We are being invaded by a foreign country
20+ million ILLEGAL aliens are in the United States of America.
Right now in the United States of America, ILLEGAL aliens have more rights than you do!


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"There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag, and this excludes the red flag, which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization, just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile...We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language...and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people." --Theodore Roosevelt

"This nation is in danger of becoming a Third World nightmare with all the corruption, disease, illiteracy, violence and balkanization known all over the world. We need a 10-year moratorium on all immigration to catch our collective breath and we need deportation of over 10 million illegal aliens in a slow and orderly fashion." --Ed Garrison

“The 1987 amnesty was a failure; rather than reducing illegal immigration, it led to an increase,” FAIR stated. “Any new amnesty measure will further weaken respect for our immigration laws. Therefore, all amnesty measures must be defeated.” --Frosty Wooldridge

This is your nation and this is your time to take action.

President barry shits on the United States.

This is a picture of YOUR American president, (president barry soetoro, a.k.a barack obama) refusing to acknowledge the National Anthem of the United States of America. This picture clearly shows barry with his hands crossed across his vaginal area when the United States Anthem was playing.

barry has NO RESPECT for you, me, or America! Not only did he disrespect America, he just shit on the graves of every American Soldier that has died for this country.

6/15/2010 - PRESIDENT BARRY CAN'T EVEN KEEP A U.S. PARK OPEN!!! He gave the park to mexico & the illegal alien mexican drug cartel!!!

7/6/2010 - American President barry soetoro sues AMERICA!!!

9/11/2010 - YOUR president just gave mexico $1 billion dollars for deepwater oil drilling despite his own moratorium on U.S. deepwater drilling!? More proof that barry hates America!


1. the offense of acting to overthrow one's government or to harm or kill its sovereign. 2. A violation of allegiance to one's sovereign or to one's state. 3. the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.


1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust. 2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.

Pslam 109:8

May his days be few; may another take his place of leadership.

barry say's, "our borders are safe."


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Click here to see 100+ videos just like this.

What's in their backpacks? Are any of them sick with a contagious disease?

United States Code, Title 8, Chapter 12, Subchapter II, Part VIII, §1325 - "Improper Entry by Alien," any citizen of any country other than the United States who: 1) Enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers; or 2) Eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers; or 3) Attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a willfully false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a material fact; has committed a federal crime.

Violations are punishable by criminal fines and imprisonment for up to six months. Repeat offenses can bring up to two years in prison. Additional civil fines may be imposed at the discretion of immigration judges, but civil fines do not negate the criminal sanctions or nature of the offense.




Illegal Alien

1. a foreigner who has entered or resides in a country unlawfully or without the country's authorization. 2. a foreigner who enters the U.S. without an entry or immigrant visa, esp. a person who crosses the border by avoiding inspection or who overstays the period of time allowed as a visitor, tourist, or businessperson.


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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Illegal Aliens Drive Up ER Costs, Pollute Border Crossings

In one of a series of hearings occurring in 13 states over the month of August, a panel of the U.S. House of Representatives was told that TennCare pays about $15 million yearly in emergency care for illegal aliens. TennCare pays only for illegal aliens who would otherwise qualify for the program; the remainder of the burden falls on hospitals. So notes The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Inc. in a statement on August 26, 2006.

Gary Perrizo, director of accounting at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, estimates that his facility incurs $3.8 million in unreimbursed costs annually because of illegal aliens, a fraction of the more than $74 million total.

Republican Representatives Marsha Blackburn and Nathan Deal, both from Georgia, are concerned that many illegal immigrants are receiving care with forged documents. No evidence concerning the actual amounts was presented at the hearing (Tennessean, 8/11/06).

In general, hearings have been poorly attended, and activists complained that citizens were given no opportunity to speak (Houston Chronicle, 8/25/06).

Another cost of illegal immigration is that crossing routes are becoming buried in garbage. After three years of cleanups, federal government programs have cleaned up about 1 percent of the debris, removing 250,000 pounds of trash, more than 600 abandoned vehicles, and 1,725 abandoned bicycles. More than 50 miles of illegally made roads were rehabilitated.

Hikers in the Huachuca Mountains say they are almost wading through empty gallon water jugs. The rotting garbage and human waste is a health hazard to humans and also to wildlife. Trash is commonly found in bears' stomachs.

The cost of removing all the trash in one area of southeastern Arizona is estimated to be about $4.5 million, not including the real trash hotbeds such as the Ironwood Forest National Monument. Without effective border controls, the task is believed to be impossible (Arizona Daily Star, 7/30/05).

Compounding the current higher ER, hospital and environmental costs is the fact that nearly a quarter of U.S. births are to immigrants. This, according to a study in 2005, is a record higher than at the peak of the previous great immigration wave in 1910. Nearly 42 percent of those births are to mothers in the country illegally.

Do the math, and this means that 10 percent of U.S. births are to illegal aliens.

"We are heading, if you will, into uncharted territory," said last year's study author, Steve Camarota, director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies. "In the past, immigration was significantly reduced when it reached a similar level, but that's not happening today."

Comments noted historian Philip Gold, Ph.D., of Seattle, "This whole situation sounds like an excerpt from an Ayn Rand novel."

To which we add that to allow this absurdity to happen we must be either the most foolish people on earth, delusional, or as a country have a latent wish for destruction.

Source - http://archive.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2006/8/29/144609.shtml

Friday, August 25, 2006

Feds Bust 25 Illegal Alien Sexual Predators in Los Angeles

A Mexican national who attempted to kidnap a seven-year-old girl from a local Laundromat is one of 25 persons arrested by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Los Angeles during the past three days as part of a joint enforcement effort with the United States Attorney's Office targeting foreign nationals with prior convictions for sex offenses, many of them involving children.

Four of the foreign nationals taken into custody during this week's operation have been deported from the United States previously. The group includes two Salvadorans, a Honduran, and a Mexican national. The defendants are being prosecuted by the US Attorney's newly created Domestic Security and Immigration Crimes Section for reentering the United States after deportation, a felony that carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. Earlier this week, the four were ordered detained without bond. A fifth man, a Salvadoran national convicted of lewd and lascivious acts on a child under 14, also faces criminal charges, but he remains at large.

The sex offenders being prosecuted for felony reentry include Jose Angel Pakas-Murcia, 46, a Honduran national who was deported in 1995 after serving time for sexually assaulting a nine-year-old girl in Florida. ICE agents arrested Pakas-Murcia Tuesday at the local car dealership where he worked as a manager in the parts department.

The remaining 21 sex offenders -- including 17 Mexican nationals, three Salvadorans, and a Filipino - are being detained by ICE and will be placed in administrative immigration proceedings. Of the 21, 14 are legal permanent residents whose criminal convictions make them subject to deportation. The remaining seven entered the country illegally.

The arrests are the latest local enforcement action carried out as part of Operation Predator, an ongoing ICE initiative to identify, investigate, arrest and, in the case of foreign nationals, deport those who prey on children, including human traffickers, international sex tourists, and Internet pornographers.

The foreign nationals arrested on administrative immigration violations include Gabino Chavez-Rosales, a 43-year-old Mexican national who was convicted in California state court of lewd acts with a minor. The charges stem from an incident where the Glendale resident tried to kidnap a young girl who was playing in a Laundromat parking lot. Also arrested on immigration violations was Jose Luis Rodriguez-Lucatero, 41, who entered the United States illegally from Mexico and was convicted for the attempted rape of a 15-year-old girl.

"These pedophiles pose a serious threat to the well-being of our children, our families, and our communities," said Robert Schoch, special agent-in-charge for the ICE office of investigations in Los Angeles. "We will continue to work closely with the United States Attorney's Office and our other law enforcement partners to target those who prey on the children of this community. In the case of foreign nationals who commit predatory offenses, we cannot only take them off of the streets, but we can seek to have them sent out of the country."

Meanwhile, ICE agents are continuing to search for the fifth criminal suspect sought in the operation, Alejandro Rodriguez Villegas, 50, of Los Angeles. The Salvadoran, who was sentenced to five years in prison for lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14, was previously deported in 1997.

Since ICE launched Operation Predator in July of 2003, the agency has arrested more than 8,200 sex offenders nationwide. More than 1,100 of those arrests were made by ICE agents in the Los Angeles area.

Operation Predator is part of ICE’s expanded interior immigration enforcement strategy, which focuses on identifying and removing criminal aliens, immigration fugitives, and other immigration violators from the United States. The agency's top priority is arresting and removing foreign nationals who pose a threat to public safety or national security.

Source - http://www.nationalledger.com/cgi-bin/artman/exec/view.cgi?archive=3&num=7941

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Illegal Alien Activist Elvira Arellano Hides Out In Church To Avoid Deportation

I reported on Elvira Arellano this morning, an illegal alien who managed to convince politicians to back her stay here in 2002 despite her illegal status. Arellano has been in the US for 9 years and had been deported at least once previous to her 2002 stay after being busted in an immigration sweep. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and others fought to keep her here in 2002. She then started up an illegal alien activist lobby group called United Latino Family.

I guess Elvira Arellano assumed her battles over her illegal status were over and that she was home free. Home free enough to become the founder and leader of a lobby group, consulting with President Vicente Fox of Mexico -- the president of the country she fled from and vows not to return to because it's so horrible. Well her number came up as she received a notice a few weeks ago to appear for deportation yesterday at 9AM where she would more than likely have been tossed out of the country. She failed to do so, thumbing her nose at the system. She should have been thrown out 4 years ago, but this is just a small example of what happens when you don't deal with a problem and let it fester like we are doing currently with our immigration policy as a whole. Eventually the problem balloons and turns into a major issue.

Elvira Arellano's used every trick in the book. She had a child here as an "anchor baby". She played the "my son is sick with ADHD" trick to gain sympathy from politicians, the church and other sympathetic illegal alien supporters. Now she's attempting to be a martyr of the illegal alien cause by fleeing to the Adalberto United Methodist Church and openly daring authorities to drag her away. She took her son with her, thus showing she has absolutely no caring about the torment she could potentially cause him by her actions and that he is just a tool to be used for her goals.

By fleeing her deportation hearing Elvira Arellano is now considered a fugitive from justice.

Source - http://www.diggersrealm.com/mt/archives/001790.html