We are being invaded by a foreign country
20+ million ILLEGAL aliens are in the United States of America.
Right now in the United States of America, ILLEGAL aliens have more rights than you do!


Help save America | Say NO to Amnesty | Say NO to obama

"There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag, and this excludes the red flag, which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization, just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile...We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language...and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people." --Theodore Roosevelt

"This nation is in danger of becoming a Third World nightmare with all the corruption, disease, illiteracy, violence and balkanization known all over the world. We need a 10-year moratorium on all immigration to catch our collective breath and we need deportation of over 10 million illegal aliens in a slow and orderly fashion." --Ed Garrison

“The 1987 amnesty was a failure; rather than reducing illegal immigration, it led to an increase,” FAIR stated. “Any new amnesty measure will further weaken respect for our immigration laws. Therefore, all amnesty measures must be defeated.” --Frosty Wooldridge

This is your nation and this is your time to take action.

President barry shits on the United States.

This is a picture of YOUR American president, (president barry soetoro, a.k.a barack obama) refusing to acknowledge the National Anthem of the United States of America. This picture clearly shows barry with his hands crossed across his vaginal area when the United States Anthem was playing.

barry has NO RESPECT for you, me, or America! Not only did he disrespect America, he just shit on the graves of every American Soldier that has died for this country.

6/15/2010 - PRESIDENT BARRY CAN'T EVEN KEEP A U.S. PARK OPEN!!! He gave the park to mexico & the illegal alien mexican drug cartel!!!

7/6/2010 - American President barry soetoro sues AMERICA!!!

9/11/2010 - YOUR president just gave mexico $1 billion dollars for deepwater oil drilling despite his own moratorium on U.S. deepwater drilling!? More proof that barry hates America!


1. the offense of acting to overthrow one's government or to harm or kill its sovereign. 2. A violation of allegiance to one's sovereign or to one's state. 3. the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.


1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust. 2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.

Pslam 109:8

May his days be few; may another take his place of leadership.

barry say's, "our borders are safe."


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Click here to see 100+ videos just like this.

What's in their backpacks? Are any of them sick with a contagious disease?

United States Code, Title 8, Chapter 12, Subchapter II, Part VIII, §1325 - "Improper Entry by Alien," any citizen of any country other than the United States who: 1) Enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers; or 2) Eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers; or 3) Attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a willfully false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a material fact; has committed a federal crime.

Violations are punishable by criminal fines and imprisonment for up to six months. Repeat offenses can bring up to two years in prison. Additional civil fines may be imposed at the discretion of immigration judges, but civil fines do not negate the criminal sanctions or nature of the offense.




Illegal Alien

1. a foreigner who has entered or resides in a country unlawfully or without the country's authorization. 2. a foreigner who enters the U.S. without an entry or immigrant visa, esp. a person who crosses the border by avoiding inspection or who overstays the period of time allowed as a visitor, tourist, or businessperson.


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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Illegals kill deputy in New Year's Eve hit and run

Immigration puts hold on aliens after officer's car flips off road

A sheriff's deputy in Georgia was killed on his way to work this morning in a traffic crash with two suspected illegal aliens.

Deputy Loren Lilly, who had been with the Cobb County Sheriff's Office for 18 years, was pronounced dead at the scene after his Honda Accord flipped several times after being struck by a Ford Taurus.

"No one ever likes to roll up on an accident with anyone deceased on scene, or serious injuries," Marietta police officer Casey Camp told WXIA-TV. "Obviously, being in law enforcement, none of us wants to roll up and see one of our fellow officers or deputies on the scene as well."

Witnesses say the driver and passenger in the Taurus ran from the scene. Police later arrested the two, 27-year-old Joel Perea, and 23-year-old Maurilio Herrera.

Perea is charged with felony vehicular homicide, hit and run, failure to maintain a lane, and driving without a license. Herrera is charged with false report of a crime.

They're being held at the Cobb County Jail, and police say federal immigration officials have placed a hold on both.

Source - http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53586

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Proof Of Illegal Aliens Voting As Those Called For Jury Duty Claim They Are Not Citizens

How can you prove that someone who voted is an illegal alien? Well currently there really is no way. With the current system of voter registration and no requirements to show proof that you're actually a citizen of the United States and therefore eligible to vote at the polls, any idiot can show up and cast a vote that disenfranchises every other single eligible voter in America.

So down to the proof. Harris County, Texas discovered that those called for Jury Duty after registering to vote then went before a judge and said they couldn't serve as a juror because they were not citizens of the United States.

Absolute and undeniable proof that there are foreign people voting in our elections. Anyone with one ounce of brain matter of course would realize that with the estimated 20 million illegal aliens living in our country that some of them would actually attempt to vote, but not according to Luis Figueroa the head of MALDEF who claimed there was no proof that this was occurring.

Well, Luis Figueroa, here's your proof, now let's here your rebuttal you racist! Who's the racist, people like me wanting our laws enforced or the one wanting more illegal aliens to be allowed in because they have the same ethnicity and skin color as themselves?


Harris County Voter Registrar Paul Bettencourt testified before a congressional committee this summer that in 2005, he identified at least 35 foreign nationals who applied for or received voter registration cards. In fact, since 1992, Harris County officials have canceled 3,742 registered voters for noncitizenship. Most important, Bettencourt has records of noncitizens voting in Harris County.

Disturbingly, the noncitizens removed from the voter rolls were identified mostly because they refused jury duty by admitting they were not citizens.

At minimum, the Bexar and Harris district attorneys are obligated to investigate and possibly prosecute these proven instances of vote fraud. An applicant must attest, under penalty of perjury, that he is a citizen to register to vote. Clearly, that law has been violated.

But given the potentially alarming magnitude of the problem, the attorney general should be authorized to conduct a statewide investigation to determine if there is an organized effort to register noncitizens.

There are organized efforts all the time by the likes of MALDEF, La Raza and every other Latino group in this country that claims to be out there simply helping Latinos whether they are illegal or not. Hopefully some irrefutable proof can be found that they are behind this and their racist organizations are disbanded and their organizers sent to prison.

The reason that vote fraud is very possibly widespread is because Texas election law sets the bar for voter registration and verification far too low.
The secretary of state checks voter registration applications against drivers' license and Social Security databases. However, both Social Security numbers and drivers' licenses can be obtained by noncitizens.

Furthermore, the secretary of state notes that an applicant may register even without a drivers' license or Social Security number by supplying a utility bill or pay stub. Any person, including noncitizens, can pay for electric service; any one with a green card can work and earn a paycheck. Those documents do not prove citizenship.

"Hey, I pay for electricity in America therefore I can vote!" Sounds like sound policy to me.

Every lawmaker in America should be investigating this since they were elected by voters. Of course you're likely not to hear a peep out of the majority of them since the fraudulent votes were cast for them.


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Secure the border! We need more enforcement now!

Illegal immigration proponents have long said illegal aliens are simply taking the jobs Americans don't want.

Apparently, they're also taking the names and identities Americans "don't want."

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff says raids Tuesday revealed a network of false identities bought or stolen from Americans.

And why not? If you don't respect a nation's borders, and don't respect the law, why would you suddenly get an attack of conscience about stealing someone's identity?

As outrageous as that is, consider this: Swift & Co. meatpackers, whose plants were "raided" across the country Tuesday, actually knew about the "raids" ahead of time - the government had warned the company last month, making them more like "appointments" than "raids" - and the company actually went to a federal judge to prevent it!

What chutzpah! Can you imagine your lawyer bounding into court, asking a judge to prevent the government from enforcing the law?

Turns out there was a good reason. The Associated Press reports that "The company estimated a raid would remove up to 40 percent of its 13,000 workers."

Hmm. Did the company care enough to wonder if those workers had, perhaps, stolen the identities of hard-working, law-abiding Americans?

Folks, if you're allowing law-breakers to come across the border illegally - in whatever kind-hearted spirit - then don't be surprised when other laws, and your own personal privacies, are compromised and abused.

"Enforcement actions like this one protect the privacy rights of innocent Americans, while striking a blow against illegal immigration," Chertoff said.

So why are there so few of them?

We need to secure the borders of this country - and if the meatpacking world and other industries need more workers, then bring them in legally.

Using their own names.


Friday, December 15, 2006

Illegal Aliens Are Nation's Most Lethal Drivers

In this six-in-a-series of FSM reports on the horrors of illegal immigration, we must point out again that the people who pay for all the multi-millions of dollars in medical expenses due to these accidents are we, the citizens of the United States. So the next time you want to complain to your Congressperson about spiraling medical and health costs, look no further than the illegal alien community, and insist that we deport these perpetrators asap. If you??™d like to complain starting right now, we invite you to do so - at the end of this article you will find the link you??™ll need.

It is worth noting that illegal alien drivers are not only killing Americans and themselves. Some of the most horrific accidents are as a result of an illegal alien transporting other illegal aliens. For a few examples, see: Van stuffed full of immigrants takes deadly roll or 9 suspected illegal immigrants killed in Yuma crash or Driver in Crash Held on Smuggling Counts. In the first two incidents there were 21 illegal aliens in the accident vehicles. In the third there were ???only??? 11 in the van, with four dying. The medical costs on the local community for such accidents are enormous.

Who pays for the carnage? American citizens, of course. As noted in When illegal immigrants crash, taxpayers usually foot the bill,???the only trauma center in Southern Arizona, Tucson's University Medical Center??¦At the current run rate we'll incur 5 - 6 million dollars in un-reimbursed costs for taking care of foreign nationals.??? That is just the unpaid emergency medical costs for one hospital in one city. Since there is no such thing as a free lunch, the insured pay for the treated uninsured through higher medical costs and insurance premiums.

Source - http://apostille.us/news/illegal_aliens_are_nations_most_lethal_drivers.shtml

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Illegal Aliens at Center of New Identity Theft Crackdown

WASHINGTON, Dec. 13 — Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff on Wednesday announced a broad new plan to crack down on illegal immigrants who steal the identities of American citizens to get jobs. The strategy, he warned, would likely have economic consequences for the industries that rely heavily on illegal workers.

The announcement came one day after homeland security agents swept into Swift & Company meatpacking plants in six states and arrested nearly 1,300 workers, almost 10 percent of the company’s work force, in what Mr. Chertoff hailed as the largest workplace crackdown on illegal immigration.

Of the 1,282 workers detained, 65 were charged with identity theft or other crimes, officials said. The rest face administrative charges for being in the United States illegally and will likely be deported. The company, which cooperated with the government, was not charged with any criminal or civil violations.

Mr. Chertoff said illegal immigrants had assumed the stolen identities of hundreds of American citizens to get jobs at Swift & Company. And he warned that he intended to aggressively pursue document-theft rings and the illegal immigrant workers who use them, even though he acknowledged that “when we remove the illegal workers, there’s going to be some kind of a slowdown.”

“Obviously, when — even unwittingly — a business is significantly built on illegal labor, once we enforce the law, that’s going to have a ripple effect,” Mr. Chertoff said at a news conference in response to questions about the impact of the new strategy on businesses and the economy.

“It’s going to be a deterrent to illegal workers,” he said. “It’s going to cause them to say that, you know, this happened in Swift, it could easily happen somewhere else. In fact, I’m pretty much going to guarantee we’re going to keep bringing these cases.”

The news sent shudders through the nation’s businesses because Swift & Company, the world’s second largest processor of fresh beef and pork, had tried to weed out illegal workers and had relied on a federal program designed to help employers detect fake identity documents. Mr. Chertoff acknowledged that the program, known as Basic Pilot, is unable to detect authentic identity documents that have been stolen.

In a statement, Swift & Company executives said the raids had forced the company to temporarily suspend operations on Tuesday in its plants in Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa and Utah. They said work resumed on Wednesday, but warned that production was expected to fall “below normal levels in the short term.” Union officials said that employee attendance dipped slightly on Wednesday because some immigrants were afraid to return to work.

Homeland security officials emphasized that only the company’s workers — not the company — had been charged with wrongdoing, though the investigation is continuing. They said Swift’s situation demonstrated the need for a temporary worker program, such as the one advocated by President Bush, to ensure that companies have access to foreign workers.

Mr. Chertoff also urged Congress to pass legislation that would allow Social Security officials to pass along information about valid Social Security numbers being used in multiple workplaces, which then would allow the Basic Pilot program to capture such data and give it to employers.

Homeland security officials also noted that Swift fired scores of workers it determined were illegal, without informing the government, which had notified the company of its investigation. Swift also unsuccessfully sought a court order to prevent federal officials from conducting raids. Both instances, officials suggested, raised questions about the company’s willingness to cooperate with the government.

But that did little to reassure jittery executives.

“This is any business’s nightmare, whether you are in the meat industry or outside the meat industry,” said Janet Riley, spokeswoman for the American Meat Institute.

Randy Johnson, a vice president of the United States Chamber of Commerce, warned that the raids would lead companies to question the value of participating in the Basic Pilot program. And Laura Reiff of the Essential Worker Immigration Coalition, said she was deluged on Wednesday with calls from business owners upset by the Department of Homeland Security’s actions.

“They’re frightened; they’re outraged,” said Ms. Reiff, whose coalition represents hotels, restaurants, construction companies and other service industries. “Companies have tried to work with them in good faith. For them to target a company that is using a program that they’re trying to sell is disingenuous.”

This week’s sweep reflects the Bush administration’s continuing efforts to demonstrate that it is determined to enforce the nation’s long-neglected immigration laws, even as it works to revive legislation that would create a temporary worker program that would legalize most of the 12 million illegal immigrants believed to be in the United States.

In 2002, immigration officials arrested or charged 25 people for criminal violation of immigration law. During fiscal year 2006, which ended on Sept. 30, that number surged to 716. Hundreds more were arrested and deported for living here illegally.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

ICE Raids Swift Plant: 800 illegal aliens arrested

GREELEY, Colo. -- Immigration and Custom Enforcement agents raided six Swift & Co. plants Tuesday morning with civil search warrants, arresting hundreds of illegal immigrants working at the plants, including the plant in Greeley, federal officials confirmed.

At least 800 workers at the Greeley plant are identified as illegal immigrants; 300 of them will be deported within the week, some as soon as Tuesday evening, said Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck.

Not all of those suspected to be illegal immigrants will be deported because federal authorities just don't have resources to go after them all at one time, Buck said.

"At this point, a civil search warrant allows us to search the premises to find any illegal aliens. The strong point here is that a lot of U.S. citizens and U.S. residents have been victimized ... by a large-scale identify theft scheme," said Barbara Gonzalez, an ICE public affairs officer.

Gonzalez said that other plants in the raid included beef plants in Grand Island, Neb., Cactus, Texas and Hyrum, Utah, and pork plants in Marshalltown, Iowa and Worthington, Minn. Operations at all six plants have been temporarily suspended.

ICE said the workers were being arrested on administrative immigration violations and in some cases, existing criminal arrest warrants stemming from a nearly yearlong investigation dubbed Operation Wagon Train.

ICE chief Julie L. Myers told reporters in Washington that agents had uncovered a scheme in which illegal immigrants and others had stolen or bought the identities and Social Security numbers of hundreds of U.S. citizens and lawful residents to get jobs with Greeley-based meat processor, Swift & Co.

"Swift has never condoned the employment of unauthorized workers, nor have we ever knowingly hired such individuals," Swift & Co. President and CEO Sam Rovit said in a written statement.

Hundreds Of Relatives Gather Outside

In Greeley, during the raid, agents spread out about every 25 yards along the railroad tracks behind the plant at Eighth and Seventh avenues.

Two large white buses were parked in front of the plant and a few vans and other buses were parked in the back of the building to transport those who were detained. Trucks carrying cattle to the plant were not allowed in.

Cars lined the street leading to the plant as about a hundred family members stood outside near the plant's gates, worried about what may happen to their loved ones. A number of women and children were crying. Many worried about the fates of their loved ones, who face deportation.

One person held a sign that said, "Presents! Not tears at Christmas!" Another sign that read "Goodbye, my daddy," was held by a woman carrying an infant.

"They're gone. He's gone. He said, 'What is he gonna do now?' He can't send money. What are we supposed to do to live, seriously? What is my baby supposed to do without a dad? The baby's innocent. He didn't do anything wrong. ... He's illegal but he came here to work," said one woman. She said that her husband works at the plant.

Some family members were trying to deliver documentation to relatives inside. A handful of protesters jeered at Greeley police officers directing traffic and a man who came to show his support for ICE agents.

"It's illegal and what they did is criminal, so they should be the ones who are sent home," said the man, identified only as Gary.

ICE agents carried out the raid with Greeley police and Weld County deputies helping to control the growing crowd outside the plant and other traffic issues.

Authorities have not confirmed exactly many workers were taken from the plant in Greeley. The raid, which started at 7:30 a.m., was the culmination of a federal investigation that began in February, officials said.

In July, immigration officials subsubpoenaed Swift for its employee records.

"They had the records from last July of employees at the plant, so they had targets but what they've done today is they're interviewing all the employees to determine their legal status in this country," said Buck.

Buck said he's known about the raid since last Thursday.

"Immigration authorities came to me and asked me if I would help them receive arrest warrants for 25 individuals at the Swift plant here in Greeley, and they would execute those warrants today. So we went to the courts late yesterday and received those warrants for identity theft," Buck said.

"We have targeted 25 for arrest warrants for identity theft ... Several hundred folks will be removed from the plant and if they are in fact illegal, they will be deported. So, that is an arrest of another sense, but we have identified 25 people that have stolen identities of U.S. citizens and used those identities," he said.

Buck said that the raid adversely affects many families, who were working to put their children through school in Colorado, but there are other victims involved.

"It is a difficult day in Greeley. But it's also been a difficult day around the country as people's identities have been stolen and they've had to go and clean up their credit. And they've suffered great harm also," Buck said.

He said while some of the cases will take months to progress, others may more quickly processed.

"If somebody voluntarily waives deportation, they could be out of the country in a matter of days," Buck said.

He said he suspects Swift may face charges about its hiring practices.

Background On Swift

The plants in the raid represent all of Swift's domestic beef processing capacity and 77 percent of its pork processing capacity.

"Today's action at Swift will have a strong ripple effect on the rest of the livestock industry. Weld County is the most profitable agricultural county in Colorado, with over $1 billion in agricultural sales. Today's move by ICE will greatly impact the economy there," said Sen. Ken Salazar.

Since 1997, Swift has been using a government pilot program that confirms whether Social Security numbers are valid. Company officials have previously said one shortcoming may be the program's ability to detect when two people are trying to use the same number.

No charges had been filed against the company.

"Swift believes that today's actions by the government violate the agreements associated with the company’s participation over the past 10 years in the federal government's basic pilot worker authorization program and raise serious questions as to the government’s possible violation of individual workers' civil rights," the company said in a statement.

Swift & Co. describes itself as an $8 billion business and the world's second-largest meat processing company. In Hyrum, Utah, where city Administrator Brent Jensen said the plant employs more than 1,000 workers, the company can process up to 2,200 cattle a day, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

"Since the inception of the basic pilot program in 1997, every single one of Swift's new domestic hires, including those being interviewed today by ICE officials, has duly completed I-9 forms and has received work authorization through the government's basic pilot program. Swift has played by the rules and relied in good faith on a program explicitly held out by the president of the united states as an effective tool to help employers comply with applicable immigration laws," said the company's CEO.

Myers said immigration officials were "looking very aggressively" at who may have sold the identities to the workers in several cases. She said ICE had uncovered several different rings that may have provided illegal documents.

Some immigrants targeted had genuine U.S. birth certificates and others had other kinds of false identification, Myers said.

"The significance is that we're serious about work site enforcement and that those who steal identities of U.S. citizens will not escape enforcement," Myers said.

The United Food and Commercial Workers union said in a statement it planned to ask a judge to halt the raids, but there was no immediate word on when or where the request would be filed.

Reaction From Other Parts Of The Country

"I congratulate all law enforcement agencies involved in the successful raid," said Rep. Tom Tancredo, an outspoken advocate of stricter immigration laws. "My hope at this point is that the U.S. government has the courage to prosecute the Swift & Company executives who may have been complicit in their hiring."

"When something of this scale happens, it's pretty likely that the plant managers were aware of it, often with the consent of management," Tancredo said.

"ICE's action at multiple Swift plants today is a clarion call for the nation to complete its work on comprehensive immigration reform. We need to have laws in place to take us from today's chaos and lawlessness to law and order. That law and order system must include: increased border security, strict enforcement of immigration laws including a sound employer verification system, and a realistic method of dealing with the human and economic reality of millions of undocumented workers in America," said Sen. Ken Salazar.

One sheriff's deputy described the scene outside a meatpacking plant in Hyrum, Utah, as a circus.

"They've got three buses, a bunch of transport vans, a lot of cars and 150 or so agents," chief Cache County deputy David Bennett said Tuesday.

Bennett said ICE officials didn't notify the sheriff's department about the raid.

"They didn't ask for our help," Bennett said. "We were lucky to find out."

Moore County Sheriff Bo DeArmond said he, too, got no advance warning of the raid in Cactus, Texas.

DeArmond said Cactus, though relatively small and remote, is not immune from identity theft.

"It's everywhere," he said. "The only way they can get a job is by getting a Social Security number, ID, all that other stuff. They'll do whatever they can to get a job."

At Grand Island, Police Chief Steve Lamken said he refused to let his officers take part in the raid.

"When this is all over, we're still here taking care of our community and if I have a significant part of my population that's fearful and won't call us then that's not good for our community," he said.

ICE officials at the plants said the total number of arrests might not be released until Wednesday, when a news conference was scheduled in Washington.

Immigration officials and the Federal Trade Commission say they've identified hundreds of potential victims.

"I am grateful that ICE agents are appropriately targeting illegal aliens whose prior record of criminal behavior may present a risk to the citizens of Colorado," Sen. Wayne Allard. "It is my understanding that Ken Buck played a key role in the investigation that led to today's raid at the Greeley facility. Once again, District Attorney Buck has demonstrated his commitment to ensuring that individuals involved in criminal behavior will be pursued to the full extent of the law."

Source - http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/10515789/detail.html

Saturday, December 2, 2006

illegal alien kills Marine home on leave from Iraq

4 times legal limit: Mexican driver cited for earlier accident but charges dropped

One week after he slammed his Nissan Sentra into a car waiting at a stoplight, killing a U.S. Marine and his female passenger, Eduardo Raul Morales-Soriano, whose blood alcohol level was measured at .32 – four times the legal level in Maryland for intoxication – has been identified as an illegal immigrant by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office in Baltimore.

Marine Cpl. Brian Mathews, 21, of Columbia and his date, Jennifer Bower, 24, of Montgomery Village were killed Thanksgiving night, shortly after 10:00 p.m. when Bower's Toyota Corolla was hit from behind by Morales-Soriano, 25, of Mexico. Mathews and Bower were on their second date and were planning to take part in the June wedding of friends who had introduced them to each other.

Mathews had served 8 months in Iraq and completed another tour of duty in the Pacific. He was stationed at Camp Pendleton, Calif., and had come home to Maryland for the holidays. He was scheduled to leave the Corps in June 2007.

Mathews' fellow Marines are upset over his death.

"It's more anger than anything," Cpl. Garrett Farris, 21, of Texas, told the Baltimore Examiner. "A guy goes to war and has no problems with that. He comes back to the States, and it's supposed to be our safe place."

Cpl. Daniel Robinson, 22, of Texas, Mathews' squad leader, recalled the Marine's unflinching performance under fire when their unit walked into an insurgent sniper ambush in Ramadi, Iraq, last year.

"He was beside me the whole time," said Robinson. "He was giving his team commands. He was a perfectionist Marine, and it really showed. We didn't have one casualty or one killed in action in the ambush."

Police said Morales-Soriano's blood-alcohol level was .32 after the accident, four times Maryland's legal limit.

"It's outrageous," said Caroline Cash, executive director of Mothers Against Drunk Driving in the Chesapeake region, noting that this was the highest level she had ever heard of. "I can't give you a specific number of drinks, and I wish I knew the level where someone could potentially die from alcohol poisoning, because he had to have been close."

It wasn't Morales-Soriano's first auto accident and it wasn't the first time police had dealt with the landscaper when alcohol was apparently involved.

In February, Columbia police responded to a non-injury accident in a parking lot involving Morales-Soriano. According to police reports, he was "unable to maintain his balance" during a field sobriety test. He was given four citations and allowed to leave the scene of the accident with a relative after he refused to take a Breathalyzer test.

Although Maryland law requires an automatic 120-day forfeiture of a drivers license for refusing the test, Morales-Soriano's license was not suspended after the accident.

Prosecutors dropped all charges in the February accident due to "weak evidence," allowing Morales-Soriano to recover his seized license from the police and to avoid a fine and points added to his license. A policeman's error at the accident scene – returning the form documenting the refusal to take the Breathalyzer test to Morales-Soriano – meant that the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration did not receive the information necessary to suspend his license, Wayne Kirwan, a spokesman for the Howard County state's attorney told The Baltimore Sun.

Morales-Soriano used a North Carolina driver's license issued Feb. 5, 2004, to obtain a license in Maryland on July 8, 2005, according to Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. WND has reported on the popularity of North Carolina as a destination for illegal aliens seeking easy access to a driver's license.

The state's requirements to obtain a driver's license are weaker than those of many surrounding states, according to a performance audit of the licensing process.

Court officials in New Jersey, for instance, have complained that the requirements are so weak that busloads of illegal immigrants get on I-95 heading south and drive to North Carolina to obtain licenses fraudulently.

The audit, administered by the Department of Transportation and the Division of Motor Vehicles, said documents considered acceptable for proof of residency in North Carolina are easily forged, or the information provided by applicants is not verified.

Morales-Soriano joins a growing list of illegal immigrants who have not only ignored U.S. immigration laws, but state laws against drinking and driving as well, killing innocents on the highways in the process.

Source - http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=53192

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Illegal aliens murder 12 Americans daily

WASHINGTON – While the military "quagmire" in Iraq was said to tip the scales of power in the U.S. midterm elections, most Americans have no idea more of their fellow citizens – men, women and children – were murdered this year by illegal aliens than the combined death toll of U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan since those military campaigns began.

Though no federal statistics are kept on murders or any other crimes committed by illegal aliens, a number of groups have produced estimates based on data collected from prisons, news reports and independent research.

Twelve Americans are murdered every day by illegal aliens, according to statistics released by Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa. If those numbers are correct, it translates to 4,380 Americans murdered annually by illegal aliens. That's 21,900 since Sept. 11, 2001.

Total U.S. troop deaths in Iraq as of last week were reported at 2,863. Total U.S. troop deaths in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan during the five years of the Afghan campaign are currently at 289, according to the Department of Defense.

But the carnage wrought by illegal alien murderers represents only a fraction of the pool of blood spilled by American citizens as a result of an open border and un-enforced immigration laws.

While King reports 12 Americans are murdered daily by illegal aliens, he says 13 are killed by drunk illegal alien drivers – for another annual death toll of 4,745. That's 23,725 since Sept. 11, 2001.

While no one – in or out of government – tracks all U.S. accidents caused by illegal aliens, the statistical and anecdotal evidence suggests many of last year's 42,636 road deaths involved illegal aliens.

A report by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Study found 20 percent of fatal accidents involve at least one driver who lacks a valid license. In California, another study showed that those who have never held a valid license are about five times more likely to be involved in a fatal road accident than licensed drivers.

Statistically, that makes them an even greater danger on the road than drivers whose licenses have been suspended or revoked – and nearly as dangerous as drunk drivers.

King also reports eight American children are victims of sexual abuse by illegal aliens every day – a total of 2,920 annually.

Based on a one-year in-depth study, Deborah Schurman-Kauflin of the Violent Crimes Institute of Atlanta estimates there are about 240,000 illegal immigrant sex offenders in the United States who have had an average of four victims each. She analyzed 1,500 cases from January 1999 through April 2006 that included serial rapes, serial murders, sexual homicides and child molestation committed by illegal immigrants.

As the number of illegal aliens in the U.S. increases, so does the number of American victims.

According to Edwin Rubenstien, president of ESR Research Economic Consultants, in Indianapolis in 1980, federal and state correctional facilities held fewer than 9,000 criminal aliens. But at the end of 2003, approximately 267,000 illegal aliens were incarcerated in all U.S. jails and prisons.

While the federal government doesn't track illegal alien murders, illegal alien rapes or illegal alien drunk driving deaths, it has studied illegal aliens incarcerated in U.S. prisons.

In April 2005, the Government Accountability Office released a report on a study of 55,322 illegal aliens incarcerated in federal, state, and local facilities during 2003. It found the following:

  • The 55,322 illegal aliens studied represented a total of 459,614 arrests – some eight arrests per illegal alien;

  • Their arrests represented a total of about 700,000 criminal offenses – some 13 offenses per illegal alien;

  • 36 percent had been arrested at least five times before.

    "While the vast majority of illegal aliens are decent people who work hard and are only trying to make a better life for themselves and their families, (something you or I would probably do if we were in their place), it is also a fact that a disproportionately high percentage of illegal aliens are criminals and sexual predators," states Peter Wagner, author of a new report called "The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration." "That is part of the dark side of illegal immigration and when we allow the 'good' in we get the 'bad' along with them. The question is, how much 'bad' is acceptable and at what price?"

    Source - http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=39031
  • Sunday, November 26, 2006

    Illegal aliens steal identities to get jobs

    STOCKTON - Ruben, a roofer living in Stockton, knew using a Social Security number that didn't belong to him was against the law.

    He knew using it was a gamble that could get him deported to Mexico. And, if that happened, it could mean he might never be allowed to return.

    It was a risk he was willing to take two years ago, as he worked in the United States illegally under an alias.

    "Because they asked me for a Social Security number at work or they wouldn't pay me," said Ruben, speaking on the condition that his last name not be revealed. (Ruben is now a legal U.S. resident).

    When most people think of identity fraud, checkbooks and credit cards come to mind. But a Social Security number or a birth certificate are equally, if not more, valuable to someone not able to work legally in the United States.

    "They really have no alternative," said Fernanda Pereira, an immigration attorney with Meath & Pereira Attorneys & Counselors in Stockton.

    Ruben's past situation is not unique. There are an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants living in the United States. San Joaquin County is home to about 42,000 migrant workers, legal and illegal.

    Undocumented workers find identities in different ways. Some by drawing Social Security numbers out of the air.

    Some by borrowing identities from family members or friends. Some by buying forged documents on the streets or from coyotes - people smugglers.

    The identities they adopt sometimes are those of actual people; others are complete fabrications.

    Source - http://www.recordnet.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20061126/A_BIZ/611260302

    Thursday, November 23, 2006

    Illegal Aliens and the English Language

    I live in a small town. Actually, it has city status. I live in Painesville, Ohio.

    Painesville is a small city, with about 15,000 households, situated within five square miles. It is about 35 miles east of Cleveland. Painesville is the county seat of Lake County. It's also home to numerous nurseries, and numerous Mexican migrant workers.

    Some of those in this Mexican population are here illegally. Now I think what that means is they crossed the Arizona desert in the back of Billy-Bob’s truck, rather than passing threw customs with a green card in hand. They do still use green cards don’t they? And we do still have something called customs, don’t we? With the new Homeland Security office and rules and regulations, I just can’t say what the proper procedure is. But I know it’s not proper to cross the border with Billy-Bob.

    Anyway, they are here. I’ve heard rumors that they; that would be those that don’t speak English, return to Mexico when the snow flies. I think maybe they just stay indoors. And I know many of those who came here from Mexico do speak English, and I’m not sure where those English-speaking Mexicans fit in my story. Do English-speaking Mexicans stay in Painesville during the winter, or do they go to Florida with the rest of the English speakers?

    Enough about the Mexicans. We can come back to them later. Painesville has a city manager-form of government. It also has a city council, and the city council hires the city manager. Residents of Painesville, on a good election day maybe as many as 40 percent, elect members to city council.

    A couple times each month, the city manager and council meet for open public sessions. Council is supposed to conduct its business of running the city during these open public meetings.

    In case you were wondering, the city manger is a white female, some council members are white, a couple council members are black, and a couple are old men, although I won’t list names.

    During these sessions members of the community are permitted to briefly address council, with whatever is on their minds. I think each speaker is limited to a two-minute session, but I’m not convinced anyone is holding a stopwatch.

    So that’s the background information you’ll need to understand the following story.

    I had my nose in a weekly community newspaper today and I was scanning it for something of interest when my eyes crossed a story about the Painesville City Council meeting held Monday. I’m guessing that would make it the meeting of August 21.
    At this meeting, a resident took her turn at the microphone to address city council.

    In a nutshell, the woman suggested city leaders make English the official language of Painesville.

    Many in attendance applauded. Then the woman went on to say something like people who don’t speak English don’t get interpreters, jobs, welfare, healthcare, or any benefits of any kind. Apparently, she was serious. I’m guessing she is referring to those Mexican-speaking Mexicans, because I don’t know of any other large population of non-English speaking people here in Painesville.

    The issue, as I see it, is two-sided; non-English speakers and illegal immigrants.

    The first category is simple. Non-English speaking people are people that don’t speak English. Then, there are people who don’t or can’t speak at all, in any language. You know, people who sign.

    I think it would be handy to have someone experienced in sign language employed in every public service facility. Take the police department for example. How do they question a suspect who can’t speak? And quite naturally, the person who can’t speak probably can’t hear either. Now what? What about the person who refuses to speak, but damn well can and everybody knows it. What then? How do the police detectives know the difference between someone who can’t speak, and someone who won’t speak?

    These are all questions begging for answers before we make English the official language. And speaking of English, what about American? American is to English like Mexican is to Spanish. So which is going to be the official language? I hope it’s not English. I vote for American.

    I’m not sure why people from Mexico and that is the population in question here in Painesville, would want to come to America when everybody knows all our good-paying jobs have gone to Mexico. Maybe they come because they want to live in the country that’s land of the free and home of the brave.

    In any case, they cross the border, most likely into Arizona, and then make their way up to Painesville, Ohio. I don’t know why - the weather sucks here. Uh, that’s American slang meaning not to your liking, don’t you know.

    If a person crosses the border into America without the proper papers, they’re here illegally. Please don’t ask me what proper papers are, or what they look like, because I don’t know. I don’t know who is in charge of keeping these papers straight, or who writes them. I don’t think I have papers. I have a driver’s license and a social security card. I also have a copy of my birth certificate somewhere. At least I think I still have it. I don’t recall right now where I put it. Are these things my papers?

    I’ve never seen these so-called papers. I don’t think I have a right to ask someone to see their papers, and I wouldn’t take kindly to someone asking to see mine. And I don’t know if people coming into America from Canada need these proper papers. Do we need proper papers to go to Canada? To Mexico? I don’t know. I rarely get out of Painesville.

    Some say the whole idea of controlling illegal immigrants is to ask for identification, or papers, when renting property, offering services at a hospital or welfare department, or giving employment. Illegal immigrants, some say, are taking jobs away from American citizens.

    I don’t know anyone who has lost their job to an immigrant, legal or illegal. I do know someone who lost her job when the company she worked for moved to Mexico.

    As for employment, I thought that was the law already: An employer must see proper photo identification. Of course there’s phony, counterfeit identification available to anyone, Mexican, American, or whomever. I suspect employers do the best they can with what they have to work with.

    As far as housing goes, I think there’s a law in place saying rental property must be made available, regardless of race, blah, blah, blah, and national origin. It doesn’t say anything about illegal immigrants. But, for the sake of argument, let’s pretend there was a law in place requiring property owners to rent to legal citizens only. That would require the property owner to check the citizenship, or papers, of every potential renter. That eliminates me -I don’t have any papers. All I have is a damn driver’s license. You should know what will come next. Some property owner in Painesville will only ask dark-skinned people for papers. White-skinned people won’t be asked. How do you spell law suit?

    I don’t know if food stamps or any other type of welfare is available to illegal immigrants. I’m sure help is available to non-English speaking legal residents, as it should be. Are there Mexican-speaking employees in Jobs and Family Services? I would think so, but if not, an English-speaking friend of the applicant should work just fine. As a last resort, a finger-point to an open mouth and then down to the holes in the shoes will probably get the message across.

    As for hospitals, and emergency rooms in particular, no one should ever be turned away.

    So there you have it - the dilemma is solved. Unless, of course, the reasoning behind the anti-illegal sentiment runs deeper.

    I was born in Oklahoma. My parents moved to Ohio when I was about 5 years old. That was a whole lot of years ago. I grew up in Berea, Ohio. I attended Berea High for one year, and then spent the summer in the mountains of Arizona at my grandpa’s ranch. That’s a whole other story. Getting back to my parents - when I went to Berea high, I accumulated something like 21 detentions. Do schools still use the detention system? At Berea High, a detention lasted just long enough for the last bus of the day to leave the parking lot. That was the whole point - to make you walk home. It didn’t take me long to learn what time the football team finished with practice, and that I could catch a ride with any one of the players if I dilly-dallied around and waited for the end of practice.

    One day after detention I caught a ride with Larry Adeboy. Now, that’s a phonetic spelling of his last name. I don’t have a clue how it was spelled. Anyway, Larry was Hawaiian, and he was nice enough to offer me a ride home. He pulled into the driveway, I got out of his car and walked into the house where Mom, God rest her soul, was waiting.

    She was furious. Not because I had another detention, but because I accepted a ride home from what she thought was a Mexican.

    The conversation, as I recall, went something like this:

    No Mom, he’s not Mexican, he’s from Hawaii.

    Are you sure? Yes, Mom, I’m sure. What difference does it make?

    You’re not allowed to accept a ride from a Mexican. And you better not ever date one, if you know what’s good for you, either. Why? What difference would that make?

    I don't like Mexicans. Why not Mom?

    Because when I worked in Arizona, you know at that meat-packing plant where I met your father, there were Mexican women there and they didn’t like me. They were always talking about me in Mexican and laughing at me because I didn’t understand.
    Mom, that’s crazy. How do you know they were talking about you if you didn’t understand what they were saying?

    I know they were! I just know and I don’t like them and you’re not allowed to date them. Okay. Can I date Hawaiians? Can I date blacks? How about Chinese?

    Don’t get smart Kathleen (Mom always called me that when she was mad at me.) You can date anyone you want, as long as they’re not Mexican. It seems Mom didn’t like Apaches either. Apaches, as in one of many, many American Indian tribes.

    The story goes, when she first met my father, she made him swear to God that he wasn’t an Apache. Apaches, she said, get ugly as they age. They get these dark blotches all over their faces, and they get fat, she said. It was okay if he was from some other tribe; as long as he wasn’t one of those soon-to-be ugly Apaches.

    I never asked Mom if it mattered if Apaches have papers. Do American Indians need papers if they leave the reservation? During the summer I spent at my Grandfather’s ranch in Arizona, he told me Indians were allowed to be served alcohol now. All the signs forbidding Indians from entering bars had to be taken down. Some people don’t know that. They don’t know that it wasn’t until the 1960s that an American Indian could legally be served whiskey in Arizona.

    When I was a teen, I don’t remember the issue of legal vs. illegal. It was a black-and white era. It was the 1960s. I wish I could ask Mom about papers and legals and illegals. I could ask her if being here legally could put someone on my date card. I suspect she’d say no. I can’t ask her anyway; she died. I suspect it wouldn’t matter if they had papers or not. I don’t remember the paper-issue coming into play when I was a teen. Did we always just assume someone was in this country legally, or did we assume they were here illegally? Did it matter? These things I just don’t remember.

    What I do remember is, from a distance of about 20 feet, Mom couldn’t tell the difference between a Hawaiian and a Mexican. This brief glimpse into my childhood brings me around to the points I want to make.

    Never walk home from detention. There’s an easier way if you hold out for the Hawaiian.

    If at all possible, speak English when you make fun of people.

    We’ve all come here from someplace else. Some of us speak English, some of us don’t.

    Don’t marry an Apache. If you’re Apache, lie about it. Know one will know anyway.

    Don’t demand to see someone’s papers. No one’s going to know what you’re talking about.

    This is America - land of the free and home of the brave. That’s all any of us should need to know.

    And one more thing - it’s now legal to serve whiskey to an Indian.


    Tennessee Bank Offering Home Loans To Illegal Aliens

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Real estate and mortgage companies say its profitable to them to offer services to immigrants in the country illegally.

    One bank, the Bank of Bartlett, started a mortgage program for people without Social Security numbers, which likely includes some illegal immigrants.

    Bank Chairman and CEO Bob Byrd says federal banking officials gave him the idea at a conference.

    Federal officials say they encourage banks to offer services to immigrants, but don't take a position on lending to those in the country illegally.

    Many immigrants are attractive borrowers because they have substantial savings from their jobs and pay a lot of cash up front.

    But Steve Camarota with the Center for Immigration Studies in

    Washington calls the process is still unethical.


    Friday, November 10, 2006

    Actress Adrienne Shelly was killed by an illegal alien

    Nov. 10, 2006 — Reading the stories about the murder of actress Adrienne Shelly in New York City this week, I kept thinking of a Frank O’Hara poem that begins, “Lana Turner has collapsed!” After that he spends about half of the poem’s 17 lines talking about the weather (snow, rain, possibly hail, “but hailing hits you hard on the head/ hard so it was really snowing and/ raining and I was in such a hurry …”) and the New York City traffic. Then, “suddenly I see a headline/ LANA TURNER HAS COLLAPSED!” And then, in one of the most amazing verbal downshifts I’ve ever seen, O’Hara slows his poem down from a pell-mell rush to a super-slo-mo crawl, writing “there is no snow in Hollywood/ there is no rain in California/ I have been to lots of parties/ and acted perfectly disgraceful/ but I never actually collapsed/ oh Lana Turner we love you get up.”

    O’Hara’s poem is maybe the best try I’ve ever seen to capture the difference between life as we all know it and life in the tabloids, where celebrities seem to do all kinds of things, like collapsing, that most of us just never get the chance to try. Not that you’d want to—all those exclamation points following your every deed.

    Adrienne Shelly, 40, of course, suffered a terrible fate in no way commensurate with an actress’s collapse. Shelly was murdered by a 19-year-old construction worker with whom she argued about building noise in the apartment under her office in New York City. But I couldn’t help but immediately thinking of the O’Hara poem when I saw her face splashed across the front pages of two New York papers. SUICIDE ACTRESS—IT WAS MURDER read the Post headline, referring to the fact that the police revised their earlier verdict of suicide when the facts didn’t add up. The more people I talked to, the more I realized that most people didn’t have a clue as to who she was, much less how good she was. In a city where it seems like every other person is an “actor” or an “actress,” this actress’s death was written off by most people as just another cheesy tabloid tale. And the more I ran into this attitude, the more I thought about O’Hara. Adrienne Shelly’s death did not make news because she was talented or especially good at what she did. She got there because she was a show-business person with just enough glamour to make page one for a day.

    And that’s a tragedy, too, because she was so good at what she did. In two of her earliest films—the two I’m most familiar with—she lights up the screen like a bottle rocket. She was mighty pretty, in an unconventional way, and that didn’t hurt, of course, but there was something about her that just made you want to watch her any time she was on screen. Both the movies I’m thinking of were made by Hal Hartley, whose indie films are as idiosyncratically recognizable as a set of fingerprints. “The Unbelievable Truth” (1989) and “Trust” (1990) are both set on Long Island—the unposh part—and both are characterized by Hartley’s trademark staccato dialogue where characters speak in complete sentences and always say exactly what they mean and still get misunderstood. In “The Unbelievable Truth,” Shelly played Audry, a high-school senior who stands up to her bully of a father, her dope of a boyfriend and then falls for an ex-con who only she can see is a truly good man. It’s a part, with scripted lines—the character of Audry is Hartley’s invention. And yet, the minute Shelly appears on screen, you forget you’re watching an actress. She inhabits the part so completely that all you know is, this is the ultimate high-school girlfriend, and someone you couldn’t live up to in a hundred years.

    Then she turned around and did “Trust” for Hartley and there she really shows you what she was capable of. Still a high-school girl on Long Island, still rebellious. But where Audry was brainy and quirky, Maria is—at least at the outset—just another big-haired, pregnant teenager with a fast mouth and a lot of attitude. So much attitude that when she gets in a shouting match with her dad and winds it up by slapping his face, he drops dead of a heart attack. It’s no small tribute to Shelly to point out that you totally believe she’s capable of this while you’re watching the movie.

    I went back while I was writing this and watched some of “Trust” again. In an interview, Hartley once explained that he made the movie on the spur of the moment because he wanted to work with Shelly again immediately after making “The Unbelievable Truth,” so he had very little money and very little time. The movie was shot in 11 days. The reason he could do that, he said, was because so much of the direction was implied in the dialogue. The dialogue pretty much told the actors what to do. That’s true. It’s a talky movie, like all Hartley movies. But what’s interesting about Shelly’s performance are the moments where she’s not talking, where she’s just listening to another character, or thinking by herself. Emotion travels over her face like clouds blown across a windy sky. The whole movie seems like it takes place on her face. The miracle is that while you’re watching this happen, you never once stop to think, what an actress. It’s just a girl in trouble on Long Island. When she was acting, Adrienne Shelly could make you forget all about Adrienne Shelly.

    She made lots of other movies, and at the time of her death she had her sixth directorial effort (“Waitress”) almost ready for theaters. She was a person of substance, in other words, an actress for whom quotations around that word were wholly unnecessary. But for me, she was who she was because of two movies, “Trust” and “The Unbelievable Truth.” And there she will live forever.

    Source - http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15658083/site/newsweek/

    Sunday, October 29, 2006

    For witness to Illegal Alien MS-13 gang crimes, betrayal was a death sentence

    The short life – and grisly death – of MS-13 member Brenda Paz underscores both the national reach and the viciousness that have become gang trademarks.

    The story begins in Grand Prairie on Dec. 17, 2001, when Javier Calzada, 21, of Dallas, was sexually brutalized and shot to death in a wooded area. For Grand Prairie police Detective Alan Patton, the case became the stuff of nightmares.

    "Javier was a good kid from a good family, and his killers took him out in the woods, raped him, shot him and left him for the animals," Detective Patton said. "In 16 years of homicide investigations, I've never seen a more vicious and depraved murder."

    A month later, Dallas police investigating MS-13 violence found evidence that linked Ms. Paz, 17, to the Calzada killing. She initially denied any knowledge. Later she moved to Virginia, where she and other MS-13 members were arrested on federal charges.

    In June 2002, Ms. Paz agreed to enter the federal witness protection program and testify against MS-13. Through her Arlington, Va., attorney Greg Hunter, she reached out to Grand Prairie police to confess what she knew about the Calzada killing.

    "Brenda was trying to change her life. And she had a lot to tell authorities," Mr. Hunter said. "She was witness to major crimes by MS-13, from California to Maryland and Virginia. She just opened up."

    She told Detective Patton that she and another girl went for a ride with Mr. Calzada and were followed by 13 MS-13 members, including Juan Ramon Flores, a particularly vicious gang-banger who wore an "MS" tattoo across his forehead.

    When they stopped, the gang members took Mr. Calzada into some woods and brutalized him. Mr. Flores then shot him in the back of the head, she said. Ms. Paz said the man was killed because the group wanted to steal the tires and wheels off his car.

    Detective Patton remembers thinking that Ms. Paz's testimony doomed her.

    "When she was talking to us, with what we knew about MS-13, we felt pretty sure she was dead," he said.

    Ms. Paz was sent out of state by the federal witness relocation program, but she soon left the program and returned to Virginia because she missed her friends, Mr. Hunter said.

    On July 23, 2003, Ms. Paz, pregnant with her first baby, was found dead along the banks of the Shenandoah River. She had been stabbed 13 times, and her head had been nearly cut off.

    In a subsequent trial, two MS-13 members were convicted of the killing, which had been voted on by the local clique during a meeting at a hotel in Fairfax, Va., following mail from Mr. Flores in prison that she had ratted out the gang.

    "There's a tattoo MS-13 members get – three dots in a triangle – that signify the only three destinations in life for gang members: prison, hospital or the graveyard," Mr. Hunter said. "The system failed Brenda, and she failed herself. I just hope we now can do better for kids like her because of what we learned from Brenda."

    Source - http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/news/localnews/stories/102906dntexMSsider.2e3f5a6.html

    Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    Illegal Alien in Court for Killing Couple

    The man accused of killing a Mt. Juliet couple while driving drunk was in court Tuesday morning.

    Gustavo Garcia Reyes was officially charged with killing Sean and Donna Wilson in a head-on crash back in June.

    Reyes pleaded not guilty to the charges through his court hired interpreter.

    Reyes's case has been at the center of the illegal immigration debate, because he's an undocumented immigrant.

    Reyes had been jailed 14 times before the wreck that killed the Wilsons.

    Officials have been working to change state and local laws to prevent illegal immigrants from being released after committing crimes.

    The couple's daughter Heather Steffek was in the courtoom for the hearing.

    "I can't bring back my parents but what I can do is keep maybe one other family from going through what I went through," Steffek said.

    Reyes is scheduled to be back in court on Nov. 15.

    Source - http://www.newschannel5.com/Global/story.asp?S=5551428

    Sunday, October 15, 2006

    Triple murder prompts law against illegal aliens

    ALTOONA -- Miguel Padilla, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, visited Altoona one night and murdered three people after being denied admission to a social club.

    He had been in the United States for 17 years and had accumulated an arrest record before he shot his victims. Even so, the U.S. government neglected to deport him, a lapse that led hometown Congressman Bill Shuster to question the competence of the federal bureaucracy responsible for policing immigration.

    This month, more than a year after the murders, Altoona implemented a law of its own aimed at driving illegal immigrants out of town. The ordinance, which took effect a week ago, would punish businesses that hire illegal immigrants and landlords who rent to them.

    A railroad and industrial town of 47,000 people, Altoona is the largest Pennsylvania city to approve an immigration ordinance.

    Republican Mayor Wayne Hippo, who pushed for the law, said he was inspired by the northeastern Pennsylvania city of Hazleton, the first town to approve an ordinance designed to root out illegal immigrants.

    Aside from the laws they passed, Hazleton and Altoona have almost nothing in common.

    Hazleton, 130 miles from New York City, had a booming population of Latino immigrants when it passed its law. Mayor Louis Barletta says thousands of the newcomers are in the county illegally, creating havoc for Hazleton police and straining other city services.

    Two illegal immigrants from the Dominican Republic were charged with shooting and killing a Hazleton man in May.

    "After that, our people were afraid to walk down the street," Mr. Barletta said. "I had to do something to protect them."

    But the mayor's critics say all his law accomplished was to unleash a wave of bigotry against brown-skinned newcomers, many of whom are naturalized U.S. citizens who hold jobs and pay taxes.

    In contrast, Altoona, in Blair County, has no discernible immigrant base, legal or illegal. Altoona's population peaked at 80,000 during the 1930s. In that era, its famous Horseshoe Curve on the Pennsylvania Railroad was so vital to American transportation that the Nazis planned to destroy it. These days, with its industrial base in decline, Altoona loses more people than it attracts.

    Mr. Padilla, 27, convicted last month and sentenced to death for the triple murder, did not live in Altoona but in Gallitzin in neighboring Cambria County.

    Still, his crimes created momentum for the Altoona law. Mr. Padilla had a driver's license, a diploma from Penn Cambria High School and a police record. Before the murders, he had been charged with illegal possession of a gun and stabbing his former father-in-law, records show.

    Mr. Shuster, in a speech on the U.S. House floor, said police told Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers that Mr. Padilla was in the country illegally after the stabbing charge. Yet no move was made to deport him. Left free, he ventured to Altoona on an August night, got into a row and murdered.

    Most residents say the Padilla case justifies the new city law.

    "How do you get through the system like he did?" said Robert Gutshall, 63, a retiree who moved back to Altoona after spending 25 years in other parts of the country. "There's no question in my mind that the murders were the driving factor for this ordinance."

    Aside from the Padilla case, Mr. Hippo said, illegal immigration has not been an issue in Altoona.

    "We're being proactive. It's not like we have a stack of complaints we're investigating," he said.

    Vic Walczak, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania, says city laws regarding immigration are likely to do harm but no good.

    Because Mr. Padilla lived outside of Altoona, its ordinance would not have gotten him off the streets before he killed.

    "This case demonstrates why immigration is a national issue and needs to be dealt with by Congress," Mr. Walczak said.

    His organization and Latino groups are preparing to sue Hazleton as soon as it begins enforcing its immigration law, which was rewritten after being approved in July. The revised Hazleton law is to take effect next month.

    Mr. Walczak says the ACLU intends to spend its time and resources knocking down the Hazleton ordinance, which he regards as a danger to society.

    "Mayor Barletta is willing to sacrifice a lot of innocent people to get a guilty one," he said.

    As for the Altoona law, the ACLU will accept complaints from anybody wrongly ensnared in an immigration case and then decide whether to sue, Mr. Walczak said.

    "In some ways, the Altoona ordinance is broader than Hazleton's," he said. "What they have is a snitch system that could exacerbate prejudices people have against foreigners."

    Mr. Hippo said the Altoona law, crafted by recently retired city solicitor Bob Alexander, was written to comply with U.S. Supreme Court decisions on immigration policies. He said he believes it would withstand any court challenge.

    But the ACLU maintains the Altoona law, even if never enforced, is fundamentally flawed.

    "They're doing this, ostensibly, because the feds have failed," Mr. Walczak said. "But Altoona's ordinance says they're not going to do anything in an individual case until the feds say a person is illegal. It still boils down to the federal government handling immigration."

    Altoona Councilman Joseph Rieker calls the ACLU "a nutso organization" that is quick to disparage any city trying to live by rule of law.

    Mr. Rieker's wife is a native of Lima, Peru. He says they are going through an arduous and costly process so she can become a U.S. citizen.

    "We're doing it the right way. I don't have sympathy for people who come here illegally and refuse to go through the steps for citizenship," he said.

    But, like most everyone else in Altoona, Mr. Rieker, 40, does not see illegal immigration as a critical issue for the city. He said he worries more about the viability and livability of a rust-belt town that continues to lose population. He says he is weighing whether to resign his council seat and move his family and his insurance business to North Carolina.

    "This is just not an attractive place to live unless you have family here or you have a ton of dough," Mr. Rieker said.

    Only one of the six Altoona city council members, Republican Matthew Garber, voted against the immigration law. He said he has taken little flak over his vote, but that the rest of the council has been showered with praise.

    "One of my concerns was that the costs could outweigh the benefits," said Mr. Garber, 28, a councilman for eight months.

    Aside from him, the only opposition to the Altoona ordinance came from clergy members, notably the Catholic bishop of the Altoona-Johnstown diocese and his priests.

    The Rev. Luke Robertson, director of Catholic charities in Altoona, said U.S. citizens account for "the vast majority" of those seeking assistance to pay utility bills or feed a family. Rarely, he said, does his agency see an illegal immigrant.

    But one concern of priests, he said, was that the ordinance, as originally drafted, could have displaced a breadwinner whose spouse or children are legal U.S. residents.

    In response, the council decided that "a mixed family" -- one with legal and illegal members -- would not be forced out of property it is renting. A continuing concern, Father Robertson said, is that the adult paying the bills for such a family might lose his job because he is in the country illegally. Then children could wind up on the streets, he said.

    Mr. Hippo says his Catholic friends have had nothing but praise for the immigration ordinance.

    "I think this is a time when the leadership is out of touch with the flock," he said.

    The mayor said Altoona approved its law mostly to ward off an influx of illegal immigrants, such as the one that Mr. Barletta complains about in Hazleton.

    "Mercifully, the immigration problem has not hit us yet," Mr. Hippo said. "But it's not confined to Texas, Arizona and New Mexico, and we know that."

    Source - http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/06288/730170-85.stm

    Thursday, September 28, 2006

    Cop murder spotlights crisis of killer aliens

    No government agency tracks crimes by illegals, not even attacks on police

    WASHINGTON – Charged with molesting a 12-year-old girl, Juan Leonardo Qunitero had been deported back to Mexico in 1999 as an illegal alien. Nevertheless, last week, he was back in the U.S., living comfortably in a city that prohibited police from asking anyone about their immigration status.

    Rodney Johnson was a 12-year veteran on the Houston police force. Married with five children, he was big, kind-hearted and unafraid of working the toughest gang beats or late-night shifts.

    On Thursday, Sept. 21, around 5:30 p.m., he pulled over a white Ford pickup driving 50 mph in a 30 mph zone in what should have been a routine traffic stop. The driver, Quintero, had neither a driver's license nor any other identification so, after a pat down, Johnson handcuffed him and placed him in the back of his patrol car. But Johnson missed the gun in Quintero's waistband. The prisoner pulled it out and fired four times at Johnson at close range.

    When Johnson was laid to rest this week after his execution-style murder he joined a growing list of law enforcers gunned down by foreign criminals. Meanwhile, in Florida, a sheriff’s deputy was killed and another shot in the leg yesterday after they pursued a motorist who ran away from a traffic stop.

    Deputy Vernon Matthew “Matt” Williams and his K-9 unit were shot dead, officials said. Deputy Doug Speirs was shot in the leg but was expected to recover. Polk County sheriff’s deputies early today said they shot and killed a suspect, described as a black man with a Jamaican accent with dreadlocks.

    Though no government agency in the U.S. – not the FBI nor Immigration and Customs Enforcement – tracks violent crimes by illegal aliens, even murders of police officers, a search by WND of news reports in the last three years shows law enforcement personnel are hardly immune to deadly carnage wrought by untracked, undocumented armed predators inside the country.

    Less than a year ago, Nov. 12, 2005, Dallas police officer Brian Jackson met the same fate.

    It seems Juan Lizcano, an illegal alien who worked as a gardener, had a few too many drinks that Saturday evening before heading to the home of Marta Cruz, according to a witness who accompanied him.

    Again, police responded early Sunday morning to a domestic disturbance call at Cruz's home and were told that Lizcano had threatened his ex-girlfriend and fired a handgun inside the house. He was gone by the time officers arrived.

    About 45 minutes later, officers were notified that Lizcano had returned to the home. Officers pursued him on foot as the suspect jumped over fences and ran through yards.

    Officer Jackson died of a wound to his right underarm, near his protective vest, suffered in a gunfight with Lizcano. He and his wife, JoAnn, a respiratory therapist, had been married less than four months.

    In Denver, Raul Gomez-Garcia, another illegal alien charged with shooting two police officers at a crowded party where both the gunmen's wife and 2-year-old daughter were seated, was convicted last week.

    Gomez-Garcia, 21, faced trial in Denver District Court for second-degree murder of Denver police officer Donald "Donnie" Young and attempted first-degree murder of Detective Jack Bishop. The two officers were shot in the back May 8, 2005, as they worked security at an invitation-only baptismal party.

    The officers had turned Gomez-Garcia away from the party. He returned later, intent on shooting the two officers.

    Gomez-Garcia has almost no education, is illiterate and explained to investigators that he had carried a loaded gun since he was 13 years old. He came to the United States when he was 8 and lived in south central Los Angeles.

    Perhaps one of the most dramatic stories of a police officer being shot by an illegal alien is the case of shooting Arizona sheriff's deputy Sean Pearce, an 11-year veteran of the force who served a search warrant Dec. 16, 2004, at a Mesa trailer home.

    Hiding behind a Christmas tree inside was Jorge Luis Guerra Vargas, a 22-year-old illegal alien who opened fire on Pearce.

    Ironically, at the time of the shooting, Pearce's father, Russell, an Arizona legislator, was in Washington giving a speech about illegal immigration at the Brookings Institution when he got the message to call home. His wife, he knew, "wouldn't be calling if it wasn't important. It had to do with the children." Pearce excused himself from the podium and found a phone to hear the tragic news.

    Source - http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=38134

    Sunday, September 24, 2006

    Illegal Alien 'anchor baby' boom strains S. Texas

    More illegal immigrants are pouring into the state to give birth

    RIO GRANDE CITY — First it was a trickle, now it's a flood.

    Rising numbers of undocumented immigrants from Mexico and Central America are streaming into Texas to give birth, straining hospitals and costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, health officials say.

    Doctors and health officials say they are overwhelmed by both the new arrivals and those immigrant mothers who already are in the state. Even Houston's feeling the pinch. An estimated 70 percent to 80 percent of the 10,587 births at Ben Taub General Hospital and Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital last year were to undocumented immigrants, administrators say.

    Also feeling the strain is Starr County, an already poor South Texas county that has the region's only taxpayer-supported hospital district.

    Immigrants "want a U.S.-born baby" and know that emergency room staffers don't collect any money up front, said Dr. Mario Rodriguez, an obstetrician in Starr County.

    "The word is out: Come to Starr County and get delivered for free. Why pay $1,000 in Mexico when you can get it for free?" Rodriguez said.

    ''When we are separated only by the distance of the river, it's easy to do," Starr County hospital administrator Thalia Muñoz said. "It's gotten worse, and it's because the economy in Mexico is not good and because we provide all these benefits."

    Unfortunately, doctors say, Starr County isn't alone.

    ''Our little snapshot is duplicated in all the municipalities between here and California," said Tony Falcon, a Rio Grande City physician who was appointed to the U.S.-Mexico Border Health Commission in April. ''What you see here is what is happening in Brownsville, McAllen, El Paso and San Diego."

    He operates a private family clinic and delivers babies at the Starr County hospital. About a third of his deliveries are what he calls "walk-ins" — mothers in labor showing up at the ER.

    ''Obviously, it has a huge impact on patient health and the kind of health care that's provided," Falcon said. "You don't get the kind of prenatal care you should get."

    'Anchor babies'
    Immigration-control advocates regard the U.S.-born infants as "anchor babies" because they give their undocumented parents and relatives a way to petition for citizenship. They estimate that 360,000 of these babies are born in the U.S. every year and warn that the numbers are rising.

    Once parents have an "anchor baby," they become more difficult to deport, said Jack Martin, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a lobby organization in Washington, D.C.

    ''It's a fairly big factor in complicating the removal of illegal aliens," Martin said. "Illegal aliens know that and, to some extent, we think they're being influenced into having children as soon as they get into the U.S. to complicate their removal."

    Some lawmakers want to begin denying citizenship to babies born to illegal immigrants.

    Birthright citizenship, as it is known, has been in force since the approval of the Constitution's 14th Amendment in 1868. But several bills under consideration in Congress would abolish the longstanding federal policy. Sponsors include U.S. Reps. Ron Paul, R-Lake Jackson, and Nathan Deal, R-Ga.

    In a largely symbolic move, the Michigan House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly on Sept. 8 to end birthright citizenship.

    Undocumented immigrants say they are being attacked unfairly and think that all children born in the U.S. should have equal rights.

    Socorro Gonzalez, an undocumented immigrant who in August gave birth to her fourth child on U.S. soil, said she and her husband aren't trying to take advantage of immigration laws or abuse the health care system.

    ''We're not here to have a child. We are here to work," she said as she cradled her infant son, Orlando Soto.

    Gonzalez, 42, said she moved to South Texas four years ago to join her husband, a cabinet maker. Two of their older children were born at a private midwife's clinic, she said, and two were delivered at taxpayer expense at hospitals in McAllen.

    Gonzalez said the benefits of undocumented immigrants' labor in the U.S. more than compensate for the costs of their medical bills.

    ''I don't see why they should deny a medical service if we're here struggling for this country," she said. ''Because of the help of Mexican workers, whether they want us or not, this country is progressing."

    Still, someone has to pay the bills, and not everyone is happy about that.

    Uncollected medical bills
    Starr County Memorial Hospital had $3.6 million in uncollected medical bills in 2005, up from $1.5 million in 2002. The total when fiscal 2006 ends on Sept. 30 is expected to hit $3.9 million, chief financial officer Rafael Olivarez said. Unpaid bills for the past five years will reach nearly $13 million, he said.

    To make up for the shortfall, Starr County's hospital district is proposing a 25 percent tax hike.

    Already, the U.S. government is pitching in, setting aside $1 billion in Medicaid funds to pay for emergency care received by undocumented migrants over the next four years.

    But Olivarez said getting the reimbursements isn't easy. Federal officials ''told us at a meeting they would pay us about 20 cents on the dollar," he said. "But it's better than nothing."

    No one knows for sure how many undocumented immigrants there are or what they cost the health care system. Most hospitals don't ask whether patients have papers.

    Total cost unknown

    ''It puts them in the position of being border police," said Amanda Engler, a spokeswoman for the Texas Hospital Association in Austin.

    Harris County Hospital District officials say their policy is not to question patients directly about their citizenship.

    ''We do not explicitly ask if our patients are illegal, but we do ask them for proof of Harris County residency," district spokeswoman Shannon Rasp said. "Often citizenship status becomes clearer when billing issues come up."

    Eighty-three percent of the undocumented immigrants receiving in-patient care at the district's hospitals and clinics last year were from Mexico, officials said. Six percent were from El Salvador or Guatemala. And the remaining 11 percent were from such countries as Britain, Canada, Haiti, India, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria and Vietnam.

    ''Using anecdotal information provided us by our staff, statistics from other public hospital systems and our patient demographics, we believe that approximately 70 to 80 percent of our obstetrics patients are undocumented," Rasp said.

    In all, 57,072 patients visited the district's hospitals, clinics and health centers last year, and nearly a fifth were undocumented, Rasp said. The cost of their treatment was $97.3 million, up from $55 million in 2002.

    Source - http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/4209908.html

    Wednesday, August 30, 2006

    Illegal Aliens Drive Up ER Costs, Pollute Border Crossings

    In one of a series of hearings occurring in 13 states over the month of August, a panel of the U.S. House of Representatives was told that TennCare pays about $15 million yearly in emergency care for illegal aliens. TennCare pays only for illegal aliens who would otherwise qualify for the program; the remainder of the burden falls on hospitals. So notes The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Inc. in a statement on August 26, 2006.

    Gary Perrizo, director of accounting at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, estimates that his facility incurs $3.8 million in unreimbursed costs annually because of illegal aliens, a fraction of the more than $74 million total.

    Republican Representatives Marsha Blackburn and Nathan Deal, both from Georgia, are concerned that many illegal immigrants are receiving care with forged documents. No evidence concerning the actual amounts was presented at the hearing (Tennessean, 8/11/06).

    In general, hearings have been poorly attended, and activists complained that citizens were given no opportunity to speak (Houston Chronicle, 8/25/06).

    Another cost of illegal immigration is that crossing routes are becoming buried in garbage. After three years of cleanups, federal government programs have cleaned up about 1 percent of the debris, removing 250,000 pounds of trash, more than 600 abandoned vehicles, and 1,725 abandoned bicycles. More than 50 miles of illegally made roads were rehabilitated.

    Hikers in the Huachuca Mountains say they are almost wading through empty gallon water jugs. The rotting garbage and human waste is a health hazard to humans and also to wildlife. Trash is commonly found in bears' stomachs.

    The cost of removing all the trash in one area of southeastern Arizona is estimated to be about $4.5 million, not including the real trash hotbeds such as the Ironwood Forest National Monument. Without effective border controls, the task is believed to be impossible (Arizona Daily Star, 7/30/05).

    Compounding the current higher ER, hospital and environmental costs is the fact that nearly a quarter of U.S. births are to immigrants. This, according to a study in 2005, is a record higher than at the peak of the previous great immigration wave in 1910. Nearly 42 percent of those births are to mothers in the country illegally.

    Do the math, and this means that 10 percent of U.S. births are to illegal aliens.

    "We are heading, if you will, into uncharted territory," said last year's study author, Steve Camarota, director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies. "In the past, immigration was significantly reduced when it reached a similar level, but that's not happening today."

    Comments noted historian Philip Gold, Ph.D., of Seattle, "This whole situation sounds like an excerpt from an Ayn Rand novel."

    To which we add that to allow this absurdity to happen we must be either the most foolish people on earth, delusional, or as a country have a latent wish for destruction.

    Source - http://archive.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2006/8/29/144609.shtml

    Friday, August 25, 2006

    Feds Bust 25 Illegal Alien Sexual Predators in Los Angeles

    A Mexican national who attempted to kidnap a seven-year-old girl from a local Laundromat is one of 25 persons arrested by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Los Angeles during the past three days as part of a joint enforcement effort with the United States Attorney's Office targeting foreign nationals with prior convictions for sex offenses, many of them involving children.

    Four of the foreign nationals taken into custody during this week's operation have been deported from the United States previously. The group includes two Salvadorans, a Honduran, and a Mexican national. The defendants are being prosecuted by the US Attorney's newly created Domestic Security and Immigration Crimes Section for reentering the United States after deportation, a felony that carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. Earlier this week, the four were ordered detained without bond. A fifth man, a Salvadoran national convicted of lewd and lascivious acts on a child under 14, also faces criminal charges, but he remains at large.

    The sex offenders being prosecuted for felony reentry include Jose Angel Pakas-Murcia, 46, a Honduran national who was deported in 1995 after serving time for sexually assaulting a nine-year-old girl in Florida. ICE agents arrested Pakas-Murcia Tuesday at the local car dealership where he worked as a manager in the parts department.

    The remaining 21 sex offenders -- including 17 Mexican nationals, three Salvadorans, and a Filipino - are being detained by ICE and will be placed in administrative immigration proceedings. Of the 21, 14 are legal permanent residents whose criminal convictions make them subject to deportation. The remaining seven entered the country illegally.

    The arrests are the latest local enforcement action carried out as part of Operation Predator, an ongoing ICE initiative to identify, investigate, arrest and, in the case of foreign nationals, deport those who prey on children, including human traffickers, international sex tourists, and Internet pornographers.

    The foreign nationals arrested on administrative immigration violations include Gabino Chavez-Rosales, a 43-year-old Mexican national who was convicted in California state court of lewd acts with a minor. The charges stem from an incident where the Glendale resident tried to kidnap a young girl who was playing in a Laundromat parking lot. Also arrested on immigration violations was Jose Luis Rodriguez-Lucatero, 41, who entered the United States illegally from Mexico and was convicted for the attempted rape of a 15-year-old girl.

    "These pedophiles pose a serious threat to the well-being of our children, our families, and our communities," said Robert Schoch, special agent-in-charge for the ICE office of investigations in Los Angeles. "We will continue to work closely with the United States Attorney's Office and our other law enforcement partners to target those who prey on the children of this community. In the case of foreign nationals who commit predatory offenses, we cannot only take them off of the streets, but we can seek to have them sent out of the country."

    Meanwhile, ICE agents are continuing to search for the fifth criminal suspect sought in the operation, Alejandro Rodriguez Villegas, 50, of Los Angeles. The Salvadoran, who was sentenced to five years in prison for lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14, was previously deported in 1997.

    Since ICE launched Operation Predator in July of 2003, the agency has arrested more than 8,200 sex offenders nationwide. More than 1,100 of those arrests were made by ICE agents in the Los Angeles area.

    Operation Predator is part of ICE’s expanded interior immigration enforcement strategy, which focuses on identifying and removing criminal aliens, immigration fugitives, and other immigration violators from the United States. The agency's top priority is arresting and removing foreign nationals who pose a threat to public safety or national security.

    Source - http://www.nationalledger.com/cgi-bin/artman/exec/view.cgi?archive=3&num=7941

    Wednesday, August 16, 2006

    Illegal Alien Activist Elvira Arellano Hides Out In Church To Avoid Deportation

    I reported on Elvira Arellano this morning, an illegal alien who managed to convince politicians to back her stay here in 2002 despite her illegal status. Arellano has been in the US for 9 years and had been deported at least once previous to her 2002 stay after being busted in an immigration sweep. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and others fought to keep her here in 2002. She then started up an illegal alien activist lobby group called United Latino Family.

    I guess Elvira Arellano assumed her battles over her illegal status were over and that she was home free. Home free enough to become the founder and leader of a lobby group, consulting with President Vicente Fox of Mexico -- the president of the country she fled from and vows not to return to because it's so horrible. Well her number came up as she received a notice a few weeks ago to appear for deportation yesterday at 9AM where she would more than likely have been tossed out of the country. She failed to do so, thumbing her nose at the system. She should have been thrown out 4 years ago, but this is just a small example of what happens when you don't deal with a problem and let it fester like we are doing currently with our immigration policy as a whole. Eventually the problem balloons and turns into a major issue.

    Elvira Arellano's used every trick in the book. She had a child here as an "anchor baby". She played the "my son is sick with ADHD" trick to gain sympathy from politicians, the church and other sympathetic illegal alien supporters. Now she's attempting to be a martyr of the illegal alien cause by fleeing to the Adalberto United Methodist Church and openly daring authorities to drag her away. She took her son with her, thus showing she has absolutely no caring about the torment she could potentially cause him by her actions and that he is just a tool to be used for her goals.

    By fleeing her deportation hearing Elvira Arellano is now considered a fugitive from justice.

    Source - http://www.diggersrealm.com/mt/archives/001790.html

    Monday, July 24, 2006

    12 illegal aliens arrested

    Twelve illegal immigrants were arrested Monday in Mesa as Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio continued his efforts to arrest illegal border crossers under the state's antismuggling law.

    Deputies stopped a vehicle at Stapley Drive and U.S. 60 after noticing the brake lights were out. Arpaio said that's when deputies found the illegal immigrants inside.

    Arpaio argues the yearold anti-smuggling law allows authorities to charge border crossers with conspiring to smuggle themselves, even though a recent county Superior Court ruling dismissed the case against two immigrants.

    "That doesn't set precedent," Arpaio said.

    Deputies have arrested 258 immigrants under the law this year.

    Source - http://www.eastvalleytribune.com/article_2f99148b-8348-5456-9602-bab7246af2ca.html

    Monday, July 17, 2006

    Authorities find dozens of illegal aliens

    TONOPAH - About 75 illegal immigrants were found Tuesday in the desert about 50 miles west of Phoenix, many suffering from dehydration and exhaustion from triple-digit heat, authorities said.

    Seven immigrants and three sheriff's deputies were taken to hospitals for treatment, said Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Officers used a helicopter, canine units and all-terrain vehicles and conducted foot patrols to search for others believed to be in the area, officials said.

    "We know they're still out there because there's sounds in the brush," said Lt. Paul Chagolla, a sheriff's department spokesman. "We can hear them. They've hunkered down."

    Lt. Chuck Siemens, who was in charge of the search operation, estimated late Tuesday that few than 20 people were still out in the desert.

    The immigrants told authorities that three people had died in the desert but authorities were still searching for bodies late Tuesday and couldn't confirm that, said Chagolla.

    Arpaio, whose office made the discovery, said investigators suspect that the immigrants were left in the location until smugglers could arrange transportation for them to be taken elsewhere.

    "They are stashing them out there," Arpaio said.

    Authorities gave water to the immigrants, who were being turned over to federal immigration authorities, Arpaio said.

    Siemens said some of the immigrants said they hadn't had water since Sunday and were desperate. "They were bombarding us for water. We passed out water bottles and it was a frenzy," he said.

    Federal officials said groups of illegal immigrants have been found in that part of the county before.

    Arpaio, whose office had previously brought more than 250 cases against illegal immigrants under a new Arizona smuggling law, said the immigrants found Tuesday won't be arrested.

    They weren't caught in the act of being transported by a smuggler - a necessary element of proving the state crime, Arpaio said.

    Other immigrants who might be found in the area will be charged under the state crime if they are caught being transported by a smuggler, Arpaio said.

    "We are now zeroing in on the smugglers," Arpaio said.

    Even though immigration had long been considered a federal responsibility, state lawmakers passed the law over frustration with Arizona's porous border with Mexico and the costs of health care and education for illegal immigrants and their families.

    The law targets smugglers, and Maricopa County's top prosecutor has said that those who paid to be sneaked into the country also can be charged as conspirators.

    Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, is Arizona's most populous county.

    Source - http://www.eastvalleytribune.com/article_d2986277-10b4-54ab-a6ad-32fff99fb625.html

    Sunday, July 16, 2006


    Los Angeles, CA In a two-part interview with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Full Disclosure Network® host Leslie Dutton discovers the reasons why he is considered the "Toughest Sheriff In America" and the only one to be arresting illegal immigrants who are smuggled into his county. A six (6) minute video preview of this interview is available for viewing now, FREE, "on demand" 24/7, as a public service of the Full Disclosure Network®. Also included in the video is an interview with Giles Liddell, II one of the Sheriff's Posse members who explains why he volunteered to arrest illegal immigrants.

    Here are some of the issues covered in the one hour interview:

  • Sheriff Joe's Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) background. He is known for his infiltration and investigation of drug cartels and he headed operations in both Mexico and Turkey. He has worked with both the President and Attorney General and dealt with Panama's Noriega and officials in Agentina, just to name a few assignments.

  • Now he arrests Illegal immigrants. Under a new anti-smuggling state law, Sheriff Joe is the only law enforcement offical, arresting illegal immigrants under the new law. He is building new jails to accommodate them and has 3,000 posse members who are authorized to enforce the law.

  • Maricopa County is the nation's 2nd largest Sheriff's Office. He employs 3,500 people, 900 of them sworn deputies. He has 10,750 inmates, many of whom are housed in his infamous Tent Jail City, wear pink underwear and serve on chain gangs in public display as part of a program to deter recidivism. He urges the inmates to "Never come back".

  • Meals for inmates cost 30 cents a day: Sheriff Joe brags that he spends $1.00 a day for meals for each of the rescued dogs and cats that he keeps in air conditioned facilities while the two meals a day he provides to the human inmates only costs 30 cents each, apparently to discourage inmates from returning.

  • Nice Guy or Tough Guy? Sheriff Joe does not want to be called a nice guy he wants to be called tough. However, he has the only jail facility to offer inmates a program to obtain their GED (high school) diplomas. He has an aggressive drug rehabilitation program and parenting classes for them as well.

    Source - http://www.fulldisclosure.net/flash/466_Arpaio.php