We are being invaded by a foreign country
20+ million ILLEGAL aliens are in the United States of America.
Right now in the United States of America, ILLEGAL aliens have more rights than you do!


Help save America | Say NO to Amnesty | Say NO to obama

"There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag, and this excludes the red flag, which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization, just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile...We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language...and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people." --Theodore Roosevelt

"This nation is in danger of becoming a Third World nightmare with all the corruption, disease, illiteracy, violence and balkanization known all over the world. We need a 10-year moratorium on all immigration to catch our collective breath and we need deportation of over 10 million illegal aliens in a slow and orderly fashion." --Ed Garrison

“The 1987 amnesty was a failure; rather than reducing illegal immigration, it led to an increase,” FAIR stated. “Any new amnesty measure will further weaken respect for our immigration laws. Therefore, all amnesty measures must be defeated.” --Frosty Wooldridge

This is your nation and this is your time to take action.

President barry shits on the United States.

This is a picture of YOUR American president, (president barry soetoro, a.k.a barack obama) refusing to acknowledge the National Anthem of the United States of America. This picture clearly shows barry with his hands crossed across his vaginal area when the United States Anthem was playing.

barry has NO RESPECT for you, me, or America! Not only did he disrespect America, he just shit on the graves of every American Soldier that has died for this country.

6/15/2010 - PRESIDENT BARRY CAN'T EVEN KEEP A U.S. PARK OPEN!!! He gave the park to mexico & the illegal alien mexican drug cartel!!!

7/6/2010 - American President barry soetoro sues AMERICA!!!

9/11/2010 - YOUR president just gave mexico $1 billion dollars for deepwater oil drilling despite his own moratorium on U.S. deepwater drilling!? More proof that barry hates America!


1. the offense of acting to overthrow one's government or to harm or kill its sovereign. 2. A violation of allegiance to one's sovereign or to one's state. 3. the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.


1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust. 2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.

Pslam 109:8

May his days be few; may another take his place of leadership.

barry say's, "our borders are safe."


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Click here to see 100+ videos just like this.

What's in their backpacks? Are any of them sick with a contagious disease?

United States Code, Title 8, Chapter 12, Subchapter II, Part VIII, §1325 - "Improper Entry by Alien," any citizen of any country other than the United States who: 1) Enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers; or 2) Eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers; or 3) Attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a willfully false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a material fact; has committed a federal crime.

Violations are punishable by criminal fines and imprisonment for up to six months. Repeat offenses can bring up to two years in prison. Additional civil fines may be imposed at the discretion of immigration judges, but civil fines do not negate the criminal sanctions or nature of the offense.




Illegal Alien

1. a foreigner who has entered or resides in a country unlawfully or without the country's authorization. 2. a foreigner who enters the U.S. without an entry or immigrant visa, esp. a person who crosses the border by avoiding inspection or who overstays the period of time allowed as a visitor, tourist, or businessperson.


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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Massachusetts Senate Says Yes To Illegal Alien Crackdown

Mass. Senate Approves Illegal Immigrant Crackdown

[Boston] The Massachusetts Senate on Thursday approved a tougher measure designed to clamp down on illegal immigrants’ ability to obtain a range of state services from Medicaid to public housing.

The 28-10 vote came a day after the Senate passed a narrower proposal targeting illegal immigrants trying to get Medicaid and unemployment benefits.

The new measure — which is included in a budget bill working its way through the Senate — requires companies doing business with the state to verify that their workers are in the country legally and bars them from bidding on public contracts if they’re caught employing illegal immigrants.

It also would subject those found to have used false identification to get a job with a state contractor to a 15-year jail term or $10,000 fine. Illegal immigrants seeking state-funded public housing also would be barred from receiving those benefits ahead of anyone who is in the country legally.

Senate Republican leader Richard Tisei of Wakefield, declared it a victory for Republicans, saying it incorporates measures GOP lawmakers have long advocated.

“This sends a very strong message,” he said. “You shouldn’t be here illegally if you want to access benefits.”

Supporters of the wide-ranging proposal couldn’t say how much the various measures would end up costing taxpayers. Some suggested it would save money, but others conceded that enforcing the new rules would cost the state.

Earlier this week, Senate President Therese Murray, a Plymouth Democrat, had dismissed the Republican proposal as “smoke and mirrors.”

After the vote, Murray said she was bowing to the will of the Senate, even though she didn’t agree with everything in the proposal.

“There are parts of it that I think are unfortunate, but the members wanted it,” said Murray, who did not cast a vote.

Democratic Sen. Steve Baddour, who spoke in favor of the proposal, called it a bipartisan compromise.

Critics, including Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, a Boston Democrat, faulted backers for rushing through the measure, which was unveiled Thursday minutes before senators debated and passed it.

“Shameful,” Chang-Diaz said of the proposal after the vote.

In addition to restrictions on Medicaid, housing and unemployment benefits, the proposal would prevent the children of illegal immigrants from obtaining the same in-state tuition discount to public colleges and universities as legal Massachusetts residents. It also would bar illegal-immigrant students from getting taxpayer-funded education grants.

The tuition measure is a rebuke to Gov. Deval Patrick, who has pushed to allow those students to take advantage of the lower tuition rate, arguing that many of them were brought here by their parents as small children and have attended public schools.

An aide to Patrick said the governor will ensure any new efforts “are not duplicative, too costly and overly burdensome.” He added that the governor continues to back in-state tuition rates for children of illegal immigrants.

“It is unfair that a small number of students that did not choose to come to Massachusetts and attended public schools continue to be ineligible to pay the same tuition as their classmates,” said Press Secretary Juan Martinez.

A spokesman for House Speaker Robert DeLeo said the details of any final legislation will be worked out by a House and Senate conference committee.

The proposal establishes a toll free hot line to allow citizens to report to the state Attorney General’s office suspected violations of the part of the amendment prohibiting the hiring of illegal immigrants by contractors working for the state.

It also authorizes the state attorney general to enter into a “memorandum of understanding” with the U.S. attorney general to work collaboratively to enforce the nation’s immigration laws.

The state also would have to verify the immigration or citizen status of anyone arraigned in a criminal proceeding before a trial court in the state. The MassHealth program also would have to check participants’ immigration status through the federal Homeland Security Department.

The Massachusetts House narrowly rejected a measure last month during their budget debate that also would have required those seeking to obtain state-funded public services to verify their status.

The Senate’s action follows a poll released late Wednesday that found eight out of ten Massachusetts voters say proof of citizenship should be required for public benefits.

The Suffolk University/WHDH-TV survey released Wednesday found 84 percent of voters recommending Massachusetts lawmakers require people provide proof of citizenship to receive state benefits. Just 12 percent said no and 4 percent were undecided.

The poll surveyed 500 Massachusetts registered voters from last Thursday to Sunday and had a margin of error of plus or minus 4.4 percentage points.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Surprise: New U.S. border troops won’t be used to stop illegal aliens

President Obama’s promise to put 1,200 new troops on the border is as empty as the national treasury. Turns out those troops won’t be used to stop the flow of illegal aliens.

AFP has a full report on Obama’s empty promise:

US National Guard troops being sent to the Mexican border will be used to stem the flow of guns and drugs across the frontier and not to enforce US immigration laws, the State Department said Wednesday.

The clarification came after the Mexican government urged Washington not to use the additional troops to go after illegal immigrants.

President Barack Obama on Tuesday authorized the deployment of up to 1,200 additional troops to border areas but State Department spokesman Philip Crowley told reporters, “It’s not about immigration.”

He said the move was “fully consistent with our efforts to do our part to stem, you know, violence, to interdict the flow of dangerous people and dangerous goods — drugs, guns, people.”

He said the extra troops would be used to free up civilians engaged in support functions so that law enforcement personnel can be increased along the 2,000-mile-long (3,200 kilometer) border.

How can you explain Obama’s constant kowtowing to the president of a corrupt third world country against the overwhelming opposition of the American people?

Felipe Calderon must have photos of Barack Obama in compromising positions with farm animals. It’s the only possible answer.


Rand Paul opposes citizenship for babies of illegal aliens. So does over half of America!

FRANKFORT, Ky. — U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul is stirring it up again, this time by saying he opposes citizenship for children born in the U.S. to parents who are illegal immigrants.

Paul, who a week ago won the GOP primary, told a Russian TV station in a clip circulating on political Web sites Friday that he wants to block citizenship to those children.

"We're the only country I know that allows people to come in illegally, have a baby, and then that baby becomes a citizen," Paul told RT, an English-language station, shortly after his win over GOP establishment candidate Trey Grayson. "And I think that should stop also."

Legislation dubbed the Birthright Citizenship Act was introduced in the House last year seeking to prevent citizenship to babies born to illegal immigrants even though the 14th Amendment to the Constitution guarantees citizenship to everyone born in the U.S. More than 90 lawmakers signed on as co-sponsors.

Paul told the TV station that partisan politics may be at play in not stopping illegal immigration.

"I'm not opposed to letting people come in and work and labor in our country," Paul said. "But I think what we should do is we shouldn't provide an easy route to citizenship. A lot of this is about demographics. If you look at new immigrants from Mexico, they register three to one Democrat, so the Democratic Party is for easy citizenship and allowing them to vote. I think we need to address that."

Immigration advocates criticized Paul's stand on Friday as immoral.

"That's a very extremist position," said Manuel Perez-Rocha, a spokesman for the liberal Washington-based Institute for Policy Studies. "It comes at a very bad moment in history because it tends to polarize debate on immigration when it's most needed that both parties come to their senses so they can have serious discussion on the subject. It's immoral. It lacks compassion."

Campaign chairman David Adams said Friday that Paul stands behind his statements.

"Illegal immigration is a real problem in this country," Adams said, "and if we can't talk about this, what can we talk about?"

Rusty Childress, founder of the anti-illegal immigration group United for a Sovereign America, praised Paul for voicing his opinion on the issue.

"He's a brave individual to stand up for what he believes in," he said. "Illegal immigration is a topic like abortion or religion — it's controversial, and it's really taboo. For a candidate to come out and be so strongly not ignoring the issue is admirable."

Childress said he also believes children born in the U.S. to illegal immigrants should not get citizenship.

"It is an incentive, and the role of our government becomes that of an enabler of illegal immigration," Childress said. "We hold just one more carrot out there as incentive to cross the desert and break our immigration laws."

Paul faces Democrat Jack Conway, the state's attorney general, in the November general election.

During the primary campaign, Conway said he would support tough but fair immigration legislation, and he called for securing the border. Campaign manager Jonathan Drobis repeated that position on Friday, saying Conway is talking about real solutions for the problems facing Kentucky while Paul "is speaking in sound bites to Russian television."

The notion of stopping birthright citizenship to children of illegal immigrants wasn't raised during the primary, which isn't surprising since Kentucky isn't the magnet for illegal immigrants as some other places around the country.

University of Louisville political scientist Laurie Rhodebeck said Paul's position is no political liability in Kentucky where polls show people frown on illegal immigration.

"Clearly, people here seem to be even more in favor of tight control over immigration issues than folks nationwide," Rhodebeck said. "So, if Paul wants, he could take the issue and run with it."

Paul's remarks come after he expressed misgivings about the 1964 Civil Rights Act, suggesting to MSNBC host Rachel Maddow last week that the federal government shouldn't have the power to force restaurants to serve minorities if business owners don't want to.

The Kentucky Senate on Friday adopted a resolution declaring any form of discrimination to be inconsistent with American values. Louisville Democratic Sen. Gerald Neal, who introduced the resolution, called Paul's comments an extreme position that has made Kentucky "a laughing stock."


Video - Limbaugh: "Amnesty is the single largest voter drive in the history of the United States"

Thursday, May 27, 2010

National Guard Will Only Be Looking For 'Bad' Illegal Aliens

President Obama is going to send a token 1,200 National Guard troops to the border of Arizona. However, after pressure from the Mexican government, just a day later, the US State Department came out yesterday, May 26, 2010 and made it clear that the National Guard troops will be omniscient enough to tell "good" illegal aliens - who mean no harm to the United States - from the "bad" illegal aliens - who are trafficking drugs or guns or are potential terrorists.

It is quite amazing to me that this administration and the illegal alien supporters continue to push this line of thought. These are the same groups that criticized the Arizona SB1070 law saying that law enforcement cannot tell who is illegal and who is not. Yet we are led to believe that troops they are sending to the southern border will not only be able to tell who is an illegal alien, but which ones are only "coming here to work".

It is just one more slap in the face by our federal government to the American people. All of their arguments lack any logic and I am pretty sure that the majority of American Citizens see what is going on.

The fact that Mexico has that much power to make our State Department release such a ludicrous declaration within a day of a declaration just shows that something needs to be done to end the corruption that has crept into our government from south of the border.


US National Guard troops being sent to the Mexican border will be used to stem the flow of guns and drugs across the frontier and not to enforce US immigration laws, the State Department said Wednesday.

The clarification came after the Mexican government urged Washington not to use the additional troops to go after illegal immigrants.


State Department spokesman Philip Crowley told reporters, "It's not about immigration."

He said the move was "fully consistent with our efforts to do our part to stem, you know, violence, to interdict the flow of dangerous people and dangerous goods -- drugs, guns, people."

The report also includes the little tidbit "Nearly 13 million Mexicans live in the United States, more than half of them illegally.", but anyone paying attention knows that is blatantly a false statement. Indeed more than half of Mexicans in the United States are here illegally, but that 13 million number is a complete fabrication.


“Uncle Sam: Secure the Border”


I think that it's illegal to make illegals legal


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

11 Illegal Aliens Hired for Gulf Cleanup Arrested in Bay County, Fla.

After receiving tips, Bay County, Fla., Sheriff’s deputies arrested 11 undocumented workers at the Panama City Marina on May 19, 2010, for using stolen social security numbers to obtain employment cleaning up the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Bay County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Ruth Corley indicates BP subcontractors hired the men, who most recently came from South Carolina, Mississippi and other parts of Florida. The men are citizens of Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador and Bolivia.

BP contracted with Eagle-SWS of Panama City to complete the oil clean-up work. According to BP spokesperson Vani Rao, Eagle-SWS hired CCI (Containment Control Inc.) of Hope Mills, N.C., which in turn brought on Lewis Environmental of Royersford, Pa., to work on the project.

“From what we can determine, those companies hired these people that we determined were illegal aliens,” Corley says.

Eagle-SWS and Lewis did not return calls for comment. Glen Taylor, president of CCI, denied his firm had hired undocumented workers.

Rao says that BP was not aware the firms had hired undocumented workers. After the arrests, BP, in coordination with the Bay County Sheriff, asked all of its subcontractors to go through a vetting process.

“We expect all subcontractors to follow all regulations,” Rao says. “They have now verified that all employees are from Florida and have legal work permits.”

The sheriff’s office has issued eight more warrants in connection with the incident. The investigation is ongoing, and Corley expects additional charges and arrests.

Danielle Bennett, a public affairs officer with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Tampa, says this is the only arrest she is aware of connected to the BP cleanup.

“The Bay County Sheriff's Office arrested 11 people and charged them with state felony offenses related to their identification,” Bennett says in a written statement. “The sheriff's office then contacted U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The 11 people lack lawful immigration status. They are currently in the state’s criminal custody. If and when they are released, ICE will proceed in accordance with our priorities.”


Video - Illegal alien arrested for setting fires in Valencia, CA

Video - Ken Buck for US Senate Family Testimonial May, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

illegal aliens and the rest of mexico are mad at Arizona for enforcing the law

TULTITLN, Mexico — Arizona's new law forcing local police to take a greater role in enforcing immigration law has caused a lot of criticism from Mexico, the largest single source of illegal immigrants in the United States. But in Mexico, illegal immigrants receive terrible treatment from corrupt Mexican authorities, say people involved in the system.

And Mexico has a law that is no different from Arizona's that empowers local police to check the immigration documents of people suspected of not being in the country legally.

"There (in the United States), they'll deport you," Hector Vázquez, an illegal immigrant from Honduras, said as he rested in a makeshift camp with other migrants under a highway bridge in Tultitlán. "In Mexico they'll probably let you go, but they'll beat you up and steal everything you've got first."

Mexican authorities have harshly criticized Arizona's SB1070, a law that requires local police to check the status of persons suspected of being illegal immigrants. The law provides that a check be done in connection with another law enforcement event, such as a traffic stop, and also permits Arizona citizens to file lawsuits against local authorities for not fully enforcing immigration laws.

Mexico's Foreign Ministry said the law "violates inalienable human rights" and Democrats in Congress applauded Mexican President Felipe Calderón's criticisms of the law in a speech he gave on Capitol Hill last week.

Yet Mexico's Arizona-style law requires local police to check IDs. And Mexican police freely engage in racial profiling and routinely harass Central American migrants, say immigration activists.

"The Mexican government should probably clean up its own house before looking at someone else's," said Melissa Vertíz, spokeswoman for the Fray Matías de Córdova Human Rights Center in Tapachula, Mexico.

In one six-month period from September 2008 through February 2009, at least 9,758 migrants were kidnapped and held for ransom in Mexico — 91 of them with the direct participation of Mexican police, a report by the National Human Rights Commission said. Other migrants are routinely stopped and shaken down for bribes, it said.

A separate survey conducted during one month in 2008 at 10 migrant shelters showed Mexican authorities were behind migrant attacks in 35 of 240 cases, or 15%.

Most migrants in Mexico are Central Americans who are simply passing through on their way to the United States, human rights groups say. Others are Guatemalans who live and work along Mexico's southern border, mainly as farm workers, as maids, or in bars and restaurants.

The Central American migrants headed to the United States travel mainly on freight trains, stopping to rest and beg for food at rail crossings like the one in Tultitlán, an industrial suburb of Mexico City.

On a recent afternoon, Victor Manuel Beltrán Rodríguez of Managua, Nicaragua, trudged between the cars at a stop light, his hand outstretched.

"Can you give me a peso? I'm from Nicaragua," he said. Every 10 cars or so, a motorist would roll down the window and hand him a few coins. In a half-hour he had collected 10 pesos, about 80 U.S. cents, enough for a taco.

Beltrán Rodríguez had arrived in Mexico with 950 pesos, about $76, enough to last him to the U.S. border. But near Tierra Blanca, Veracruz, he says municipal police had detained him, driven him to a deserted road and taken his money. He had been surviving since then by begging.

Abuses by Mexican authorities have persisted even as Mexico has relaxed its rules against illegal immigrants in recent years, according to the National Human Rights Commission.

In 2008, Mexico softened the punishment for illegal immigrants, from a maximum 10 years in prison to a maximum fine of $461. Most detainees are taken to detention centers and put on buses for home.

Mexican law calls for six to 12 years of prison and up to $46,000 in fines for anyone who shelters or transports illegal immigrants. The Supreme Court ruled in 2008 that the law applies only to people who do it for money.

For years, the Mexican government has allowed charity groups to openly operate migrant shelters, where travelers can rest for a few days on their journey north. The government also has a special unit of immigration agents, known as Grupo Beta, who patrol the countryside in orange pickups, helping immigrants who are in trouble.

At the same time, Article 67 of Mexico's immigration law requires that all authorities "whether federal, local or municipal" demand to see visas if approached by a foreigner and to hand over migrants to immigration authorities.

"In effect, this means that migrants who suffer crimes, including kidnapping, prefer not to report them to avoid … being detained by immigration authorities and returned to their country," the National Human Rights Commission said in a report last year.

As a result, the clause has strengthened gangs who abuse migrants, rights activists say.

"That Article 67 is an obstacle that urgently has to be removed," said Alberto Herrera, executive director of Amnesty International Mexico. "It has worsened this vicious cycle of abuse and impunity, and the same thing could happen (in Arizona)."

A bill passed by the Mexican Senate on Oct. 6 would eliminate the ID requirement in Article 67 and replace it with language saying "No attention in matters of human rights or the provision of justice shall be denied or restricted on any level (of government) to foreigners who require it, regardless of their migration status."

The Mexican House of Representatives approved a similar measure on March 16, but added a clause requiring the government to set aside funds to take care of foreigners during times of disaster. The revised bill has been stuck in the Senate's Population and Development Committee since then.

To discourage migrants from speaking out about abuse, Mexican authorities often tell detainees they will have to stay longer in detention centers if they file a complaint, Vertíz said.

A March 2007 order allows Mexican immigration agents to give "humanitarian visas" to migrants who have suffered crimes in Mexico. But the amnesty is not automatic, and most migrants don't know to ask for it, the commission said.


Illegal Aliens Invading the U.S.A.

Pirates prowling the shores, kidnappings and abductions, the murdering of American citizens on our own soil. A borderland in chaos, full scale anarchy, lawlessness and armed gangs ruling the borderlands.

Such a description certainly fits today with our border with Mexico. Stories of murder, mayhem, abductions, drugs and trafficking fill the news on a daily basis. The border area and the cities of Juarez, Tijuana and Nogales are war zones, the violence spreading across the border at a frightening rate.

But the description is not for today alone. In the aftermath of the War of 1812, with the defeat of the British and New Orleans secure, only Spanish Florida remained out of American hands, the last European colony east of the Mississippi.

But Spain was weak, its once great Global Empire a faded memory as it struggled to hold on to its prize colonies in the Western Hemisphere. Florida however, like most of Spain’s other colonies in the present day United States, was not considered significant. Outside of a few military outposts and scattered missions, the disease infested swamps and marshlands were left uninhabited.

By the early 19th century, Florida had become the home of ruffians, outlaws, buccaneers, runaway slaves, and Indian bandits. The Spanish garrisons in Pensacola were hard pressed to protect their own settlers, much less patrol the anarchy on the border of the U.S. By 1817, with Americans being attacked and murdered on our side of the border, the crisis had reached a boiling point. It was one thing to have chaos across a border, but when it spilled over to our side, endangering American lives and property, it became a crisis that had to be dealt with.

Fortunately, America at that time had the strength of General Andrew Jackson, fresh off his victory at the Battle of New Orleans. He was a national hero. Politicians in Washington, as is often the case, were hesitant and adverse to conflict, even in the case of protecting American lives. But President James Monroe, sensing that something had to be done, gave orders to U.S. troops to chase raiders across the border. Jackson took his cue, and within a short period of time, Florida was cleared of trouble. Spain meekly retreated and paved the way for annexation and later statehood for the territory. Most critical, Americans were safe.

What is the lesson? There are many and though history never runs a straight line to the present, we can draw from the parallels. The first and most important lesson of course, is that the protection of American lives and property is paramount over any other consideration. All options go on the table in the defense of protecting our citizens against harm. Second, we should not be afraid, averse, or even hesitant to use force, including military force to interdict, across the border if necessary, those committing crimes against American sovereignty.

If the Mexican government cannot control the border, much as the Spanish government could not control Florida in 1817, it is incumbent on the Federal Government of the United States to take whatever steps are necessary to curb the violence. And let’s call this what it is. When foreign nationals with weapons cross a border and murder, destroy property and kidnap Americans, that is an invasion. We have every right to defend ourselves; now the only relevant question is where has America’s pride gone when we don’t care enough for protecting Americans from violence being committed across an international border. That is singly the Federal Government’s responsibility.

Does this mean we should invade northern Mexico? Probably not yet, but we do need to militarize the border and prepare for whatever actions become necessary. As history shows, the precedent is there.

America can and should not stand by and allow a lawless borderland to continue. The drug cartels have taken control of the border and murdered thousands of Mexicans and now that violence has come north. Call it what you want, but it is a war. And if Mexico won’t or can’t fight this war, we will. If we can send hundreds of thousands of American troops to protect the life and liberty of Iraqis, Afghans, Vietnamese, Koreans, Bosnians, and millions of others, then we can surely do the same for our own American citizens.

It is time to heed the call of Andrew Jackson. “The conduct of this banditti is such as will not be tolerated by our government, and if not put down by Spanish authority will compel us in self-defense to destroy them.” Such were the words given by Jackson to the Spanish Governor at Pensacola. Such words should have been spoken by our President instead of the cowardly and treacherous apology that he gave President Calderon last week in Washington and his arrogant elitist blather about shopping for ice cream cones. Has he forgotten the oath that he took just a year and a half ago?

A message needs to be sent to Washington and to Mexico City. American lives deserved to be protected from foreign invasion. It is the one duty of the Federal Government above all others. It is time this warning is heeded.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Illegal Aliens – felipe calderon Dictates United States of America Policy? – barry soetoro Applauds

OPEN BORDERS….came to mind when listening to Obama discuss the illegal immigration “situation”. President Felipe Calderon standing on the congress floor addressing a joint session of our “elected officials” spoke of his vision for Mexico and the Mexican people. He told us about the great strides Mexico is accomplishing. He even let us know that “not one cent from taxpayers went to a single bank in Mexico last year!” He stood proud about 10 feet tall in front of all the Socialist drones we now have in Washington DC. Why should we be angry at Calderon for bragging about his Mexico? He received 4 minutes or more of applause from “our” elected drones before he could utter a single word. Why should he not come in and tell us what to do? Obama the great divider empowered this third world country President by allowing him to “blame” us for his problems with assault weapons. In fact Calderon straight out told our Socialist drones to reinstate the assault weapon ban. Great, we have a third world country President telling our drones what to do. Why not? Look at what we have elected! Socialist/Democrat Drones!

Calderon in his total ignorance went further by chastising Arizona for their immigration law and Obama not only permitted him to do so but sided with this foreign president. Obama once again has committed the unspeakable. Taking sides against an American state! Mexico has a long standing history of using the caste system with the “Indios”. The “elite” use them as worker bees, mistreat them, rob them of their land, and have even been know to “sterilize” their women to profit the “elite” of Mexico. Maybe Felipe should first acquaint himself with Mexico’s history before he tells us how to run our country even if he supposedly is the first president to really help his people.

We must not miss the point: Obama who should be the leader of the free world has not only taken a back seat but is leading the way to total chaos and the destruction of America. Obama the great divider wants us divided, he wants chaos, he wants to be the leader of the WORLD. But first he wants to be reelected in 2012! He is paving the way for his “Mexican voters” with amnesty or better still an open back door!! He is setting the stage by embracing the poor Mexicans crossing our borders illegally. We must stay focused. Our anger should be directed at the Obama Administration, at those elected officials who do Obama’s bidding. At the Socialist wannabe dictator president we now have and not at the Mexicans. How can we blame the poor illegal desiring to free himself of Mexico?

We must face reality. First let us not be naïve, it is about VOTES and yes we also need VOTES to win. We must unite with our Hispanic and Mexican Americans to win in November. Statistics show that Texas is predominately of Hispanic or Mexican ethnicity. Second the Border is not going to be secured until we have the backbone to enforce our laws. Third we must have Immigration Reform. We must know who enters our country. The threat of terrorism is constant. We have waited too long to address this problem and now it is critical!

Crying, stomping our feet, screaming and yelling, slurring our neighbors to the South will NOT do the trick. We must stand united as Americans to rid ourselves of this horrendous plague we now have in DC. November is fast approaching. Have you adopted a conservative candidate by volunteering in his campaign, have you contributed money to support your candidate of choice? If you have not, then you are NOT doing your share to save America!

This report is the combined effort of so many conservatives in action, specifically June L, Mary B, Kathy McL, Joe H, Cindi P, Red Rita, Donna G, Red Fred, Ronnie R, Kathy M, Glenn B, Shar B, and Bill H. Thank you CIA’s for your personal stories, your comments and your efforts in saving America. I cry for our America and the great people we still are!


True victims of illegal aliens

The true victims of "illegal" immigration are the citizens of the United States with stolen identities, stolen tax dollars from entitlement programs and the victims of crimes. Residents of Utah should inform themselves of the current laws and then make a decision about letting compassion rule. Many of the arguments for "illegal" immigration are false. Immigrants do not live in the shadows. They produce WIC vouchers and Medicaid cards. The police are worried they will not help solve crimes. When was the last time an illegal immigrant turned in anyone they know for a crime?


Friday, May 21, 2010

Video - Weh Opposes Sanctuary Policies and Amnesty

Video - Investigators: Illegal alien rape suspect deported nine times

Governor wants helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles to support border security effort

Gov. Jan Brewer has sent another salvo in her ongoing war of words with the federal government regarding border security, this time seeking helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles to help combat illegal drug trafficking.

In a May 20 letter to President Barack Obama, Brewer is asking the federal government to reallocate some of the nation's network of OH-58 Kiowa helicopters to Arizona for use in border missions.

The state currently has 13 such helicopters, but nine are dedicated to training missions, leaving only four to support actual law enforcement efforts.

According to a distribution map provided by Brewer's office, the federal government has 158 OH-58 Kiowa's scattered in all but a handful of states throughout the nation. Brewer is asking that some of those aircraft be moved from other states to Arizona.

The OH-58 Kiowa is a single-engine, single-rotor aircraft used primarily for armed reconaissance in support of ground troops, according to information provided on the Bell Helicopter website. They have been in use by the U.S. Army since the late 1960s.

"An Arizona OH-58 fleet of 8-10 dedicated aircraft would enable us to double our border coverage to 2,000 hours per year," the letter states. "To be effective, these additional aircraft must be equipped for day and night operations."

The Governor's letter also asks that "as overseas operations in Iraq and Afghanistan permit" the federal government consider the additional use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles along the Arizona-Mexico border to support counter-drug missions.

The White House referred requests for comment over to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which declined to officially address the requests outlined in Brewer's letter, or say whether they were even feasible.

Matt Chandler, a DHS spokesman, issued a lengthy statement in which he said that "our border with Mexico is safer and more secure than it has ever been."

In the past 15 months, Chandler said, the agency has sent an "unprecedented" level of manpower, technology and infrastructure" to the border.

There are now "almost 4,500 boots on the ground in Arizona alone, an 8 percent increase from a year ago," Chandler said. "We also have more technology on the border than ever before, including 39 full-time aircraft and 3 unmanned aerial systems in Arizona."

Chandler added: "We look forward to continuing to work with state and local officials to ensure that we continue to be prepared to detect illegal cross-border activity...and stop it in its tracks."

This is not the first time the Governor has requested federal assistance in border security efforts. She has previously sent letters to President Obama, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, and other Congressional leaders, seeking additional National Guard troops on the border and a boost in funding for the Joint Counter Narco-Terrorism Task Force.

All her previous requests have gone unanswered, she said.

"They've turned a very blind eye," Brewer told The Republic this week. "I've not even been dignified with a response, basically."


Video - Arizona Sing-A-Long: Read Immigration Law!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jan Brewer for President 2012

Move over, Sarah! Take a breath and sit down, Rush! There’s a new spokesperson for the Tea Party, and it looks like she’s going to be around for a good long while. Her name is Janice “Jan” Kay Brewer, and politics is anything but a ‘game’ to her - it's serious, get-things-done business to her. Originally from Los Angeles, she now resides in Arizona where she is the state's 22nd Governor.

Brewer was little known on the national scene until recently when Arizona passed the Arizona Immigration Law. She is showing what she's made of through the law's ordeal with the current federal government's and the public's criticisms. She defends the controversial law by saying it is needed to enforce the unenforced federal immigration laws. In the past month, she has taken on President Obama’s criticism of the law by reiterating over and over again that the law would not be necessary if he were doing his job of securing the borders. She further criticizes Obama by insisting that he is not securing the borders for his own political gain at the ballot box in the future. She strongly believes that supporting immigration would make Obama less popular with his liberal following. As recently as today, on the Sean Hannity Program, she also criticizes federal officials for jumping on Obama’s coattails to criticize the law while some end up admitting that they haven’t even read the law.

She has an ‘I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to sit here and take your criticism’ attitude towards anyone and everyone who finds fault with her law – from Obama on down. She isn’t timid about criticizing Obama like those who criticize him in a round-about way in the third person. When she’s got the microphone and the press's attention, she begins her comments and criticisms of Obama by saying, “Mr. President!” She addresses the commander-in-chief directly and assuredly. She comes across as totally confident in what she’s doing and fearless of any political consequences.

Of Brewer, she’s a 65-year-old Republican who moved from California, where she was a successful chiropractor and real estate agent, to Arizona when she got married in 1970. It was thirteen years later that she was elected to Arizona’s House of Representatives, followed by becoming a State Senator for eleven years and serving as the majority whip for the last three. Next, she served six years as the chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, a position in which she turned a county experiencing a financial disaster into one of the financially-strongest counties in the country. It was this feat that gave her deserved recognition as a politician who makes positive contributions above and beyond what others had been able to do before her. In 2002, she was elected to be Arizona’s Secretary of State. After seven years in that position, in 2009, former Democratic Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano resigned her governorship to become a member of President Obama’s cabinet as the Secretary of the United States’ Homeland Security. Brewer was in succession for the Governor’s position.

I believe we’ll be hearing a lot more from and about Jan Brewer. Whether you and I agree with her immigration stance and actions or not, she is showing admirable qualities for a leader to possess. From the looks of things, she’s not going to be going anywhere – except up – soon.

Video - Arizona say's, "who cares about Villaraigosa and his boycott"

Illegal alien arrested for rape and murder of American woman pleads not guilty

SB Sun
An undocumented immigrant pleaded not guilty today to kidnapping and raping an Arizona woman whose body was found in a Barstow motel last week.Cesar Omar Gonzalez Rascon, 31, entered his plea in Barstow Superior Court after being arraigned on charges of kidnapping for rape and rape of an unconscious person.

A judge set his bail at $1 million but officials have also placed an immigration hold on him at West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga.

Depending on autopsy results, Rascon could also face a murder charge for Melissa Curley’s slaying.

Police say the 33-year-old woman had been renting a room at the Sunset Inn and went out with a friend Friday night. After her friend dropped her off, Rascon allegedly abducted Curley as she walked to her room. He then took her to a room he had rented next door to Curley’s and stayed inside for a while before leaving alone in his vehicle.

When Curley’s friend came to pick her up the next morning, he found her body and called 9-1-1.

“We haven’t been able to determine the cause of death yet,” said Sgt. Andrew Espinoza.

There were obvious signs that Curley had been sexually assaulted but detectives declined to reveal details about what evidence was uncovered in the room.

After learning that Rascon had rented the room where her body was found, they tracked down his vehicle and found him working at a fuel station in Yermo. He was arrested after being interviewed at police headquarters Saturday.

Rascon and Curley reportedly did not know each other but it’s unclear whether they may have met earlier in the night.It is unknown how long Rascon had worked in the area. “He was trying to set up residence here,” Espinoza said.

Coroner’s officials said they are unsure when an autopsy would be performed on Curley to figure out how she died. Prosecutors will then determine whether to amend charges against Rascon.

“We’ll review the autopsy results and make a determination,” said Deputy District Attorney Sean Daugherty.

Rascon faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted of the charges.


Go home, become legal

We keep seeing comparisons of illegal immigrants today with those who came into this unclaimed land when only bands of roaming Native Americans occupied a small part of it. There was no government, no defined boundary lines, no illegality. Today we are a viable organized nation. Therefore today's immigrant is illegal in not conforming to the rules and laws of this or any other nation.

Rationalizations won't change that.

Their ancestors didn't organize and build but a small part of this country. Our ancestors did. Cool it. Go home and become legal.


Video - obama folks having real t-r-o-u-b-l-e reading the new A-r-i-z-o-n-a illegal alien l-a-w

Maybe instead of childhood obesity, the Obama administration should focus its feel-good campaign attention on adult literacy.

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano is now the second outspoken member of President Obama's high-powered cabinet to admit she has not actually read the Arizona illegal immigrant law that she's been so thoroughly denouncing anyway.

Recall House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying Congress would have to pass the healthcare legislation before we could all read what was in it?
And remember all the mocking that went on awhile back when religious evangelicals criticized movies they hadn't seen or shows they hadn't attended?

Well, the learning requirement apparently only goes one-way. And they're boycotting reading the law they want people to boycott Arizona over.

Testifying before Arizona's own Sen. John McCain this week, Napolitano was asked if she had read the law derided by so many for things it doesn't do. (See the fun C-SPAN video below, especially at the 1:01:20 mark.)

Napolitano allowed as how well, actually, no, not really. Not "in detail" is how she put it.

In case she -- or you -- would like to read it now, The Ticket published right here the full text and accompanying Executive Order by Gov. Jan Brewer way back on May 7. (See Related Items beneath the videos below.)

Previously, the attorney general of the United States, Eric Holder, a reputed lawyer, admitted to Congress that he too had not actually read the relatively short piece of legislation. No doubt too busy not closing Guantanamo Bay.

Hmm. So earlier this week trouble-making reporters asked White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs if the Smoker in Chief, another strong critic of the state law, had....

...read the legislation. And Gibbs said he thought Obama had asked his lawyers for information on the bill.

Which, of course, doesn't really answer the question. It's primo White House-speak for "probably not but I don't want to admit it."

Also on the video Napolitano, a former Arizona governor, proclaims that the Arizona act on illegal immigrants is legislation that she would never ever have signed as governor.

Without ever having read it.


Video - Terrorists Invading America from Mexico

Part I

Part II

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Police chase turns into illegal alien bust

SUGAR LAND, TX (KTRK) -- What started out as a police chase Tuesday in Fort Bend County turned into a bust of alleged smuggled illegal immigrants.

Eyewitnesses described a wild scene in Fort Bend County where more than a dozen people made a run for it at the end of a police chase.

The chase started around 12:30pm Tuesday in Stafford and ended a few minutes later when about 15 people scattered from one small pickup truck. SkyEye HD was the only one over the scene as those men were being rounded up.

The truck actually belonged to a retired Houston police officer. Scott Bumgardner told us the reason he bought a bright yellow pickup truck was so that he could pick it out of a crowd. That's exactly what he did Tuesday when he saw his own stolen truck being driven down Highway 59 and called Fort Bend County police. He never would have guessed that police would have broken up what they believe to be an illegal smuggling ring.

The arrests happened in Stafford off Highway 90A. Fifteen men were taken into custody, a peaceful end to a short but wild ride through Fort Bend County including Sugar Land and Stafford. It was near Avenue E in Stafford where police say the stolen yellow truck drove into heavy traffic and was forced to slow down. That's when police say the men inside jumped out and scattered.

The chase caught Paul Fain's eye.

"We saw the officer running this way," said Fain. "In fact, there was a police car near the apartment in the back and it just looked like they were trying to follow someone and catch them before they got away."

A few minutes later, as Fain left his home, he saw the suspects arrested and sitting on the ground.

"I'm glad it was a peaceful resolution -- apparently no one was injured," Fain said.

Authorities say it was a retired Houston police officer who first reported seeing his own stolen truck traveling on 59 at Crabbe River Road. Sugar Land police say the truck began to speed up after refusing to pull over, creating a dangerous situation.

"Given the fact that the vehicle would not stop, likely traveling at a high rate of speed, placing both the occupants of the truck and citizens at risk, it was a dangerous situation," said Doug Adolph, a Sugar Land police spokesperson.

Authorities say the men who were arrested were undocumented immigrants, and even though Sugar Land police made the arrest, the suspects have been turned over to federal authorities. No injuries were reported.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement will transport them to a federal detention facility sometime Tuesday evening.

Charges have not yet been filed, and feds say the possibility exists that this was an illegal smuggling ring.


Illegal alien murder suspect arrested on way into mexico

SAN DIEGO — An illegal immigrant who was sought on a felony murder warrant for a drive-by shooting Sunday in San Jose was arrested Monday while trying to leave the country at the San Ysidro border checkpoint, authorities said.

Francisco Rodriguez-Adame, 24, was arrested by federal officers about 11:40 a.m. and later turned over to San Jose police.

U.S. Customs officers were making checks on vehicles heading into Mexico on southbound Interstate 5 when they came across Rodriguez-Adame, one of four men riding in a Honda Civic.

Another passenger, a 20-year-old with a criminal history, also was determined to be an illegal immigrant. He was turned over to U.S. Border Patrol agents.

The two other men, both U.S. citizens, were allowed to enter Mexico.

Rodriguez-Adame is a suspect in a shooting that occurred about 3 a.m. Sunday in the parking lot of a large San Jose strip mall, said Dirk Parsons, spokesman for the San Jose Police Department.

Witnesses said the victim, Jorge Soto, 20, was walking through the lot when a vehicle drove by slowly. One shot was fired and Soto fell to the ground. The vehicle sped off. Soto was later declared dead at the scene.

The shooting was still being investigated. Parsons said it was not yet known if it was gang-related. He said that Rodriguez-Adame is from the state of Durango in Mexico.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Support broadens among Americans for Arizona's tough illegal-alien law, while opposition sags

President Obama is opposed to the strict new illegal-immigrant law in Arizona. But a new poll now finds that he is in a shrinking minority of Americans and Democrats who do.

A new Pew Research Center Poll finds fully 73% of the country thinks police requesting immigration status documents is fine, while 67% think detaining someone for a status check is OK.

The poll reports that, overall, 59% approve of the law's broad provisions, while less than a third (32%) now oppose them. That is up significantly from a similar poll earlier this month.

Democrats, a large majority of whom originally opposed the law, are now....

... evenly split 45-46% approve-disapprove. The number of Democrats supporting the measure has been growing as more information spreads about its legal provisions and safeguards.
Republicans overwhelmingly approve the law (85%) signed by Republican Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer in frustration over federal inaction on securing the state's borders with Mexico. A solid majority of independents (64%) also support the controversial measure. (See several related items below, including the law's full text.)

Even among young people, where support for the law is weakest, a majority support requiring people to produce immigration documents upon request by police.

Obama has called Arizona's state action "misguided," while agreeing that broad immigration reforms are needed. However, he's added that he does not see the "appetite" for addressing the problems after his rancorous intra-party healthcare debate. Nor has he taken additional steps to secure the borders.

The issue, involving fears of rising crime, assaults and illegal drug trading, has the potential to become an emotional one in this year's evolving midterm election campaigns and not to the advantage of congressional incumbents, most of whom are Democrats.

Fifty-four percent of Americans in the new Pew Poll disapprove of Obama's job performance on immigration while those who approve have waned from 31% last November to 29% last month to 25% today.

Again, Obama's Democratic party is now split (38% disapprove, 37% approve). Predictably, 75% of Republicans disapprove of his job in that area. But of potential future concern for the White House is that, among independents, a crucial leg of his national support in 2008, more than twice as many disapprove of his immigration handling (57%) as approve (25%).


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Illegal alien's 145G 'deport gift'

An illegal immigrant with a long rap sheet got a $145,000 parting gift from New York City taxpayers before he was deported, after city lawyers decided his civil rights had been violated when he was held too long on Rikers Island.

Federal rules allow local law enforcement to detain suspected illegal immigrants for 48 hours after their criminal cases are resolved, to give Immigration and Customs Enforcement a chance to pick them up and move them to federal facilities.

Former Brooklyn resident Cecil Harvey, 55 -- backed by an immigration-rights advocacy group -- argued that his rights were violated when he spent more than a month in a Rikers holding pen before being transferred to ICE.

Harvey was shipped to his native Barbados in October 2007; the city settled his civil suit late last year.

The landmark settlement has prompted the Correction Department to dump scores of illegal immigrants on the streets, since federal officials often fail to pick them up within the required two-day window.

Federal immigration agents have office space on Rikers Island, and the city allows them to interview roughly 4,000 inmates each year. They put a hold, or "detainer," on 3,200 of those inmates who they discover are illegals.

But ICE often fails to transfer those detainees within the required 48 hours of their criminal cases being resolved, multiple jail sources said.

"We just release them now," one high-ranking jail supervisor said. "It's ICE's problem to go find these guys."

Harvey, a 55-year-old father of three, with three prior arrests, spent 35 days on Rikers, when he should have been moved to ICE.

On Dec. 2, 2003, cops busted him in Bedford-Stuyvesant shortly after midnight for drinking a bottle of Bacardi in public. Police said they found "crack cocaine residue" in his pocket.

He pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor drug charge and the judge ordered him released on his own recognizance, according to the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office.

He was eventually delivered to ICE, but released pending an appeal of his status. After he was arrested again on a warrant for missing his court date on his drug case while in federal custody, Harvey was held on Rikers for another month before being transferred to an ICE center in Alabama.

" I cannot speak for Rikers as to why he was not released to us within 48 hours," said ICE spokesman Harold Ort. "ICE lodges a detainer on removable aliens and the jail then contacts us when the alien is ready to be picked up by ICE."

A city Law Department representative called the Harvey case an "unfortunate occurrence," but maintained it was an isolated mistake.

"The Department of Correction has tightened its procedures to prevent a reoccurrence," said Muriel Goode-Trufant, head of the city's federal litigation division.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Video - President obama, No One in Arizona is Laughing

Illegal alien arrested in drug operation

Israel Martinez, 28, of Bonnerdale, Ark., was arrested on Wednesday in Clinton as a result of an eight-month-long joint drug operation. The 20th Judicial Prosecuting Attorney’s Drug Task force, Arkansas State Police Narcotics Division, Van Buren County Sheriff’s Department and other state and federal agencies cooperated in this extensive investigation. Additionally, the Air National Guard Counter Drug Unit provided air support and surveillance during the purchase that led to the arrest.

Over the past several months in the cities of Clinton, Conway, Little Rock and Hot Springs undercover agents purchased methamphetamine (ICE) and cocaine from Martinez. Three separate drug purchases were

completed in Van Buren County. During the investigation, agents purchased and seized approximately $2,800 worth of cocaine and $52,000 worth of methamphetamine.

On Wednesday agents purchased approximately a half-pound of methamphetamine from Martinez in the Walmart parking lot in Clinton. Upon the completion of the purchase, agents took Martinez into custody without incident. Martinez was then transported to the Van Buren County Detention Center where he is currently being held.

Agents interviewing Martinez discovered he was in the United States illegally. During the course of the investigation, agents determined that Mr. Martinez has sold as much as ten pounds of methamphetamine over the last several years, which would have a street value of over $400,000.

Twentieth Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Marcus Vaden praised the inter-agency cooperation shown during this operation. “This case is a prime example of what can be accomplished through cooperation and hard work. As criminal enterprises become more complex, the law enforcement community must also broaden its reach. Cooperation among agencies is going to be an essential tool as the fight against crime continues.”

Vaden also expressed concern over the fact that Martinez was in the United States illegally. “It is certainly my hope that after Martinez completes the judicial process that he would be deported to his home country.”


Monday, May 3, 2010

Illegal Alien Arrested for Identity Theft

PRESCOTT - A 44-year-old man who authorities say was in the U.S. illegally has been arrested for taking another person's identity and using a stolen social security number.

The Yavapai County Sheriff's Office says that Raymund Corral was caught using the social security number of a 23-year-old Prescott man to gain employment at a concrete company in Mesa.

Detectives from the Criminal Investigations Bureau interviewed the 23-year-old last month and verified his social security number. They then conducted a record check and noticed that another individual was using the victims SSN.

Detectives went out to the Whitton Concrete/Plumbing Company in Mesa to contact Corral. He was arrested for taking the identity of another and booked at the Camp Verde Detention Center.

Corral remains jailed without bond. Authorities say he admitted to being in the country illegally and using the stolen SSN.


NUGENT: Immigration lesson for numskulls

In the absence of any real border enforcement by Fedzilla and after the emergency of the recent murder of rancher Robert Krentz, Arizonans rightfully took matters into their own hands and passed a law allowing Arizona cops to demand immigration papers from people they stop.

Good for Arizona. Other states, especially border states, should follow its lead. In short, Arizona's new law makes it a crime to be in Arizona illegally. It's 2010 - Good morning, America! Those people who can't produce documentation proving they are in the country legally can be jailed up to six months and fined $2,500.

Of course, the pro-illegal-immigration crowd is going berserk that Arizona has done such a common-sense thing. These Democratic numskulls see any immigration reform measures that seek to protect our border as a threat to their future political base. You would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see that the grand plan of the Democrats is to entrap illegal immigrants by giving them legal status and then enslave and destroy them with numerous Fedzilla handouts and programs.

Pro-illegal-immigration weasels are protesting and yammering that this new law will lead to profiling. President Obama has weighed in and asked the Justice Department to review Arizona's new law to see if it is legal.

Unbelievably, while our borders are largely open and being overrun, the Obama administration recently lectured Israel about expanding its communities just a few feet on land that arguably is its to expand upon.

While I applaud Arizona for its bold and brave new law, putting illegals in jail is the wrong move. That costs too much. I say Arizona should follow its own American hero, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County.

Sheriff Arpaio keeps crooks in a large outdoor holding facility and makes them sleep in tents. Among other things, he feeds them bologna sandwiches. I hope they are not fresh.

My good friend Sheriff Arpaio's common-sense policies and practices drive the American Civil Liberties Union and other leftist numskulls batty. He puts smiles on the faces of Americans who still believe that pragmatism and common sense should rule the day.

Indeed, something needs to be done about illegal immigration and the 12 million to 15 million illegals who already are in America and causing a tremendous financial burden on states because of their abuse of the states' social services and criminal justice programs. Hospitals in California and other states have closed, and jails and prisons in border states are upward of 40 percent full of illegals.

The invasion roils on.

Hospitals and social-service agencies should follow Arizona's lead and require that those seeking services provide proof of legal residence. American taxpayers should not be required to pay for providing medical or any other services to illegal immigrants. Making us do so is the ultimate definition of insanity.

What America shouldn't do is continue to ignore the protection of our borders. There is a growing sentiment among governors of border states that we should call out the National Guard to help secure our borders. Makes sense to me.

Both Republicans and Democrats have made immigration blunders in the past. We should learn from those mistakes and endeavor not to make the same mistakes again.

I support an open, frank and transparent debate on immigration. Let's lay all the cards on the table and hear from all sides. I say we start with a simple admonition from President Reagan: A nation without borders will soon cease to be a nation.

Good for Arizona. It is refreshing to see that common sense still rules the day somewhere.

Source - http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2010/may/3/immigration-lesson-for-numskulls/

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tell your lawmakers: No amnesty for illegal aliens

Recently, a rancher in the state of Arizona was shot and killed by an illegal alien. Even more tragic than this event is the fact that the mainstream media has totally ignored it.

Glen Beck, on Fox News thought that when he finally broke the story, others in the mainstream media would follow suit. However, that did not happen. Could the reason our controlled mainstream media (TV, radio, and press) ignores important stories like this is to not hurt Obama’s bid to pass an amnesty for 15-30 million illegal aliens?

Amnesty legislation has already been introduced in both houses of Congress. Majority leader Harry Reid says that he is only 4 votes shy in the Senate from having the 60 votes needed to block a filibuster and pass this bill.

If 15-30 million illegal aliens can be granted amnesty and allowed to vote by November, then the Tea Party’s plan to “vote the rascals out” may not be easy. Remember, Obama makes the rules. And after all of the unconstitutional tricks used to pass the healthcare bill, nothing is impossible.

From Obama’s viewpoint, illegal aliens will mean permanent Democratic Party control of the U.S. government. If you oppose amnesty for people who have broken our laws, call and write your two U.S. Senators and your congressman and urge them to oppose S. 9 and HR 4321.

Some people say that opposing amnesty for illegal aliens is racist. Exactly what part of “illegal” do they not understand?


Saturday, May 1, 2010

State Senator Sylvia Allen responds to SB1070

I’m Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen. I want to explain SB 1070 for which I voted yes. Rancher Robert Krentz was murdered by the drug cartel on his ranch a month ago. I participated in a senate hearing two weeks ago on the border violence, here is just some of the highlights from those who testified.

The people who live within 60 to 80 miles of the Arizona/Mexico Border have for years been terrorized and have pleaded for help to stop the daily invasion of humans who cross their property . One Rancher testified that 300 to 1200 people a DAY come across his ranch vandalizing his property, stealing his vehicles and property, cutting down his fences, and leaving trash. In the last two years he has found 17 dead bodies and two Koran bibles. Another rancher testified that daily drugs are brought across his ranch in a military operation. A point man with a machine gun goes in front, 1/2 mile behind are the guards fully armed, 1/2 mile behind them are the drugs, behind the drugs 1/2 mile are more guards. These people are violent and they will kill anyone who gets in the way. This was not the only rancher we heard that day that talked about the drug trains. One man told of two illegal’s who came upon his property one shot in the back and the other in the arm by the drug runners who had forced them to carry the drugs and then shot them. Daily they listen to gun fire during the night it is not safe to leave his family alone on the ranch and they can’t leave the ranch for fear of nothing being left when they come back.

The border patrol is not on the border. They have set up 60 miles away with check points that do nothing to stop the invasion. They are not allowed to use force in stopping anyone who is entering. They run around chasing them, if they get their hands on them then they can take them back across the border. Federal prisons have over 35% illegal’s and 20% of Arizona prisons are filled with illegal’s. In the last few years 80% of our law enforcement that have been killed or wounded have been by an illegal. The majority of people coming now are people we need to be worried about. The ranchers told us that they have seen a change in the people coming they are not just those who are looking for work and a better life.

The Federal Government has refused for years to do anything to help the border states . We have been over run and once they are here we have the burden of funding state services that they use. Education costs have been over a billion dollars. The healthcare cost billions of dollars. Our State is broke, $3.5 billion deficit and we have many serious decisions to make. One is that we do not have the money to care for any who are not here legally. It has to stop.

The border can be secured. We have the technology and we have the ability to stop this invasion. We must know who is coming and they must come in an organized manner legally so that we can assimilate them into our population and protect the sovereignty of our country. We are a nation of laws. We have a responsibility to protect our citizens and to protect the integrity of our country and the government which we live under. I would give amnesty today to many, but here is the problem, we dare not do this until the Border is secure. It will do no good to give them amnesty because thousands will come behind them and we will be over run to the point that there will no longer be the United States of America but a North American Union of open borders. I ask you what form of government will we live under? How long will it be before we will be just like Mexico , Canada or any of the other Central American or South American country? We have already lost our language, everything must be printed in Spanish. We have already lost our history, it is no longer taught in our schools, and we have lost our borders.

The leftist media has distorted what SB 1070 will do. It is not going to set up a Nazi Germany. Are you kidding? The ACLU and the leftist courts will do everything to protect those who are here illegally, but it was an effort to try and stop illegal’s from setting up businesses, and employment, and receiving state services and give the ability to local law enforcement when there is probable cause, like a traffic stop, to determine if they are here legally. Federal law is very clear, if you are here on a visa you must have your papers on you at all times. That is the law. In Arizona all you need to show you are a legal citizen is a driver license, MVD identification card, Native American Card, or a Military ID. This is what you need to vote or get a hunting license. So nothing new has been added to this law. No one is going to be stopped walking down the street. The Socialists who are in power in DC are angry because we dare try and do something.The Socialists wants us to just let them come. They want the “Transformation” to continue.

Maybe it is too late to save America . Maybe we are not worthy of freedom anymore. But as an elected official I must try to do what I can to protect our Constitutional Republic . Living in America is not a right just because you can walk across the border. Being an American is a responsibility and it comes by respecting and upholding the Constitution, the law of our land, which says what you must do to be a citizen of this country. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE.

Senator Sylvia Allen.


17 Illegal Aliens Detained in Ariz. Deputy Attack

PHOENIX -- Authorities have captured 17 suspected illegal immigrants in southern Arizona as they continued their manhunt Saturday for smugglers who they say shot and wounded a sheriff's deputy in a remote desert area 50 miles south of Phoenix.

Three of those captured overnight Friday matched descriptions from the wounded Pinal County deputy and were being questioned Saturday, sheriff's Lt. Tamatha Villar said. The deputy was released from the hospital, and was recovering at home.

The shooting came amid a growing national debate over the state's new law cracking down on illegal immigration. A backlash over the law has erupted, with civil rights activists, concerned it will lead to racial profiling, calling for protests and boycotts.

Criticism of the law was sure to figure prominently at dozens of immigrants rights marches and rallies planned for Saturday across the nation, including one set for the grounds of the Arizona state Capitol.

The new law's passage came amid increasing anger in Arizona about violence, drug smugglers and illegal immigration drop houses. The issue gained renewed attention a month ago when a southern Arizona rancher was shot and killed by a suspected illegal border crosser.

Arizona politicians called Friday's shooting an outrage and urged the federal government to do more to secure the U.S.-Mexico border.

The violence "should show the rest of the country what we Arizonans have known for too long — the unsecured border poses a very real and very immediate danger," said U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, a Democrat whose district includes part of Pinal County.

On Friday afternoon, Deputy Louie Puroll, 53, was patrolling near Interstate 8 when he came upon a stash of marijuana bales and five suspected smugglers. At least one of the suspects opened fire on him, tearing a chunk of skin from his back.

Puroll radioed in that he was shot, setting off a frantic hourlong search for the deputy in the remote desert, Villar said.

The area is a well-known smuggling corridor for drugs and illegal immigrants headed from Mexico to Phoenix and the U.S. interior.

State and federal law enforcement agencies deployed helicopters and scores of officers to search a 100-square-mile zone for the suspects. The Arizona Republic reported that officials said more than one of the choppers came under fire during the manhunt on Friday.

Puroll, a 15-year department veteran, had been on the lookout for smugglers when he discovered the suspected smugglers, two armed with rifles, authorities said.


obama owes it to America to enforce immigration laws

Regarding David Adams’ April 22 letter to the editor, headlined “Roundup of illegals more than impractical”:

Does anyone believe that all 10 million estimated illegal immigrants are going to end up in prison? Many will come out of hiding and register. Once the roundup begins, many will return to their country of citizenship on their own. The problem doesn’t go away by not addressing it.

To drastically slow down the influx of illegal immigrants, Congress needs to hold President Barack Obama in contempt for not doing his job as he has sworn to do, by securing and protecting our nation’s borders.

As for Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, there is nothing comprehensive about upholding existing laws. What is comprehensive is three people trying to do the Texas two-step. Sen. Reid should quit dancing around and do his job.

President Obama and Sen. Reid’s definition of immigration reform is to weaken the existing laws.