” said Roberto Suro, director of the center and a co-author of its study.

Immigration — both legal and illegal — topped 1.5 million people in 1999 and 2000, according to the report. The number of people entering the United States then plummeted to 1.1 million people by 2003, the same level as in 1992.

Immigration bounced back to 1.2 million in 2004, but the report cautioned that it is difficult to say whether the recent upswing is part of a new trend.

“The extremely high (immigration) flows at the end of the past decade were not the norm, nor part of a long-term trend, but rather the peak of a momentary increase that lasted for only a few years,” said the report, which was written by Suro and demographer Jeffrey Passel.

The report documents immigration levels from 1992 to 2004, generating estimates from a variety of Census data.

The Pew Hispanic Center is a nonpartisan research organization supported by the Pew Charitable Trusts.

States of emergency at the border

Border security gained national attention last month after the governors of two states, Arizona and New Mexico, declared states of emergency on their borders with Mexico. The governors cited security shortcomings by the federal government.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said at the time that he had already ordered a review of border security strategy.

“The Pew report is yet another indicator that the immigration system is broken,” said a statement by John Cornyn, chairman of the Senate’s Immigration, Border Security and Citizenship Subcommittee. “Immigration reform must be comprehensive and address both enforcement and improved avenues for legal immigration.”

The Texas Republican has co-authored a bill that would create a temporary worker visa, as well as a mandatory system for employers to check on the immigration status of prospective employees.

Immigration trends follow economy

The Pew report said immigration levels closely mirror economic conditions in the United States — as the economy improves, immigration increases — suggesting that the lure of jobs is a strong factor in attracting people to this country. The U.S. economy appears to be a stronger factor than economic conditions in the countries sending immigrants here, the report said.

Among the report’s findings:

Since 2001, the number of legal permanent residents entering the United States has declined from 578,000 to 455,000, while the number of illegal immigrants has increased from 549,000 to 562,000. Legal, temporary residents account for the remainder of people entering the country.

“We’ve seen a fairly steady growth in the number of undocumented immigrants living here, and this data shows very sizable numbers coming in,” Passel said. “We’re clearly not stopping them at the border.”

Declines in legal immigration “appear to reflect processing backlogs, security delays and other developments that followed the Sept. 11 attacks,” the report said.

Mexico accounted for about a third of all U.S. immigrants, a percentage that was steady from 1992 to 2004. Other Latin American countries accounted for about 20 percent of all immigrants, Asia accounted for a little more than a quarter, and Europe and Canada combined to account for about 14 percent.

More immigrants are shunning states with large immigrant communities, such as New York and California, and moving to states with smaller foreign-born populations, such as North Carolina and Iowa.


Monday, September 26, 2005

Report: Illegal immigration has increased

WASHINGTON - Illegal immigrants are increasing despite tighter border security and now outnumber foreigners moving to the United States legally

Total immigrants to the U.S. declined after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, partly because of increased security measures, the Pew Hispanic Center reported Tuesday. The 2001 recession also was a likely factor, reducing jobs available in the United States.

Now the number coming to the country is on the upswing again.

Immigration - both legal and illegal - topped 1.5 million people in 1999 and 2000, according to the report. The number of people entering the United States then plummeted to 1.1 million people by 2003, the same level as in 1992.

Immigration bounced back to 1.2 million in 2004, but the report cautioned that it is difficult to say whether the recent upswing is part of a new trend.

"The extremely high (immigration) flows at the end of the past decade were not the norm, nor part of a long-term trend, but rather the peak of a momentary increase that lasted for only a few years," said the report, by demographer Jeffrey Passel and Roberto Suro, a former journalist who is director of the Pew Hispanic Center.

The report documents immigration levels from 1992 to 2004, generating estimates from a variety of Census data.

The Pew Hispanic Center is a nonpartisan research organization supported by the Pew Charitable Trusts.

Border security gained national attention last month after the governors of two states, Arizona and New Mexico, declared states of emergency on their borders with Mexico. The governors cited security shortcomings by the federal government.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said at the time that he had already ordered a review of border security strategy.

"The Pew report is yet another indicator that the immigration system is broken," said a statement by John Cornyn, chairman of the Senate's Immigration, Border Security and Citizenship Subcommittee. "Immigration reform must be comprehensive and address both enforcement and improved avenues for legal immigration."

The Texas Republican has co-authored a bill that would create a temporary worker visa, as well as a mandatory system for employers to check on the immigration status of prospective employees.

The Pew report said immigration levels closely mirror economic conditions in the United States - as the economy improves, immigration increases - suggesting that the lure of jobs is a strong factor in attracting people to this country. The U.S. economy appears to be a stronger factor than economic conditions in the countries sending immigrants here, the report said.

"The U.S. economy was obviously a very important factor in determining these flows," said Suro.

Among the report's findings:

-Since 2001, the number of legal permanent residents entering the United States has declined from 578,000 to 455,000, while the number of illegal immigrants has increased from 549,000 to 562,000. Legal, temporary residents account for the remainder of people entering the country.

"We've seen a fairly steady growth in the number of undocumented immigrants living here, and this data shows very sizable numbers coming in," Passel said. "We're clearly not stopping them at the border."

Declines in legal immigration "appear to reflect processing backlogs, security delays and other developments that followed the Sept. 11 attacks," the report said.

-Mexico accounted for about a third of all U.S. immigrants, a percentage that was steady from 1992 to 2004. Other Latin American countries accounted for about 20 percent of all immigrants, Asia accounted for a little more than a quarter, and Europe and Canda combined to account for about 14 percent.

-More immigrants are shunning states with large immigrant communities, such as New York and California, and moving to states with smaller foreign-born populations, such as North Carolina and Iowa.


Monday, September 19, 2005

State bordering on illegal immigration disaster

Gov. Janet Napolitano is going to seek federal disaster relief to help pay for more law enforcement along the Arizona-Mexico border.

But a federal spokesman questions whether the state is legally entitled to emergency dollars.

"This is not the intent of the law,'' said Russ Knocke, spokesman for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which oversees FEMA.

The governor, in a letter to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, said Arizona is collecting documentation from state, tribal, county and local governments "to prepare an official request for an Emergency Declaration from the federal government.''

Napolitano's move comes a month after she used her own powers to declare a state of emergency in Cochise, Santa Cruz, Pima and Yuma counties.

That declaration, coupled with the approval of her Emergency Council, freed up $1.5 million for those counties to fight crime associated with illegal immigration, such as drug trafficking, human smuggling, car theft and fraudulent ID cards. But even Napolitano admitted those funds provide only temporary relief.

Knocke said FEMA will review any request the state eventually files. But he suggested the governor's request for federal disaster aid dollars is inappropriate. Congress approved the emergency aid statutes to provide immediate relief from a disaster that already has occurred and where cash is needed to make repairs, he said.

But Pati Urias, a spokeswoman for the governor, said the administration believes the problem does qualify under federal law, even though it is not a hurricane or other natural disaster.

"The federal government has lost operational control of the border between Arizona and Mexico,'' Urias said. "When one state accounts for about half of all the illegal immigrants caught coming to the United States, that's a problem worthy of an emergency declaration.''

Urias said the problem became exacerbated once federal immigration officers increased enforcement in California and Texas.

"Arizona became the place to sneak into the country illegally, since the crackdown did not deal with the entire border, only selected portions of it,'' she said.

The state's anticipated request - and FEMA's eventual decision - will again place the embattled agency in the spotlight. It already is under fire for what many have called an inadequate response to Hurricane Katrina, resulting in the resignation of its director Michael Brown.

Cam Hunter, spokeswoman for the Arizona Department of Homeland Security, said the amount to be sought from Washington will depend on how much the counties and their law enforcement say they need.

The state had hoped to have that figure compiled by now. But Napolitano said that efforts to accept evacuees from Hurricane Katrina put the border emergency issue on the back burner.

Now Napolitano is looking at the middle of November to file the new federal aid request.

Napolitano has repeatedly blasted the federal government, saying that the problems are because federal agencies failed to meet their responsibility to secure the border. That, she wrote to FEMA, has had a "pronounced effect'' on border counties.

"Hundreds of immigrants have died, violent criminal activity has increased,'' the governor wrote. She also said "repeated trespasses to real property have damaged vegetation, wildlife and livestock.''


Friday, September 16, 2005

Hospitals 'Mugged' by Illegal Aliens

"A peaceful mass of people, hardworking, carries out slowly and patiently an unstoppable [illegal alien] invasion, the most important in [Mexico's] human history. You cannot give me a similar example of such a large migratory wave by an ant-like, stubborn, unarmed, [illegal aliens] and carried on in the face of the most powerful and best-armed nation on earth [America]." (1)

"But neither barbed-wire fences, nor aggressive border guards, nor campaigns, nor [un-enforced American Immigration] laws nor police raids [not unless you commit ANOTHER crime] against the undocumented [illegal aliens], have stopped this movement of the masses that is unprecedented in any part of the world [true]." (1)

"In 1950 they were called 'Pachucos' (half-breeds) [then came the 'wetbacks' then the 'braceros']; today they are called 'Chicanos.' They have marked social and family characteristics, agility for adapting to the environment and for conquering a great region [America], once primitive and virgin, that belonged to our fatherland [Mexico] and we lost it [via the surrender Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo after America won the Mexican-American War(2 - 4)]. But it seems to be slowly returning to the jurisdiction of Mexico without the firing of a single shot, nor requiring the least diplomatic action [because both presidents, Bush and Fox, have colluded to do so], by means of a steady, spontaneous, and uninterrupted occupation [of America, by Mexico's poorest citizens]." (1)

Astonishing as it may seem . . . the above quotes came from an article written in 1982 and published in a newspaper in Mexico city, considered comparable in stature to the NY Times! Doesn't it 'boggle your mind' that the description quoted above was brazenly announced TWENTY-THREE YEARS AGO? Does it anger you, that the scenario described is a carbon copy of the illegal alien invasion, so clearly evident today? An invasion that the citizens of America have been forced to endure, and which continues unabated today with the tacit approval of our government!

The former president of Mexico, Ernesto Zedillo affirmed the invasion plan in 1997, (eight years ago) following the passage of a Mexican constitutional amendment allowing dual citizenship, when he stated: "I have proudly affirmed that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders, and that Mexican migrants [illegal aliens] are an important - a very important part of it!"(5) Zedillo is, of course, referring to the Mexican invasion of America by 18-20 million illegal aliens, 90% of which are Hispanic and Latino, arriving here at a rate of 10,000 per day."(6 -13)

Even More Arrogantly, Mexico's president Vincente Fox, in a speech given before the 'Club XXI' at the Hotel Eurobuilding in Madrid, Spain on May 16, 2002, (three years ago) discussing what impact the 'nueva agenda global' [new global agenda or 'new world order'] has had on the "large Mexican communities settled in [the United States, consisting of], more than 20 million Mexicans [both American citizens of Mexican ancestry, along with legal and illegal aliens]. In the last few months we have managed to achieve an improvement in the situation of many Mexicans in [the United States], regardless of their [illegal alien] migratory status, through schemes [by using American Laws] that have permitted them access to health and education systems, identity documents [Mexican matricula consular cards that only illegal aliens need], as well as the full respect for their human rights [to invade America illegally]."(14) Has Mexico's blatant arrogance 'got you goat' or 'stuck in you craw,' yet?

While president Bush condemns Mexico for their 'racist' post office stamps, he is totally silent about the massive 'human tsunami' of illegal aliens crushing our country. In fact he supports them: By outrageously and erroneously calling our patriotic Minutemen 'vigilantes;' by identifying illegal aliens euphemistically as 'undocumented' (as if they were just missing some kind of paperwork); and by praising illegals for their 'family values;' all the while constantly proclaiming that "they are here to do the work Americans won't do!"

Eerily similar to the ignored declarations of Osama bin Laden prior to 9/11, our government has once again placed Americans in jeopardy by willfully ignoring the repeatedly stated manifesto of the Mexican government, to send forward millions of their citizens to illegally invade, plunder and 'reconquista' [take back] our country.

Why have we allowed the government of Mexico to execute a de facto war by encouraging tens of millions of their citizens to illegally enter America? The illegal alien invasion is an 'act of war' that has reduced our country to nothing but a lawless territory, with little or no sovereignty left! It is absurd for America to continue to live under wave after wave of invading Mexican 'armies' of illegal aliens who will, by their sheer numbers, take over our society, culture and language! Perhaps it is time for "We the People" to rise up and take back our country!

How Mexico is Waging and Winning the War:

1. By enacting laws that are the inverse of American laws!

For example: Mexico does NOT award automatic citizenship, when you have a baby in Mexico, if you are a foreign national, let alone an illegal alien. Why do we? Mexico does NOT provide a free education for foreign nationals, let alone those who are there illegally.(15) Why do we? Mexico does NOT provide ANY 'public benefits' for foreign nationals, let alone those who are there illegally. Why do we? Mexico does NOT provide free emergency treatment to foreign nationals, let alone illegal aliens. Why do we? In fact, when you need emergency care in Mexico you pay thousands up front, before you receive ANY treatment!(16)(17)

While most Americans 'haven't a clue' and our pathetic government remains aloof and immobile, Mexico enforces laws that are the exact opposite of ours. Outrageously, our government continues to leave our country wide-open to the Mexican invasion plan. A repeatedly declared plan to overrun America, in a human 'tsunami-like' wave after wave of its poorest citizens, who arrive here and suck our schools, jails, health, and welfare systems dry! Mexico is maliciously manipulating our, give-away 'free' society, while Bush 'fiddles.' Wake up America, before it's too late!

2. Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled er . . .Sick??

Madeleine Pelner Cosman, Ph.D., Esq., is a California-based medical lawyer and Emerita of City University of New York where she taught medical students. She decries the healthcare giveaway required by our laws that includes more than medicine, such as translators, advocates, lawyers, respite care baby sitters and more, much, much more!

Dr. Cosman claims: "The influx of illegal aliens has serious hidden medical consequences. We [Americans tend to] judge reality primarily by what we see. But [it is] what we do not see [that] can be more dangerous, more expensive, and more deadly than what is seen. [The] [i]llegal aliens' stealthy assaults on medicine, now must rouse Americans to alert and alarm. Even President Bush [erroneously] describes illegal aliens, only as they are seen: strong, physical, laborers who work hard in undesirable jobs with low wages, who care for their families, and who pursue the American dream."(18)

"What is unseen is their free medical care that has degraded and closed some of America's finest emergency medical facilities, and caused hospital bankruptcies: 84 California hospitals [have, or] are closing their doors." "'Anchor babies' born to illegal aliens instantly qualify as citizens for welfare benefits and have caused enormous rises in Medicaid costs and [other] stipends under Supplemental Security Income [SSI] and Disability Income."(18)

"Among the consequences of illegal immigration we can now add the reappearance of infectious diseases long thought eradicated or under control." Along with that problem comes more prolonged and expensive medical care, than in the past. For example, Dr. Reuben Granich has pegged the cost for the current, rampant multidrug-resistant tuberculosis known as MDR-TB at $200,000 to $1.2 million PER PERSON. It also takes three times longer to cure, as opposed to the ordinary TB which costs of $2,000, and takes six months to cure!(19 - 21) And, Dr. Granich "writes that those illegals found to have drug-resistant TB were mostly (84 percent) 'foreign-born' and twice as likely to transmit the disease."(22)

In an interview with Joe Guzzardi, Cosman stated she could "scream" every time she hears that America needs to grant amnesty to illegal aliens so that they "can step out of the shadows" . . . No one is in the shadows! They are openly driving without a license down Main Street to drop their kids off at K-12 schools for an education on our dime. They gather at hiring halls to work off the books. And they sit in the waiting rooms of medical clinics to receive taxpayer-funded treatment for ailments as basic as the common cold. When their medical needs are more serious, they proceed in broad daylight to major area hospitals for advanced treatment. Come one, come all!?(23) That's an accurate description or reality, wouldn't you say?

3. Anchor Babies and Automatic Citizenship:

The Federation for Immigration Reform, (FAIR) "estimated there are currently between 287,000 and 363,000 children born to illegal aliens each year."(24) These children, born to illegal aliens, are called 'anchor babies' because they become 'automatic' American citizens who are now 'anchored' to the United States. As such, they instantly gain access to public benefits, usually Medicaid and SSI, causing enormous rises in the costs to those programs. At age 21, they also have the right to petition our government to bring their families and other relatives to the United States.

Christine Romans on the Lou Dobbs program stated that: "Illegal aliens are eligible for federal funds for prenatal care and childbirth . . . " "Benefits like welfare, food stamps, school lunch programs. And, free education. For example, an illegal couple in California with two anchor babies can get as much as $12,000 in public benefits." "In Arizona, at the Maricopa County Medical Center, an anchor baby is born every three hours. Two out of three births are to illegal aliens, 2,900 each year. It's a huge part of the $28 million overall spent treating illegal aliens at just one hospital."(25) When was the last time your wife, sister, daughter or any other family members received FREE prenatal care and delivery? Illegal aliens, expect to, and get, what you and your family cannot, and to add 'insult to injury,' their babies are paid for by YOU!

According to the Washington Post: "In July 2004, Hispanics numbered 41.3 million out of a [United States official] national population of nearly 293.7 million. . . . In the 1990s they accounted for 40 percent of the country's population increase. From 2000 to 2004, that figure grew to 49 percent." That figure probably does not include the 18-20 million illegals living here now, nor any of those that will continue to pour over our southern border, unchecked by our government. The Washington Post also reports that "new [legal] immigrants are now outnumbered by babies born in the United States . . . and: One in five children under 18 is Hispanic, according to the census figures. However, given the fact that the Census Bureau uses outdated methodologies to collect their data and routinely under-estimates their figures, the TRUE figures may be even higher!(26)

Harry P. Pachon, president of the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute, a California think tank states that: "There are more Hispanics in Cook County, Chicago, than in Arizona or Colorado or New Mexico."(27)

William H. Frey, visiting fellow at the Brookings Institute stated that: "Fifteen counties in the United States reported having more than half of all births to an immigrant mom. The leader [of the pack] was the borough of Queens, in New York City, with 67.7 percent. Other top homes to second-generation Americans included Los Angeles, with 56.3 percent, Miami-Dade County, with 58.9 percent, and Orange County, Calif., with 54.3 percent." "The greatest changes in recent years have come in places like Gwinnett County, Ga., a part of metropolitan Atlanta that has seen its Hispanic population soar over the past decade. In 1990, about 9.3 percent of all children born in the county had a mother born outside the United States. By 2002, [in just 12 years] that number had jumped to 41.3 percent."(28)

According to Dr. Cosman: "In 2003 in Stockton, California, 70 percent of the 2,300 babies born in San Joaquin General Hospital's maternity ward were anchor babies . . . [and] in 1994, 74,987 anchor babies [were born] in California . . . [and] constituted 36 percent of all Medi-Cal births [California State Insurance]. Now they account for substantially more than half."(18)

There are some in the U.S. Congress who have tried repeatedly to pass a simple amendment to the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1102). That same bill, has been re-introduced in the 109th Congress as H. R. 698. The express purpose of the bill is "to deny automatic citizenship at birth to children born in the United States to parents who are not citizens or permanent resident aliens."(29) Simple and straightforward, isn't it? One more thing . . . it is interesting to note that NONE of the countries in the European Union provides 'birthright citizenship' to illegal aliens. The last to end the practice was Ireland, in 2004. Oh, by the way . . . Mexico does NOT grant automatic citizenship to its illegal aliens! Why do we?

As you may know . . . if H. R. 698 is ever passed into legislation and signed by the president, it will most certainly be challenged in the courts. The issue will revolve around the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution. The prior court rulings, that gave illegal aliens the 'birthright citizenship' for their babies, was another example of 'legislating from the bench.' A well reasoned, and historically based, argument to that court decision can be found here: (30)

4. Who Fights to Get Illegals FREE Medical Care?

According to Dr. Cosman: "Among the organizations directing illegal aliens into America's medical systems, are the Ford Foundation-funded [MALDEF] Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, the National Immigration Law Center [NILC], the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the American Bar Association's Commission on Immigration Policy, Practice, and pro bono, the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, the National Council of La Raza [The Race], George Soros's Open Society Institute, the Migration Policy Institute, the National Network for Immigration and Refugee Rights and the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC]. And there are more."(18)

After the 1996 Welfare Reform reduced all welfare payments to all recipients nationwide, the NICL together with the ACLU and MALDEF, managed to restore to its constituency, mostly Hispanics and Latinos, legal AND illegal immigrants some $12 billion in SSI income and more than $800 million in food stamps.(18)

Who qualifies for SSI . . . according to Cosman "popular disabilities include alcohol or drug addition and the almost impossible to prove was 'post traumatic stress syndrome'." She also claims that the SSI benefits is a fraud-driven system that allows access to cash benefits using a "simple three-step process: (1) undertake the apparently easy task of finding an unscrupulous physician (preferable one of your own ethnicity) to 'confirm' your 'symptoms;' (2) submit [your] bogus paperwork to the nearest SSI office, and [then]; (3) proceed to your mailbox to pick up your monthly check."(23)

Aiding and Abetting Illegals is Against the Law! Has any of the above mentioned lawyers ever been prosecuted, under the following immigration law, for aiding and abetting illegal aliens to reside in the United States:

United States Code: Title 8 - Chapter 12 - Subchapter II - Part VIII - Section 1325 - Improper Entry by Alien:
(a) Criminal Penalties:
(1)(A) Any person who -
(iv) encourages or induces an alien to enter or reside in the United States, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such coming to, entry, or residency or will be in violation of law; or
(v)(I) engages in any conspiracy to commit any of the preceding acts, or
(II) aids or abets the commission of any of the preceding acts, shall be punished as provided in subparagraph (B).
(B) A person who violates subparagraph (A) shall, for each alien in respect to whom such a violation occurs -
(i) in the case of a violation of subparagraph (A)(i) or (v)(I) or in the case of a violation of subparagraph (A)(ii), (iii), or (iv) in which the offense was done for the purpose of commercial advantage or private financial gain, be fined under title 18, imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both.(31)
5. Sick Illegal Aliens Sit Next to Your Child at School:

According to Cosman: "Many illegals who skulk across our borders have tuberculosis (TB)" It is a disease that was essentially eradicated here in America. "TB's swift, deadly return now is lethal for about 60% of those infected. The culprit is the new Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB)." . . . " [The] Indiana School of Medicine, in 2001, studied an outbreak of MDR-TB traced to illegal aliens from Mexico." Get used to this shorthand MDR-TB you will see it a great deal in the future!(32)

Why is that important for you to know? Because according to Cosman: "Virulent TB outbreaks afflicted school teachers and children in Michigan and adults and kids in Texas. The teachers and kids caught it at school from coughing children of Illegal Aliens. In Minnesota, policemen suddenly came down with MDR-TB. The cops caught it in their patrol cars when they arrested Illegal Aliens who coughed in their faces. Recently TB erupted in Portland, Maine, and Del Ray Beach, Florida."(32)

"Leprosy . . . was so rare in America that, in 40 years, only 900 people were afflicted. Suddenly in the past three years, America has more than 7,000 cases of leprosy." Now endemic in the northeastern states, brought there by "Illegal Aliens and other immigrants . . . from India, Brazil, the Caribbean, and Mexico."(32)

"Another disease carried into our schools is hepatitis 'A' and over 100,000 cases have migrated into our country from illegal aliens. . . . If your child sits in a classroom with illegal aliens, your child is at risk and so are you."(33)

"Malaria was obliterated but now is re-emerging in Texas and other states. No mosquito that bites a person infected with malaria checks identification papers before biting another person to transmit [the] debilitating fever." . . . "Illegal Aliens secret in their bodies invisible, deadly time bombs. Homeland Security ignores these lethal weapons of health destruction."(32)

6. Schools 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' if Sick Child is Illegal:

"There is no way to know if that student or that student's family have had required health screening. Schools in the metro-Phoenix area have reported cases of TB as well as meningitis. School districts will not disclose the nationality or legal status of any infected child and cite the patient's privacy as the reason."(34) What about our 'right to know' and protect our children. Have we no rights anymore?

So how does a parent know if the non-English-speaking student sitting next to their child in class is a carrier of TB, leprosy, Chagas or any other parasitic disease . . . or, if the worker that prepares your child's cafeteria food is ill; or if the caretaker at you child's day care center has TB . . . or, if the help or patrons at your kids local McDonalds are carriers? How do you know . . .? YOU DON'T! Ask your government why the borders are still wide open to these illegal aliens, who do not receive the required health check normally given, when foreign aliens come here legally!

7. Uninsured Does NOT Mean Lack of Medical Care:

"Between 1998 and 2003, immigrants represented 86% of the growth in the number of people lacking insurance. At least a quarter of all immigrants are estimated to be undocumented [illegal aliens] with the largest group coming form Mexico."(35) Gee, isn't that surprising?

Why is there such a high percentage of immigrants lacking insurance? Because under the Emergency Medical Treatment Act and Active Labor Act [EMTALA] of 1985, hospitals are required to treat the uninsured without reimbursement! And the Hispanic underground word-of-mouth knows their 'rights!' "What is unseen is [that] their [illegal aliens] free medical care has degraded and closed some of America's finest emergency medical facilities, and caused hospital bankruptcies: 84 California hospitals [have, or] are closing their doors." In the ten years between 1993 and 2003, SIXTY California hospitals have already closed and another twenty-four are on the verge of closure.(18)

To add 'insult to injury' our, "[g]overnment imposes viciously stiff fines and penalties on any physician and any hospital refusing to treat any patient that a zealous prosecutor deems an emergency patient, even though the hospital or physician screened and declared the patient's illness or injury non-emergency. But government pays neither hospital nor physician for treatments. In addition to the fiscal attack on medical facilities and personnel, EMTALA is a handy truncheon with which to pummel politically unpopular physicians by falsely accusing them of violating EMTALA."(18)

The Tale of 'Ricardo' the Illegal Alien Caught Crossing the Rio Grande: "After he was caught, he was taken to a detention center where he suffered a heart attack [at age 43] and was treated at a Harlingen hospital. But immigration authorities balked at paying for heart surgery and released him, advising him to seek treatment on his own [in Honduras where he came from]. Instead . . . "[s]till weak, he made his way to Houston [how did he get there? It's nearly 300 miles from Harlingen to Houston] and eventually to Ben Taub General Hospital, where he underwent [FREE] heart surgery."(36)

Would you be able to have 'heart surgery' for FREE? The cost is around $50,000 for such surgery. Actually YOU helped pay for 'Ricardo's' surgery with your tax dollars and higher insurance premiums or hospital costs if you pay out-of-pocket! Will the insanity ever end??

"Ricardo [now lives, illegally] in one of the [Casa Juan Diego] homes [where he is 'aided and abetted' in violation of our immigration laws, by funding from the Catholic community of Houston] and hopes to regain his strength following his heart surgery. When he does, he will work [illegally] as an electrician or painter and begin to send money back to Honduras, where his wife is trying to care for their [six] children, he said through a translator"(36) Can you afford to have six children? Just curious!

The "Florida Hospital Association polled its member hospitals in 2002, it received 700 reports of uninsured non-citizens who ran up bill totaling more than $40 million . . . In counties that border Mexico, hospitals and ambulance services estimated that they spent more than $200 million in 2000 caring for undocumented [illegal] immigrants who were uninsured."(37) Does 'uninsured' also mean unable to pay?

The 'heartland' is also not spared. "Immigrants have been streaming into southwest Kansas for years, attracted by jobs in the region's meatpacking plants. In Dodge City, 30 percent to 40 percent of patients arriving at the emergency room of the Western Plains Medical Complex are undocumented [illegal] immigrants . . . Truman Medical Center estimates it spends at least $500,000 a year providing dialysis for EIGHT kidney patients, all undocumented [illegal] or resident immigrants who do not qualify for public programs such as Medicaid."(37) Heard enough yet!? Fed up enough to do something about it? But, what can you do? Only you know!

8. Illegals Demand AND Get Free Interpreters at Hospitals:

"An immigrants' advocacy group [is that legal or illegal immigrants or both?] asked the state [of New York] . . . to take legal action [just what they need more costs to pass on to YOU!] against four metropolitan area hospitals for failing to provide interpreters for emergency patients who don't speak English well." Three of the four hospitals, which were part of the same network, deputed their claims stating: "Our hospitals freely provide community outreach, health screenings and assessments and culturally directed services [whatever that means], . . . the three hospitals together have 10,000 bilingual staff members who are listed in a language bank, . . . and 24-hour telephone interpretation service in 125 languages.(38)

You should note that when Hispanics picket those hospitals, part of their loudly announced demands ALWAYS include more bi-lingual staff. Read that . . . 'hire more Hispanics!' Many qualified hospital job applicants are rejected for employment because they don't speak Spanish, here, in our ENGLISH speaking country of America! Sad, but true!

"Rick Evans, director of the Volunteer & Patient Centered Services, [at Columbian Presbyterian] who oversees interpreter services . . . has seven Spanish interpreters devoted to the emergency room . . . seven others are dispatched to other departments within the hospital. . . . [They] receive nearly 300 formal requests per day for interpreters . . . 90% of the requests are for Spanish speakers. . . the hospital [annually] spends $2 million for interpreter services alone."(39)

The Hispanic 'gimmie' society strikes again! Instead of employing the centuries-old tradition of bringing along with them, a friend, a neighbor, a church or family member who speaks English to do the translating, they come instead with their 'informed' demands, that the law requires those services be provided to them. They often come prepared with written threats of prosecution, if they are not afforded an interpreter! Americans are offended by these 'cry-baby' Hispanics, who are balkanizing our country and insultingly maintaining their totally Spanish speaking enclaves . . . where people live for decades and never learn to speak English!

Hispanics never learn English because they watch Spanish language TV, listen to Spanish language radio, and read Spanish language newspapers and magazines. They receive their utility bills and phone books in Spanish. Their local stores display Spanish language signage. And recently, adding 'insult to injury,' many of the big nationwide chain stores, including Wal-Mart, Sears, Lowe's and Home Depot, etc., are pandering to these same insular Hispanics, by posting Spanish in-store signs! Do those nation-wide stores know how OFFENSIVE it is to many Americans, that our country's native language is being undermined by those very same chain stores we have been loyal to all of our lives!

"In the past several years, big U.S. consumer companies -- banks, insurers, mortgage lenders, credit-card outfits, phone carriers, and other -- have decided that a market of 11 million or so potential customers [in reality 18-20 million and perhaps more] is simply too big to ignore. It may be against the law for the Valenzuelans [illegal aliens] to be in the U.S. or for an employer to hire them, but there's nothing illegal about selling to them."(40) Of course it doesn't matter that is morally wrong and in contravention of our immigration law which clearly states that such actions are 'aiding an abetting' illegal aliens. Fortunately, there may be a 'day of reckoning' coming . . .

A group called Friends of Immigration Law Enforcement (FILE), which opposes illegal immigration has "threatened to sue the bank [New South Federal Savings Bank in Birmingham Alabama] under a federal law that prohibits the harboring of illegal aliens and racketeering. By providing mortgage loans that help illegals buy houses, says FILE Executive Director Craig Nelsen [an American Patriot], New South is aiding their ability to remain [here] illegally. In June, the bank delayed a broad rollout of Casa Mia [loan program] pending a legal opinion on potential liability."(40) Aaaahhhh, doesn't that make your heart sing! Finally, patriotic lawyers trying to enforce our laws, a job our government won't do!

"In Wisconsin, the state [government] housing agency's decision to help banks lend to illegal immigrants has set off a fierce debate in the state Senate over whether these [illegal alien] newcomers should benefit from programs designed for legal residents. The initiative has also spurred banks in other states to kick off similar programs." (41)

In Milwaukee, Mitchell Bank attempting to attract those illegal aliens to their bank "offered pamphlets on how to apply for a Wisconsin state ID and driver's license, and invited the Mexican consulate in Chicago to visit with a mobile unit that issue a 'matricula' [consular] cards, another form of identification [that only illegal aliens need], issued by the Mexican government and often accepted by banks."(41)

Michael Frias, an FDIC official in Chicago, said: "Our job is to encourage banks to lend and invest in underserved markets, . . . We don't make distinction of immigration status."(41)

What to do about those chain stores, banks, mortgage lenders, and state agencies, etc., that are facilitating the balkanization of our country? We need to chastise them! Complain to the management, in the stores where you shop. Write, call, fax or email their corporate offices. Complain to local, state and national governance. Tell them that they are undermining the unity of our county by promoting the divisive use of a second language. Point out the problems that Canada has with the French speaking province of Quebec. Tell them how unhappy you are that they have chosen to pander to the Hispanic community. A community that is emboldened and supported by ALL the major national Hispanic organizations who's racist agenda includes, incessantly and vehemently: Endorsing and promoting open borders and the massive illegal Hispanic invasion of our country; while constantly and arrogantly promoting bi-lingualism!(42)

For those whiners and complainers, many of which get FREE medical care, it would seem that the BEST solution to the lack of FREE interpreters, . . . is to learn English! Or . . . let's see some of those 'family values' that George Bush claims the Hispanics have, and have them scout up a family member, etc., to help translate. Wouldn't it be interesting to see how quickly they would come up with someone to help them, if they had to PAY for their translating services? Just think . . . the cost of those services provided FREE to them, are then added to YOUR medical bills the next time you need medical care.

The United States government is just as guilty of facilitating non-English speakers, because they provide bi-lingual education, interpreters, multi-lingual personnel and forms, any time, any place and everywhere . . . including voting ballots, driver's licenses, Social Security paperwork, etc. Automated telephone services ask you to 'Press 1 for English' then babble on in Spanish. Our national unity exits because ALL of our citizens speak ONE common language. However, that unifying force of a single common ENGLISH language, is now being threatened by a constant never ending chorus of Hispanic demands for Spanish language interpreters, bi-lingual teachers, bi-lingual (read Hispanic) nurses, and government employees.

Whipped to Hispanic 'nirvana' by years of massive indoctrination called 'cultural sensitivity training,' and a forced acceptance of diversity . . . which mean diverse, separate and not a 'melting pot' . . . has created an American society dominated by pc (i.e., political castration)! Our country has regularly capitulated to Hispanic demands which will forever alter our nation's health, social, political, law-enforcement, economic and educational institutions, in much than same manner as our government, banks and shopping malls have already done! When will Americans start fighting back and DOING something to stop the insanity? Only you know!

9. Border States Salivate over Medicare $$$ for Illegals:

What's wrong with these headlines: (1) Feds to fund migrant care; (2) Hospitals glad to get immigrant health aid; (3) Feds will pay hospital bills of undocumented patients? Figure it out yet? Notice that NONE the headlines say ILLEGAL as in ILLEGAL 'migrant' or ILLEGAL 'immigrant' or ILLEGAL ALIEN 'patients!'(43 - 45)

OK . . . now what's wrong with these headlines: (1) U.S. to help cover health costs of illegals: Providers in state to divvy up $71 million for emergency care; (2) U.S. Government to Help Fund Hospital Care for Illegal Aliens; (3) Feds to pay for treating ailing illegal immigrants; (4) U.S. to Pay Hospitals for Illegals' Care; (5) Texas ERs will get funds from feds: $46 million is to cover costs for illegal immigrants; (6) Southland facilities are expected to receive $35million to help cover the cost of treating uninsured illegal immigrants; (7) Payments to Help Hospitals Care for Illegal Immigrants?(46 - 52)

Did you happen to notice that NONE of the headlines said that the U.S. TAXPAYERS PAY! Just exactly who are the 'Feds,' the 'US Government,' and the 'U.S.' The U.S. is US . . . the taxpayers of this country. Not some benign behemoth called the Federal Government of the United States! And, compounding the 'felony,' is the fact that the money is being RAIDED from Medicare funds, thanks to an amendment attached to the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003. The attached amendment has absolutely nothing to do with the Medicare Drug Benefits the 'Act' was enacted to cover.(47) That's ONE BILLION DOLLARS of your money that will paid out of YOUR Medicare funds to provide FREE illegal alien emergency care. Do you get FREE emergency room care?

Did you know that, along with the illegal aliens 'emergency care' comes the cost of "translators, advocates, and middlemen supplied by immigrants' civil rights groups or by Medicaid. MediCal in 2003 had 760,000 illegal aliens, up from 2002 when there were [only] 470,000. Supplemental Security Income [SSI] is a non-means-tests federal grant of money and food stamps. People qualify easily. Scams, frauds, and cheats are rampant. In one clinic, 300 people [were] diagnosed as 'mildly mentally retarded' [coincidentally . . . they] all had the same translator, same psychiatrist, same symptoms, and [a] similar stipend."(18)

According to FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform): "Emergency room visits increased by 20% in the last decade. The problem has become so out of control that some Mexican ambulance companies are now instructing their drivers to drive uninsured patients across the border to the United States, where they will receive free treatment."(53)

Besides the 18-20 million illegal aliens, the bad news is . . . "[h]ospitals can claim reimbursement from treating not just undocumented [illegal alien] patients, but the more then 6 million Mexican holders of laser visas or border-crossing cards."(44) The good news is . . . "the new billing system will give [medical] care providers a more accurate accounting of how much is spent nationwide on the care of undocumented [illegal] immigrants,"(43)

10. Hospitals Want Medicaid Dollars But Don't Want to Ask If Illegal:

"California hospitals are eligible for 70 million dollars a year to pay for hospital care for illegals, Texas 46 million and Arizona 45 million, but the Government has instructed hospitals not to directly ask if a patient is illegal, and hospital associations and immigrant groups had strongly lobbied against it [asking if they are illegal aliens], saying sick and injured illegals would be afraid to seek care."(54) Afraid to seek care? That's NOT believable!

"Janet Murgola, National Council of la Raza [the Race] says asking any questions about [legal] status turns emergency room personnel into immigration officials."(54) American taxpayers wish that were true!

Mark McClellan, administrator of the federal Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services said: "We are not asking directly about citizenship, . . . We are asking for some information, which will help us determine payments in a less intrusive way.(51) Aawww, isn't that nice, sweet and adorable! We wouldn't want to hurt their sensibilities just because they have broken our immigration laws, invaded our sovereignty, balkanized our cities and towns, and overrun our hospitals, schools and jails. They aren't supposed to be here in our country, they are getting FREE medical care that we citizens can't get for ourselves and are forced to pay for theirs, but we can't say: Are you here legally? Golly, gee that would infringe on their sensibilities!! What about OUR sensibilities? Why don't we have a 'seat at the table' when these policies our created? Why is it only the promoters of illegal aliens that get that opportunity? If you want to get even angrier, read on . . .

Here's How Hospitals Will Determine If Illegal Aliens are Illegal: "If immigration status is uncertain, the hospital must first ask whether a patient is eligible for Medicaid [that's a program that is rampant with fraud], [or] the federal-state health program for low-income for legal U.S. residents [that many state welfare agencies have a policy of "don't ask, don't tell" about legal status and non-profits have a legal right to not ask], Then, staffers must ask whether the patient entered the country under a program that allows a temporary stay. Finally, the hospital must look for other indicators, such as foreign identification papers or a fake Social Security number."(51) If all of that ridiculous blather isn't pc (political castration) run amuck, what ever IS? What have we come to in this supposed 'nation of laws,' that asking if a person is here legally or not . . . is NOT PERMITTED!! Insanity reigns!

"[Illegal] Immigrant advocates objected to the questions. Oh, isn't that surprising! "They said the government should use statistical methods to allocate the money and avoid questions that may deter some people from going to the emergency room."(51) Translated, that means . . . just come up with some numbers and give us the money! We don't want the government or anyone else to FINALLY find out just how badly we are overrun with illegal aliens.

More pc Blather:

"Jeff Dye, president of the New Mexico Hospitals and Health Systems Association said hospitals don't want to become Border Patrol agents by asking questions of immigrants. Determining eligibility (for federal funds) [that's 1 billion dollars of your tax money] is the really sticky point for hospitals."(55) What's 'sticky' about it? For whom is it 'sticky?' These hospitals want to be 'bailed our' using our tax dollars, but want to continue to ignore the illegal alien problem. And we let them!

Don May, a vice president for policy at the American Hospital Assn., said he was fairly sure that hospitals will not be turned into immigration offices."(51) Too bad they're not, we could deport them instead of footing their medical bills.

US Davis Medical Center in Sacramento CFO William McGowan: "Asking questions now to determine citizenship would put some of our patients through a lot of hoops to get what amounts to not that much money from the feds." . . . "That's not nearly enough money for us to even consider doing something, [that] for me personally, raises an ethical red flag." An ethical 'red flag' that doesn't waiver or flinch, when using taxpayer dollars for providing care to lawbreakers. How many 'hoops' do you jump through in order to 'ante' up those tax dollars?(56)

Jonathan Blazer, a 'public benefits' policy attorney, National Immigration Law Center (no ax to grind here) has said: "The policy did not go far enough to protect patients from having to answer questions pertaining to their immigration status . . . We fear that patients will be wrongly made to feel as it they were placing themselves at risk for using [free to illegal aliens, but not to you] health services."(57)

Tanya Broder, an attorney with the National Immigration Law Center in Oakland, Calif, (no ax to grind here either) stated that: "We believe this program will undermine efforts to ensure that all members of the community can seek the health care they need."(58) Except for those of you hardworking, tax paying, folks!

Want to bet that the illegal alien underground network already knows and communicates to all, their 'rights' to FREE medical care, and if they don't, there are plenty of local, state, the federal government websites, pamphlets, and notices, as well as Mexican comic books, to inform them of their 'rights!'

Matt Onstott, deputy director of Medicaid at the Human Services Department, said that "the state [of New Mexico], in 2004, reimbursed patients for $6.3 million in care under the emergency Medicaid program. Patients seeking reimbursement under that program are not asked for immigration documents."(58) Well, well, well, little did we know that, contrary to federal immigration law, illegal aliens DO receive welfare and public benefits from funds, most Americans believe are held in trust for use only by LEGAL American citizens and immigrants.

11. Once Eradicated Diseases Returning Via Illegal Aliens:

Illegal immigrants, unlike those who enter our country legally, never undergo any medical screening to make certain they are not carrying contagious diseases. As such, the 18 - 20 millions illegal aliens in our country, have triggered a resurgence of contagious diseases that had been totally or nearly eradicated, by our public health system.

Phyllis Schlafly claims "Alien Diseases Threaten Us All!" She goes on to say that "7,000 cases of leprosy have been diagnosed, especially in the northeastern states, brought in by illegal aliens from India, Brazil, the Caribbean, and Mexico." Chagas disease, until recently, unknown in America, is caused by a parasite that produces "neurological disorders including dementia, obstruction of the colon and esophagus, and damage to the heart muscle. There is no effective cure, and up to 40% die when their hearts or intestines explode." "Health officials estimate as many as 100,000 Latin American residents in the U.S. may carry the parasite. More than 16 million people are said to be infected with the parasite in Central and South America."(59)

Ms. Schlafly goes on to say that: "Dengue Fever, another very rare disease, recently had a virulent outbreak in a Texas county on our southern border." And . . . "West Nile Virus was unheard of in the United States prior to 1998. Brought to our country from Africa, this mosquito-borne disease now infects tens of thousands of people in 21 states, and many have died." "Malaria had been obliterated from the U.S., but is now reemerging in Texas." "Since 1991, the U.S. hasn't had a case of a native-born American getting Polio (except from the oral polio vaccine) but aliens are bringing back polio, too."(59)

Steve Pfeifer, head of statistics and epidemiology at the National Hanson's [Leprosy] Disease Program states that: Leprosy patients from Mexico, "may now be coming to the U.S. specifically to seek treatment. They're coming to be treated because they get treatment free and probably get better treatment here. Somebody down there diagnoses them and says, 'Hey, you've got leprosy, and your best course of action is probably high-tailing to the U.S." "Pfeifer said he had not made an official report on the trend for fear that anti-immigrant groups would call for a crackdown on centers providing free care for illegal aliens." Oooohhhh, he meant to say 'anti-ILLEGAL-immigrant groups' would call for a crackdown!(60)

Of course they would . . . any sane Americans would complain! Why wouldn't we outraged when we are being placed in jeopardy by contagious illegal aliens, and by fools like him? Why would Mr. Pfeifer 'aid and abet' illegal aliens by hiding the truth, when as a epidemiologist he knows full well, they could spread leprosy to all of us? Only he knows the answer to that question, and, he should be asked!

Mr. Pfeifer goes on to say: "We've even had a couple of patients from Cuba who were put on a boat by Castro just to get them out of the country -- they made their way here through Mexico and Central America basically just to get treated. We treat them; our job isn't to be immigration police, he added."(60)

"Contagious diseases are entering the United States because of immigrants, illegal aliens, refugees and travelers, and the World Health Organization officials say the worst could be yet to come." "People, in general, bring in diseases from their home countries. But I don't want to say all immigrants are carrying diseases, said Dr. Walter Tsou, president of the American Public Health Association." For example: "Hepatitis B is a 'very common epidemic in Asia' and more than half of the 1.3 million cases in this country are among Asians, who make up only 4 percent of the U.S. population."(61) Well now, we certainly wouldn't want to point to any one ethnic group as being responsible for a major outbreak of hepatitis, because that would not be pc, and anyone that had the 'guts' to say that would probably be accused of being a racist or xenophobe!

Ms. Schlafly's admonition to the American people is: "Think about the entry into our country of these deadly and expensive time-bomb diseases every time you breathe the air in public places or are attacked by mosquitoes in your backyard. Think about this every time you pay [your] income and property taxes . . . [for a mandate that requires] all hospitals [to] treat all illegal aliens who show up in at the Emergency Room. Think about these costs when you find the maternity wards filled by illegal [alien] pregnant women giving birth to 'anchor babies' who are granted instant U.S. citizenship plus generous welfare benefits for the newborn and the whole illegal family."(59)

12. Another Lie Exposed . . . Illegals DO Get Welfare:

Umberto (a fictitious name) is an illegal alien mechanic in California who has five 'disabled' children. Two have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, one has oppositional defiant disorder combined with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and two are autistic. Gee . . . why didn't he and his wife stop at two, or even three children? The answer is, because all five children receive California government-supplied medications. The two autistic children each have 'shadows' or personal attendants [no cost mentioned] AND in addition, they receive an 'individual education program' for about $30,000 per year, each." The 'frosting on the cake' is the "Umberto and his wife dine out once a week, thanks to California-provided respite-care babysitters!"(18)

Then there is Cristobal Silverio and his wife Felipa who arrived here illegally with three children ages 19, 12 and 8. Felipa then gave premature birth to Flor, an instant US citizen 'anchor baby' who spent three months in the hospital at a cost of $300,000 (unpaid by the parents). Their illegal alien daughter and illegal alien husband, also produced an 'anchor baby' name Esmeralda. Then Felipa had ANOTHER 'anchor baby' named Cristian. Why would Cristobal and Felipa who had grown children making 'grand babies' have still another child? Because, while Cristobal and Felipa earn $18,000 a year picking fruit (which is NOT a year round job) they also receive another $1,000 a month for their asthmatic Flor and perfectly healthy Cristian. That's why! Could they continue to live and California on $18,000 per year in income WITHOUT the welfare they receive for their 'anchor babies?' That's the question that needs to be asked, and answered!(18)

As the American patriot Congressman Elton Gallergly, once said: "The more we become a nation of illegal immigrants, the deeper we fall into anarchy."

Source - http://www.stopthenorthamericanunion.com/Mugged.html

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Illegal Alien Brings Down Border Patrol Chopper with Rock

A rock thrown by an illegal alien forced a Border Patrol helicopter to make an emergency landing after a rotor was damaged, the agency said. "This is the first time in Yuma sector where an incident like this has happened," said Michael Gramley, a public affairs officer.

Around 6 p.m. on Tuesday, the "A-Star" helicopter responded to the area two miles west of the U.S. Port of Entry at Andrade, Calif., according to a Border Patrol release.

While the helicopter hovered over a group of 17 illegals, another group of 10 illegal aliens came up south of the All American Canal and threw rocks at the aircraft.

One of the rocks struck the rotor, gashing it near the end of the blade. The helicopter made an emergency landing nearby, according to a Border Patrol release.

The Yuma Sun reports that the aircraft was carrying a Customs and Border Protection pilot and a Border Patrol observer. None were injured. The group of 17 was apprehended, but the group of 10 escaped.

The Sun also reported that a 15-year-old male and 17-year-old male, apprehended among the 17, are suspected alien smugglers, Gramley said.

"Both are being processed for formal deportation," he said.

One of the two juveniles admitted to throwing rocks at the helicopter.

However, it was one of the illegal aliens from the group of 10 that escaped that struck the helicopter with a baseball-sized rock, Gramley said.

The helicopter incident is under investigation and further information is unavailable.